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TNT Showtime CC "exchange centers back on high alert" 6/3/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

TNT Showtime CC "exchange centers back on high alert" 6/3/19

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TNT Showtime CC "exchange centers back on high alert" 6/3/19 Empty TNT Showtime CC "exchange centers back on high alert" 6/3/19

Post by RamblerNash Mon Jun 03, 2019 11:43 pm

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


  • Recap from Wed 5/29 call: Tony/.…Today came up with (Sun) June the 2nd. Should be something new or different. The 100 notes, no later than June the 7th (cut-off date) should be by Friday, but no later than June 7th. That’s what he told us 2 days ago. Today they said they are going to pay people on the 2nd (Sun). Usually have a couple of days different. Rates aren’t doing anything today. One of the major banks last night said something would happen today! The real key is once they put the 100 out! Ray/we’ll try and bring you information later in the day on Fri, even if it doesn’t go.

  • Tony/tweet (Friday, May 31, 2019): Just so you guys know I’m sitting on a yacht on the Sac (Sacramento) river and Ray is out of town at a convention. We do not have 800 numbers and some idiot is putting out blatant lies. There is good news that I will share with you tomorrow (Sat). Enjoy your night. TNT Tony. #wearethepeople

  • Ray/we’ll try and bring you information later in the day on Fri, even if it doesn’t go.

  • Over the weekend. Sat: we are as of this moment expecting to see the release of 100 dinar note between now and June 7th….Parliament voted a …picture of 1 dinar note.

  • Tony/still haven’t announced the vote yet. Took place on Thur, holding it up for good reason. Iraq told us the 100 note should be it, the last note to be announced. Got info it would be a little released each day. We should start to see it this evening. By the end of the week there should be …exchange centers back on high alert. In some states simply on high alert (mileage and time restrictions), in other states they are waiting for something to happen. Each region is doing it their way. Over ther all the baqrriers were suppose to come down again. EID starts today. Could see a whole lot of movement this evening. Can’t believe the BS about people having the 800#’s. It’s just non-sense! Tony said he doesn’t have them, and they don’t have them either. Nobodys picked them up in limozines. A bunch of BS, has no appointment. People using his name to get you huyped up and listen to their calls. They DO JOT have 800#’s. When they get them they’re going to put it on their boards for everybody to get them. Be more careful who’s been telling you the last 10-15 days they had 800 #’s…..Waiting to see the 1st 100 notes come out, said should be out by the 7th. Starting today passing them out. Banks on High Alert this morning! That’s where we’re at.


  • Heartlight2: This is Cici from Canada, request for birthday song today for her 60th..

  • Jmatranquil: You recommended a book yrs. ago about a person going underground, getting off the grid, being hidden from the world via internet searches of public info, on assets owned, net worth, properties owned, etc. Can you remind me the name of the book please? Ans: Don’t remember doing that. Ray/I did, think going off the Grid by JJ Luna.

  • Twocutecats: Since the lead bank is HSBC which is based out of China, what % would you give that we’re waiting on a US China trade deal to be finalized before the RV will be released? Ans: Tony: Zero!

  • Onyxx55: Would like more info on Ed Trust Seminar. Ans:

  • Sunstar: Rollouts. T/have pictures, more activity on Thu & Fri. Already at the street. Di

  • New Money 28: who are notes being released to? T/banks then the citizens. Told they were going to be released today a little bit at a time. We’re looking fot the 100 note hitting the street.

  • 9ball, did the citizens get the 100k notes yet? T/pretty sure at Falujia. Do it after they announce the RV.

Live Callers: 

  • 865/Good Question Lady! C/are they releasing by arreas, like Kurdistan first? T/no, Faluga was the first. Pretty sure each area will go at the same time. Kurdistan hasn’t received it. C/good reason being held up? T/think it’s about the 100k note have the new rate to give out to those in poverty. C/why difference in calling people in? T/based on ea regions preference. C/relying on you clarifying when.

  • 281/Houston, TX. Bus lady: Heard of McDonald’s accepting foreign currencies. T/ Doesn’t make sense! What’s the probability of that happening? Somebody’s wasting a lot of time. Why pick Canada? C/staggering process is by region? T/yes. Everybody has to start one day. If they put a little out each day, before the RV does occur. Supposed to start today.

  • 973/Newark, NJ. you had requested a person purchase an odd amount of currency. Did they receive the new rates? Ray/old rates. C/taxes & tariffs in effect at the border? T/good question to ask how are they doing it? We’ve been told the rate is slowly changing over there. Prices lowered every day. Good question, I’ll follow up on that. C/In the coming days release. CBI, GOI, Contractors, told you? T/banks are on high alert. Think the 100 will come out and occur by the 7th of June. Told me last Mon. Saw the laws passed on Thu. Think something could happen this evening or tomorrow, but definitely by the 7th.

  • 281/ (kept the TX#, lives somewhere else). C/Some are at the centers, time frame? T/within 1 hr after receiving the call. C/committee guy feeling like this week as well? T/felt it would happen last week! Haven’t talked to him. Was on the schedule to go! 100 dinar note was to go within 72 hrs. of the passing of the deal. 100 notes today should be going out to the streets. Didn’t tell us the vote passed, but it did (3 confirmations). 72 hrs. would actually be today! C/Zim we’re carrying? T/have 4 banks saying they’re going to exchange Zim notes. They want people in the bank 2 hrs. after it occurs. They could say, are you ready? OK, let’s go! They’re ready to go when it’s time to go. C/hope to hear you today or one day this week! Had a dream it went!

  • Tony/text msg: McDonald’s has a mini DeLaRue machine to check for counterfeit currencies. Ray/correction; article said they would take foreign currencies for 3 hrs on this coming Thursday! T/I want to see that!

  • 850/Tallahassee, FL. C/VCI project $1.71. T/why should that be what they do? C/based off their current assets. T/based on what they calculated, not based on the rate set-up in the plan, $1.71 was prior to the $2.22. Shabibi said back then, they could support up to $16 once in full swing. Plan: $3.68, Budget $3.68, people already received it at $3.68. What do you suppose it will be? We have a proven budget they put it out. Walks, quacks, etc like a duck, what is it? C/contract on Dong: T/$2

  • 360/Vancouver, WA. Sunny on the Wanuchi. C/any change in status w Malichi? T/no charges, arrests, et. C/looking for that magic tweet!

  • 972/Danny In Dallas. Happy Guy: Confused about the exchange process. Expected you’ll be giving out the # after you’ve made your appt. Based on the quantity of currencies, direct us to the appropriate bank to open an account if we don’t have one there. Once at the exchange center, at this poing not showing all their cards. If we say we want current rate, and they tell us what it is, I’ll ask can I have the contract rate. Will they tell us about it? When I lay-out my currency, we’ll both know how much I’m going to exchange. Won’t be able to know what my dollar value I’ll be credited for. When get to the wealth manger we’ll decide how it’ll be used. Tony/I’m not the bank and haven’t written the rules. This is what I assume. Let me call a guy who runs the exchange. Hold on for a minute. You should have called me this morning so I could have asked him. C/talking to Ray, if it’s a major difference, heard they may take you across the hall to somebody else. Ray/anything is possible. Tony/waiting for him to call me back. If you qualify for the contract rate, I think they’ll send you to a wealth manager. Know someone who who went to exchange, they exchanged it then sent her to a wealth mgr the following day. Once you get a rate, pretty sure they won’t change it. C/can’t seeing exchanging currency for dollar value that’s not established immediately. T/they are sending you to somebody why can handle your amount of currency. C/we currency holders hold less than 1% of USA pop. And those with contract rate amounts are only 50% of that 1%. T/they didn’t want millionaires/ billionaires with uneducated people. Try to scare people not to take the contract rate. Legally binding contract will scare many. 10m-30m have dinar, 10% is 3 to 6k will take the contract rate. C/sounds like most of those staying in-touch on the calls to ask for $28.50 contract. Thinks the manager will ask what do you think that negotiated contract rate will be? Ans/ $28.50!!!!!!!! T/you people should have been listening to this call. T/they should have put you down in their family will.

  • Tony/bus lady, brought up story of one McDonald’s that will take 1 piece of currency. For exchange up to one item. T/this guy is smart. Doing it for 3 hrs. I’ll sell you a burger. Just made $350 off that one hamburger. Somebody is going to make a thousand dollars. No change. One piece of currency.

  • 610/Gman in PA. (TNT ad removed)

  • XXX Question why USA military was in Gulf. T/currency is smuggled from Mexico to US all the time. Doesn’t believe Trump has to be out of the US and meet with the Queen to have these documents to go thru. None of this has anything to do with it at all.

  • 210/ San Antonio, TX. C/clarified process of exchange. Hopefully you’ll meet with your wealth manager and negotiate the rate then. C/we’ll be able to get with the WM, have power of attorney

  • 330/ Akron, OH. From AL.

  • 832/ Houston, TX. C/rumor POTUS won’t let it go until the Dem’s stop investigating him. 2 yrs away, and if elected another 4 yrs ago. Not true, nothing to do with the RV.

  • 205/Birmingham, AL. What time will you be sending the tweet out this afternoon? Just figured I’d ask. T/when I get them. C/Should we let them understand we know how their system works? T/yes. I know you’re getting 22% on my money. I know the bank is doing frational banking. You’re going to make plenty of money, so let’s make money together. I need more money to make you more money and my wealth manager more money. Give rates you want then say so let’s work together!

  • 415/ San Francisco, CA. C/follow-up question about contract rate. How does that work? T/this is what I’m going to do. Everybody is going to call the 800#. They are going to ask you how much of each currency you have. During that process they are going to figure what you’ll get. You tell them what you expect: 28.50,m 2, 22 cents for these. Regardless, it’s you’re money. You can walk out with it. Watch the market. They tell you they’ll give you $3.60. Walk out the door and watch the markets. I know the contract rate. It’s all over the internet. Give me something more than $3.50 or I’m taking my money to another bank. It’s you’re money. C/are wealth manager that good? T/they have to feed their family just like we need to. They have a fee and they make money for the bank. They need the bank money for their bonuses. Banks aren’t like some investments where they don’t make money unless you do also. Help enough people get what they want, and you’ll get what you want. C/if I didn’t get the contract rate, and it was $3.60, I could always go to another bank, and/or negotiate a rate for some of it now.

  • 765/Muncie, IN. Suppose to go to Haiti tomorrow for a mission assignment. What should I do. Not scheduled to be back until the 14th. T/I think you should live your live. Have a plan. C/If I have more than I need for contract rate, how do I get them? T/we have nothing in writing saying who will and won’t get them. Every bank across the country doesn’t have somebody who makes that judgement. I don’t care how much you have. If you want contract rate ask for it. You’re out of town, everything isn’t going to happen at the same time. I’[m calling my bro, etc and 3-waying call into my appt, and in 3 days back in the country exchanging. C/9 out of 10? T/10 min got another text exchange center’s are on alert. Another contact. Not as excited as I used to be because it’s happened so many times before.

  • Tony/great week-end. Everybody is on standby. Probably after sundown after EID. Will ask my exchange guy. Hopefully ever is writing this down will send me those questions and I’ll….

  • Ray/if you’re not chasing that contract rate, we should know. Those of you who are going to be the first wave, not chasing the contract rate, think of us and get in touch with us. T/have some personal friends, saying I don’t care, when you tell me it’s going, I’m going. R/we’ll be back on “hump-day” if nothing changes.

Interesting Recent Comments & Questions (AZhombre’s picks): 

  • Can I walk into a bank and exchange a lower denomination 5k note for some cash? T/ Still must dial 800# with a 5k note, can’t just walk into bank to exchange it.

  • T/ I know someone who exchanged 2 wks. ago (took her Zim). No claw-back!

  • T/ Dong 47 cent rate. To get $2.23 “contract rate” ask for it. Hopefully you qualify.

  • T/ June 2nd Ramadan ends. Going to pay people their paychecks on June 2nd.

  • T/Paymaster said he’s not giving over $5m, no matter how much they gave him!

  • T/I want to murmur also, but the guy in the mirror won’t let me!

  • T/ Looking for the 100 Dinar, giving out LD’s, & giving poverty folks 350k not 30k

Latest Rates; Dinar: $3.50 – $4.43. Dong: $0.47 – $2.23. Zim $0.22 – $0.33 cents. Rupiah: $1.08-$1.30 ($1.20).

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