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TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre) 5/29/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre) 5/29/19

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TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre) 5/29/19 Empty TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre) 5/29/19

Post by RamblerNash Thu May 30, 2019 12:54 am

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre)

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


  • Ray/Tony was laughing when the call began, because Tony fell-off the call as the call started, then called back in.  Last updates were over the weekend.  Sat and Monday updates, and now it’s Monday.  (static noise on the line, cleared up by Ray).  Sat am, talked w banking source (1) Treasury didn’t tell  also should start Mon on the holiday (3) gen exchanges should start this wk, (4) basic banking locations   (5)  our committee admin is adamant Zim…. Sun/all Parliament positions filled, Abadhi says all positions are filled with crooked politicians… Mon update.  Iraq has announced the Green Zone will be open…WE DO NOT HAVE ANY 800 #’s

  • Tony/ so banks were excited Friday.  People get a little info then run with it.  Exchange itself didn’t happen.  Was supposed to happen Fri, then Tues, and nothing happened.  Only 5 people (been that way for years) were supposed to get the 800#’s.  A bunch of people weren’t even around then and now saying they’ll give out the 800#’s.  Do you think the banks are going to give them the 800# 2 or 3 days before it goes into effect?  We know who’s supposed to have them.  800#’s haven’t been put out to get yet.  Some gurus…..Yes there are lower denoms, showing pictures of the “coins”.  Somebody asked me if I was one of the 5 people getting the 800#’s, yes.  These are not international and not to be used by US citizens (lower coins, etc.), not until international.  They are ready, continue to pass out the lower denoms.  They are going to use the rates.  Sent out 50’s, and now waiting to put out the 100 notes, no later than next week, will be the last thing prior to the rate change.  The banks are “selling” them the lower denoms.  The rates are going to exchange.  When do they pay the people?  Do they pay them at the new or old rate, tomorrow, or next month.  Today came up with June the 2nd.  Should be something new or different.  100 notes, no later than June the 7th, should be by Friday, but no later than June 7th.  That’s what he told us 2 days ago.  Today they said the 2nd.  Usually have a couple of days different.  Rates aren’t doing anything today.  One of the large banks said today! The real key is once they put the 100 bill out!

  • Q U E S T I O N S  WEDNESDAY, MAY 29, 2019: https://tntshowtime.activeboard.com/t65581985/questions-for-ray-cc-052919/

  • AlaskaSnowman:  I might have to travel to the Lower 48 before the RV.  I would be in a situation where I couldn’t just leave and come back for my currency.  What if I were to take just one 5k note with me:  That way I would be able to exchange for enough to do a few things while in that area.  Ans:  T/I’d do that.  You’ll still have to do the 800# with a 5k note!

  • Hotgirl 58:  Good day Tony you spoke of the 2016 currency notes for Zimbabwe but my understanding they haven’t print any new currency note and they were using 9 including the dollar and when china helped them it’s the only one they use now. Am I wrong? Ans: T/you’re wrong.  None located in the US, but some in Zimbabwe.  Bank exchanged somebody 2 wks ago.  No claw-back.  See what happens!

  • Seatreasure3 Good morning Tony and Ray hope your memorial holiday was good!!! Missed our normal call, blessings to those who have served and blessings beyond to those who have made personal sacrifices with loss of loved ones. My question today is when it was a go and a bank ask for a delay after memorial holiday. Had US treasury actually given an OK that we have all been waiting for? Ans: Tony, did the Treasury say yes, and the banks turned around and said…. Yes, HSBC assumed WF responsibility and leadership.  Said they would wait until afterwards.  Since that happened and we talked to our people in Iraq, even they thought we should have gone, the 100 wasn’t in circulation.  When the 100 note comes out, then everything is ready to go!

  • skiracer: Hey Tony and Ray! My gratitude to you both. You have spoken of DONG rates as $.47 – $2.23. RE: $.47: Is this the “front screen, street, market rate” that an unknowing soul off the street gets if he just walks in and presents his dong for exchange? Then please elaborate on how to get the $2.23 if you would. For example, is that a contract rate so we must use that very term? Thanks a bunch!  Ans: Tony/47 cent is the rate anybody would see. Ans/ To get the $2.23 you ask for the contract rate.  Hopefully you qualify.

  • SunStar:  1) Ray, Post RV how soon after will you kick start the banking seminars a few days, 1 week ect; and will bank seminars all start on the same day?… Ray/within days of RV live, preferably all done the same day.  Tony/banks share their banking products?  13 different cities all in one day? Ray/I’m not doing it, the “hosts” are doing it.  Tony/all you 13 people, I wouldn’t do it unless Ray showed up.  Ray/it would be detrimental to do that.  2) Are you aware if Iraq completed the distribution of the smart cards, Visa and Master cards to all Iraqi citizens? Tony/they have a new ration card they just added some features to.  My guess is yes, they haven’t revealed it or talked about it.  3) Many have thought we would RV when the Interior ministers and Defense minister were voted in, where do you stand on this topic..  Ans: Tony/always using that as an excuse to drag everything out to get completed.  Distractions were the ministers.

  • Starseed22: From FlowerShopLady and Starseed:

  • No Question – but we would like to express our deep appreciation for both of you – Ray and Tony.  And we would like to invite you to come up to Canada after things settle down after the RV – to beautiful Vancouver – maybe even do an Alaskan Cruise – so we can show our appreciation to you and celebrate with you here.  Words will never be enough to convey our heart-felt love and gratitude for all you do – be – and are.  Thank you! Ray/Canadians, we’re coming.  Tony/I actually like Canada.  The cleanest country I’ve ever seen.  Could have a picnic in the streets because it’s that clean!

  • skiracer:  Per your update below, do you now have “other” exchange locations on the list of banks you developed rather than banks?   Thank you! Ray/only that particular bank said they’re retail locations wouldn’t be using their locations.  Should have said only 1 particular bank wouldn’t use their retail locations for exchanges.

  • Jmatranquil: Do you now have “other” exchange locations on the list of banks you developed rather than banks?  Ans:

  • Gilfoinaire: Heard exchanges wouldn’t take place in Canada.  Tony/I haven’t heard that.  Don’t know what a “private invitation” is.  If you have somebody saying meet them in some hotel, you’re just as crazy as the idiots that did that with their Dinar.

  • DBPDinar:   Tony/will work like it did last time.  Sign-up on the page.  When we reach the number, that’s it!  Don’t know what type of facility in Vegas we’ll have.  Didn’t want to go into a stadium type thing.  Have breakfast, present some people, have time to get to know one another, over 4 days could do in smaller venues split-up.  Tell people to sign up.  If it’s 10k to 20k, I’m going to take those who contributed first.  We know who’s doing it now.  After all those people we’ll take the rest.  Don’t know how many people.  The 4 smaller events 2k people so it won’t get out of hand.  Plus say “hi” to everybody.  My goal is try to say “hello” to each and everyone of you.

  • Live Callers:

  • 513: Cincinnati, OH. C/Doesn’t make sense we only have until June the 1st to exchange Zim.  T/not one bank person has told me anything like that.  Doesn’t make any sense and know bank people who said no.  C/you said you know someone who exchanged Zim, and liquid?  T/yes.  C/Perhaps your guy has the wrong info from above. Has the base issue been resolved?  T/resolved.  Called them operational commands but end up being military bases.  C/if they mask it that way and Iraq doesn’t complain, ok with me.  Do you see any real outside dates when finalized?  June 7th?  T/that’s what I heard over the weekend.  They are “selling” Sadam worthless souvenirs?  Who does that make sense to.  Hopefully by Friday.  Comes from my guy over there.  C/exchanging here in Canada and will be exchanging here and in the US.  Any advantage exchanging Zim at HSBC rather than WF?  T/no advantage, just a procedure.  WF was always part of HSBC.  C/appreciate you guys, listened for 9 yrs.

  • 865/Good Question Lady! Knoxville, TN. /one bank said by…. You also said the banks were excited on Fri and Sat.  T/Fri-Sat when the banks said they were scheduled to go.  I could believe it by someone who said it.  I hear from the top guys.  This is the plan, this is what we’re doing.  But when I talk to the bottom guys, they say they’re going to barbeque. They do the work, I’ll follow them.  We’re not going to see it happen until the 100 Dinar note comes out. The bank may be telling them just to keep them on guard.  The guy you’ll be talking with isn’t getting any info.  Waiting for him to say he’s on “standby” and needs to be in in 25 min!  C/Does Abadi need to be present?  Yrs. ago when this was going to be done, they set up a whole area set up like Iraq, so he could go into that studio and make the announcement.  C/How many more of these days, with likely Friday’s call, would tend to be at a different time.  Also, any calls next week?  T/we’re going to have calls between now and next week.  I wouldn’t interrupt Rays traveling just to say “hi” (Ray had travel plans Fri.

  • 707/Santa Rosa, CA.  C/do “no go’s” have anything with the Cabal?  T/Every week we hear nonsense!  Military taking over, etc. didn’t happen over the past several administrations.  When does it stop?  What kind of sense does it make that jets are flying over banks for your protection?  No spaceships coming down.  The RV happens now, and 3 months later Trump is still the president.  None of that info makes any sense.  C/both of you make me feel better!

  • 281/Houston, TX.  Last Friday I was going to call in again, was really excited.  If Abadi said all new ministers are “crooks”, Iran, Maliki, China, everything sounds positive but never happens.  June 7th is a big deal now.  It will come and be gone.  Tony/I cannot guarantee any one date and time this will happen.  Everybody being told something different, except last week everybody was on the same page.  But we heard they skipped over the 100 denomination and when it comes out it’s a go! They have passed laws, and sooner or later it has to happen.  I do know of the info we have.  We’re still probably getting 20-30% of it all.  We get more info.  Mueller is gone and now they want to impeach Trump again.  They have a plan.  Was told this was a 3-month plan.  We didn’t listen when in March said during the next legislative session they are going to change the Dinar.  Ends June 30th.  Amadi said this RV will happen “by June”.  Not the end of June.  Right now, all positions are filled.  4 were kicked out a week ago.  An excuse was put in to complete it ASAP.  They think now is the time.  C/is it going to take another 6 months to find honest politicians to fill the positions?  T/you’re right.  Watch what they do not what they are saying.  They are doing things, not just saying things.  The 100 bill is the last one to go.  Whether it comes out today, tomorrow, or a week from now.  Pelosi says Trump is a crook.  Trump says others are crooks.  We’re no different.  Giving them 350k each would have changed their lives (needed citizens) when they passed out 100k notes. C/I’m the only one who complains.  T/

  • 972/Danny In Dallas.  Happy Guy.  Wants to know how the Canadian guy has a Social Security Number!  T/Everybody has a problem getting good credit, loans at 1%, etc.  When somebody comes here from another country, they get gov’t assistance and file taxes, not even citizens.  People sell 5k people the same social security #.  Then the state says you used the wrong #, then they are given a new SS #.  C/Extension of Jun 1st?  T/that was yrs. ago!  Somebody saying if not by June 1st, they will be seen as an “idiot”.  June 2nd end of Ramadan.  Going to pay people their pay-checks on June 2nd.  Pay them today, before the RV is announced, or after the RV announced.  Hope the RV is made by then. Haven’t heard from any of the banks this morning.  C/banking locations may not be used in normal banking locations?  T/no.  R/he answered that earlier.  Only one bank

  • 425/Bellevue, WA. Special rates situation, but I’m going after the contract rate.  Those that do it, will they be paid thru a paymaster?  Can you fill me in on that?  T/Can’t remember his name either.  “Studley”.  He did commit suicide.  That group turned into the General64 group.  A bunch of people who were questionable.  Some were being sold back to the bank and using the money.  Their group was for $18, not the contract rate.  People used fake names, those people lost their Dinars.  A group sent their Dinar to an overseas country, signed documents letting the “paymasters” take control over it.  One paymaster told Tony I’m not giving them over $5m no matter how much they gave me.  That paymaster is going to exchange.  Then later figure out how much and when to pay-out everybody else.  Will take just one person to file a complaint to a judge then they won’t see any of their money for years for the courts to go through it all.  They will not be getting paid the same time we will.  C/you’re saying it’s bogas?  T/that’s bull….. the bank doesn’t know who the paymaster is.  You give that info to the paymaster and pray you get your money.  C/I never gave them any of my money.  T/it could possibly happen you walk into the bank and then somebody will have all your banking information. C/I just gave Studley my email, but not my money.  T/Gen64/Studley is no more, no problem.

  • XXX /?  C/question on what Ray posted.  Came from one bank source?  R/y.  C/So can’t confirm.  …. T/said they were going to do it on Fri & Sat.  Falusia did it only.  I didn’t get the info about the 100 dinar.  C/the caller who just called in negative, what good does it do?  I thought this was going to be a sprint 5 yrs ago, but it a marathon and one day we’ll get there.  What good does it do to complain to you guys.  You have the patience of Saints.  Thank you both.  A great source of hope.  Forgive us for murmuring.  T/I want to murmur also, but the guy in the mirror won’t let me!

  • Tony/it is what it is.  Watch what they do and not what they say.  They were ready last week to go on a moments notice.  Looking for (1) the 100 Dinar, (2) handing out Lower Denoms (3) Paying their below poverty people 350k (not 30.+).

  • Ray/we’ll try and bring you information later in the day on Fri, even if it doesn’t go

  • Latest Rates; Dinar: $3.50 – $4.43.  Dong: $0.47 – $2.23.  Zim $0.22 – $0.33 cents.  Rupiah: $1.08-$1.30 ($1.20).
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