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Confusion At TNT Over The "RV" 5/29/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Confusion At TNT Over The "RV" 5/29/19

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Confusion At TNT Over The "RV" 5/29/19 Empty Confusion At TNT Over The "RV" 5/29/19

Post by RamblerNash Thu May 30, 2019 12:34 am

SusanaC:  Bruce call last nite----1. recvd concerns from people who are desperate: still waiting for rv & 800#s, 2.no 800#s the ones that went out were a test using 4 indiv no redemption, 3.no afgani in 1rst basket,

4. confident in RV---time windows expecte failed, 5. atms at airports in iraq have low denoms, 4. ustn live at 4;30 pm yesterday...not widely distributed,

6. hold on don't give up, 7. tier 4 group source 20% acess of funds starting today we will follow in same time window, 8. zim june first, 9. 6/1 is date for platoform start...we go between 5/29 and 6/1 platforms, start….new window 5/29-6/1

Fuze:  GM, in country once the rate change, IF the rate is consistent with the rate they published to use IN COUNTRY in the old US congressional report; 100,000 iqd would equal between $83,000.00 to $92,000.00 us

Wonderboy:  Giving 100,000 dinar to citizens for $.00086 does not make sense. 100,000 dinar at $28 = $2,800,000! 100,000 dinars at $3.60 = $360,000

 100K dinar = 28,000 by the notes....still before an RV.

 Wonderboy, tony gave info that the 100k dinar would be equivalent to $28,0000 in spending power. Not the same conversion for us because $100k would convert to $360k. Iraqis are not getting that amount.

  first in country for the iraqs is different from out country and in the US...... giving the currency before it revalues is different from giving it after it revalues..

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