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Granting operating loans to hotel owners DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Granting operating loans to hotel owners

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Granting operating loans to hotel owners Empty Granting operating loans to hotel owners

Post by claud39 on Sat Jun 01, 2019 7:28 am

Granting operating loans to hotel owners

Granting operating loans to hotel owners Panel

Operating loans for hotel owners

Grants Regulations: 

1- The amount of the loan (50) million dinars (fifty million dinars) 
2- Interest rate (9%) per annum 
Loan term (12 months) with grace period (3 months) 
4 - Payments for installments and interest monthly after the end of the grace period directly 
5 - placing the mortgage sign on an appropriate property provided by the borrower and be subject to the insurance of the first degree in favor of our bank to cover its value (loan amount + 20%) 
6- An administrative commission of (2%) of the loan amount shall be paid. 

Branch Procedures in Grants: 

1. The customer shall submit an application for an operating loan in the branch which has banking facilities, tourism loan or bank account 
2- To submit the hotel's license issued by the Ministry of Tourism and its issuance. 
3. A list of the hotel's needs and estimated amounts. 
4 - The documents of the owner of the hotel and the authenticity of the issuance and the validity of the issuance of all the priorities and documents contained in the claim 
5. Total facilities and loans issued by the Central Bank of Iraq 
6 - Submit a copy of the recent registration of the property to be mortgaged and the disclosure by the branch in accordance with the controls and instructions and prepare a report issued by the disclosure committee in the branch and the civil expert 
7 - keep the full deposit of the borrower at the branch for reference at the audit or other requirements. 
8. Provide the Internal Loans Division with an electronic monthly statistic including (name of the borrower - loan amount - date of use - amount paid - date of payment - balance remaining - amount due and unpaid if any) 
9- Insurance by a government insurance company through the conclusion of the company contract by the general administration (financial department) 
10. Organization of a loan / rights contract

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