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Siemens sends an open letter to every Iraqi home: we will end the crises and the difficult times DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Siemens sends an open letter to every Iraqi home: we will end the crises and the difficult times

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Siemens sends an open letter to every Iraqi home: we will end the crises and the difficult times Empty Siemens sends an open letter to every Iraqi home: we will end the crises and the difficult times

Post by RamblerNash on Thu May 30, 2019 12:27 am

Siemens sends an open letter to every Iraqi home: we will end the crises and the difficult times

Siemens sends an open letter to every Iraqi home: we will end the crises and the difficult times Whatsapp-image-2019-05-29-at-9-33-39-pm

2019/05/29 11:51:17
A Better Future Waiting for the Iraqi People - The Power of Meeting the Promise
Joe Kaiser is the President and CEO of Siemens AG

If there is anything to be gleaned from the events that Iraq witnessed last April, it is that when we promise to keep our promise always. Yes, more than a year has passed since we presented the Iraqi government with a "roadmap for saving electricity" so that we could sign our first contracts with it. But we have been able to achieve this thanks to the great Iraqi people and their precious confidence in Siemens. Six months ago, the Iraqi people promised that Siemens would like to support Iraq and help it build a bright future. We never give up our commitments, but our promises become stronger and more committed.
The 30th of April in Berlin witnessed the first major steps towards the actual implementation of the roadmap. The Iraqi Ministry of Electricity and Siemens signed an important agreement to implement the plan, which clearly defined the projects to be implemented under that agreement, Timeframes for the implementation stages and all details related to the main elements of the plan for the provision of electricity to Iraq. This comprehensive plan includes the addition of new power generation capabilities, the rehabilitation of existing power plants and the expansion of power transmission and distribution networks. Siemens is ready to start working immediately, and we have actually begun to work on the first phase contracts that were signed that day.

What we have done so far represents the first step, but we are confident that the best is still waiting for Iraq. Our main goal is to provide uninterrupted and affordable power supplies to every Iraqi home and every place within Iraq as one of the most important requirements for sustainable economic and social development in the country. The Iraqi people have been very patient. The country has experienced many crises and difficult times, but the people of Iraq certainly deserve a sense of peace, freedom, security and, of course, a better life for all.

In this context, I want to assure you that we are working to achieve this with all our capabilities and capabilities. This important project is being implemented by the best cadres and teams in Siemens. They have already succeeded in setting up the largest projects in the world, such as the projects that have been completed in Egypt, and they know very well how to deliver projects according to the schedule and budget. Germany is committed to support Iraq, as well as Siemens, so Siemens will cooperate with the German government in providing a number of training and educational programs for Iraqi youth, understanding the future of this great country. We also look forward to achieving tangible progress in implementing the Convention and starting from it to implement the other stages within the framework of the agreed roadmap. Several additional projects need to be implemented in a timely manner in order to provide reliable energy supplies.
As part of our strategy for the future, Siemens recently announced its plan to build a company specializing in electricity and energy. We have combined traditional energy, oil and gas, grid and renewable energy technologies into one specialized company, Siemens Electric. No other company can provide this comprehensive range under one roof. Siemens Corporate will support the entire power unit with its extensive industrial and digital resources, as well as providing financing and guarantees when needed. Through all this, we can serve our customers in a more focused way with priority setting. This, of course, is the case with the Iraqi road map, which is a top priority for Siemens.
To date, Siemens has signed three major contracts under the first phase of the roadmap, including an EPC contract for the construction of a 500 megawatt natural gas power plant in the Zubaidiyah area, with 40 gas turbines being upgraded with reverse cooling systems, An additional 700 MW during summer peak periods. In addition to the construction of 13 substations with a voltage of 132 kV and 34 transformers throughout Iraq to expand the electricity transmission network in the country. But what does all this mean to Iraqis? To convert what we have just talked about to significant figures, these projects will generate 1,300 megawatts of electricity, which will cover the needs of nearly 360,000 Iraqi homes during the summer 2020 peak periods.

I would like to point out that Siemens' global reach and record of business allows it to provide the necessary financial support to the Iraqi government to implement the energy projects embodied in the road map. This simply means that the roadmap proposal is an attractive offer for bank financing because of its economic viability. It also ensures billions of dollars in savings from fuel savings at power stations and huge revenues for the Iraqi electricity sector.
In addition to our energy-saving business in Iraq, Siemens remains committed to its promise to provide a smart healthcare clinic equipped with Siemens medical equipment to provide healthcare services to the Iraqi people. We have already chosen the clinic location in Baiji, where we are moving forward. The clinic will provide health care services to people in liberated areas in Iraq, with the capacity to treat up to 10,000 patients a year. Not only that, but we also pledge a $ 60 million grant to Iraqi universities to provide Iraqi students with the digital skills needed for the future, as well as career training opportunities for more than 1,000 Iraqis.
The Iraqi youth, stability, strong leadership, wealth and natural resources of Iraq are all strong foundations for building a prosperous society and creating a wonderful future for Iraq and its great people. We have already done so in Egypt and other countries in the region, helping countries achieve the desired transformation in the electricity sector and creating local values ​​through job creation and skills development.
We recognize that every nation and society has its own priorities and characteristics that must be respected and fulfilled. For this reason, we have always been aware of our priorities of serving the community and becoming a trusted friend and partner of the local environment. That is exactly what we intend to achieve for the Iraqi people.
Siemens has been an integral part of Iraq's history for the past 80 years and we are now proud of the great role we play in creating a better future for your old country. We are here for you ... for the entire Iraqi people and young people who are hungry for education and employment opportunities. We are here for small and medium enterprises, and for government officials of interest to their people. You can count on us because we believe in the power of promise.


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