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 KTFA "Everything is Done" 5/29/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

KTFA "Everything is Done" 5/29/19

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 KTFA "Everything is Done" 5/29/19 Empty KTFA "Everything is Done" 5/29/19

Post by RamblerNash Thu May 30, 2019 1:08 am

Popeye7 » May 29th, 2019

Very encouraging CC as they seem to have a time frame in mind between now, and the end of June... Hopefully closer to now...

Iobey777 » May 29th, 2019

YES, DELTA gave a "TF"....but!!!! IMO...if you listen carefully, you will hear Delta saying that even though that is "possible" they "could" take that time..but they really have NO REASON to do that!

IHO..EVERYTHING IS DONE.. EXCEPT THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT ,also the CBI has announced those payments to the citizens and IHO, it would be great for them if they did the RI BEFORE EID! Giving them more purchasing power to celebrate with!!

IMO..many just heard Delta say end of June and that froze in their minds and they totally lost the rest of the GREAT CC presented tonight! I'm not saying you did that at all, just saying I saw a few come in to chat all broken down and disgusted because they did not get a date or a rate tonight! Saying "same ole same ole" that hurt my heart to see that!

Delta repeated several times that IHO..it would happen before EID! Also, he said the CBI and Parl had been given a Strong warning to FINISH IT and that's why the FML was passed so quickly!

He is just watching for the President of Iraq to sign it! worse case scenario, he said...the president waits 15 days to sign it into law and the Gazette waits another week to publish it! (which would put us in the late June TF)

IMO..Delta does not anticipate it going that way. Remember that recording was done last week! I'm going to remain optimistic and happy as I can see that the LORD is answering our prayers and this is coming to us ...SOON!! IMO...SMILING!!

Popeye7 » May 29th, 2019

Amen Iobey... Like I mentioned in chat, why would they seem to ensure that the FML was passed, and ready to be placed in the Gazette before EID begins as you stated above as well... Thinking along the same lines... Frank, and Delta's enthusiasm was certainly heightened it seemed during the CC... We know they cannot give us a date, but..............Something tells me we're into something good... Herman Hermit's...

If the Iraqi government, the banking system within Iraq, and CBI want to score HUGE brownie points with the people they were elected, or chose to serve, well this occurring ASAP, or before EID would certainly serve that purpose in a big way...(smile)


Tuesday Night KTFA CC 5-28-19

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Suzie » May 29th, 2019

Just listened to last night's call. Encouraging as usual and thanks to all for bringing the information to us. As a side note, where does Iraq stand on the HCL....we don't hear anything about that and I know it was agreed on temporarily, maybe I missed in the studies where it is permanent. I would think that it has a bearing on the rate change. Again, encouraging call with emphasis on EID. Here's hopin'....

Stevep99 » May 29th, 2019

From my recollection it was mentioned that all is settled on the HCL and the citizens as well as us only await the announcement by the CBI of Article VIII and the rate change. Hope this helps.

 KTFA "Everything is Done" 5/29/19 A-eid-pic_orig

Samson » May 29th, 2019

Pictures of the decorations in 100 sites in Baghdad on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr

2019/5/29 11:51

The Secretariat of Baghdad announced the direct publication of leaflets in more than 100 locations in the capital and the creation of parks and parks with the near Eid al-Fitr.

A statement of the secretariat received the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it, "The municipal departments in cooperation with the Department of Parks and landscaping and the Department of electricity and decorations began to install light leaflets and decorations and optical figures in a number of main streets and squares and intersections, bridges and bridges and pedestrian bridges. 

"The secretariat of Baghdad is also working with the Ministry of Electricity to exclude light bulletins from the programmed parts in all areas of the capital." 

The statement pointed out that "the Municipality of Baghdad has set up parks and its parks with free children's playgrounds, as well as the establishment of Al-Zawra Park, coordination with the cities of the investment games and opening the gates of the Baghdadi Museum to visitors during the Eid al-Fitr."LINK

Mohammed Darraji: National industry was killed thanks to the crime of currency auction

29th May, 2019

The deputy of the National Sindh bloc, a member of the parliamentary finance committee
Mohammed Sahib Darraji, about the crime of currency auction in Iraq and how he spent
on the national industryand encouraged the destruction since 2003.

"After 2003, the Iraqi industry was deliberately killed and the country was transformed into
an open market for the consumption of foreign goods, with the contribution of economic
and monetary policy in encouraging the products of other countries to be imported by Iraq
through the crime of currency auction," Darraji said in a televised statement.

"The currency auction was selling the dollar to the importer from abroad at a lower price
than selling it to the industrial produced in Iraq," he said. "This is a clear economic process
to destroy Iraqi industry by turning the country into an open market for the importation of
foreign goods by reducing the selling price of the dollar," Darraji said. LINK

Abdul Mahdi heads to Qatar

2019/5/29 15:41

Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi left the capital Baghdad for the State of Qatar.

The Qatari news agency reported yesterday that Abdul Mahdi, will be an official visit to the capital Doha, on Wednesday. According to the official agency that the Emir of Qatar Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani will receive Abdul Mahdi in the Amiri Diwan. 

The two sides are scheduled to discuss bilateral relations and the prospects for their development, in addition to a number of issues of common concern, according to the agency. 

This visit comes within the framework of a series of meetings to be conducted by Abdul-Mahdi in the countries of the region to discuss relations and means of developing cooperation in various fields as well as discuss the repercussions of tension and conflict in the region and ways to calm the situation. LINK

Iran : ‘Integrated forex market to be launched in a month’

22nd May, 2019

Mohammadreza Pour-Ebrahimi said by launching this market the other exchange rates like the Sana rate will be omitted gradually.

Central Bank of Iran (CBI)’s online Sana system, accessible at sanarate.ir, is a website that records daily forex trade from across the domestic exchange bureaus.

The official further said that the measures taken by the government specially by the CBI over the past months in order to organize and integrate the forex market have laid the ground for creating balance in this market.

On Monday, Iranian finance and economic affairs minister announced that all necessary measures have been taken for launching an organized forex market.Farhad Dejpasand said the ministry have done all legal actions to this end and just the affairs related to the company (which is to be set up for such market) are being performed. Dejpasand said the mentioned market is due to set the real foreign currency exchange rates.

Establishment of this market has been approved by the Money and Credit Council (MCC), the highest banking policy-making body of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI), on January 8 as the CBI aims to explore the real volume of demand and supply in the foreign currency market through a new mechanism.

Regarding this market, a CBI official said on May 5 that the new mechanism aims to organize the transactions in the foreign currency exchange market between the exchange shops, Mehr news agency reported. LINK

4cash » May 29th, 2019

Thanks Samson very interesting there has to be some movement behind the scenes that we can't see on the currencies of Iran..

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 KTFA "Everything is Done" 5/29/19 Empty Re: KTFA "Everything is Done" 5/29/19

Post by Captain259 Thu May 30, 2019 4:49 pm


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