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 "Who Can Release the 800#'s?" by Mr. Dan 5/25/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Who Can Release the 800#'s?" by Mr. Dan 5/25/19

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 "Who Can Release the 800#'s?" by Mr. Dan 5/25/19 Empty "Who Can Release the 800#'s?" by Mr. Dan 5/25/19

Post by RamblerNash on Sat May 25, 2019 9:26 pm

Well here we are again waiting on the 800# release, according to MarkZ contacts it was suppose to have been cut loose at 12 PM yesterday but here still waiting, I am not blaming Mark I know he is just passing along what he has been told and before you people start slamming me for being impatient I want you to know that I have been this for 9 years so I think Midwestman may have a right to know what's the hold up. 

Here is my thought, because its as good as anyone else’s, if the POTUS can’t release it and the Elders can’t release it the Military can’t release it and the Bankers can’t release it also the Secretary can’t release it just who can release it or are we just suppose to go on wishing that we could get our projects started, I have to tell you that my project list just keeps getting shorter and shorter because I am starting to think that this is never going to happen and that this world doesn’t want people to help the needy the bankers are just going to keep getting more greedy and the poor are just going to die off. 

I know that this letter is not going to get anything started because there have been others that have been much better written and worded but I would just like to know what its going to take to get it going, if its going to go at all, like I said I don’t thing its going to go at all so Please Someone prove me wrong. 

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