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 The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 5/23/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 5/23/19

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 The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 5/23/19 Empty The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 5/23/19

Post by RamblerNash Fri May 24, 2019 12:07 am

Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Let’s see what has happened since Tuesday night’s call. Now, I will say this much, certain payments that we heard were made yesterday were actually made today. One of these is that Legal Settlement with the deal that began with the letter C. Those started going back out at about 11:15 am EST today, those packets. They are supposed to be completed by about 11:00 pm tonight EST. Now, we know yesterday those were delivered to 92 Regional Distribution Centers for distribution. So, they were put where they needed to be put before US Marshalls take those out to the various recipients. So, they are in route as we speak. The Senior Trustee is supposed to be paid tonight as well. I would say that would be a very positive thing for us since our own release for toll-free numbers seems like tied to that in the sense we are supposed to follow that within hours with toll-free numbers. That is a very positive develop for us to keep an eye on.

Bruce: As far as other things that are happening, we know the Redemption Centers are well prepared. There has been meetings and conference calls to finalize all the details. We know that the Redemption Center staff are prepared to go in for long days for exchanges starting tomorrow. I believe they are set to go right on thru this Memorial Day weekend including Saturday, Sunday, Monday, etc, all the way to the end of the month into June if necessary.

Bruce: What is interesting about it is two of our Tier 1 Banks contacted our US Treasury today around lunch time to see if they could push back the start of our exchanges and redemptions of Zim for another 4 days until after the holiday weekend. They were told by our Treasury under no uncertain terms that that would not be the case. That they would not delay this any further. I will tell you the Bank you cannot blame for this. You cannot blame Wells Fargo. It was not them, and it was not Chase. Of course, it was not HSBC. So, by process of elimination, you know what I am saying.

Bruce: I am excited because I was given some times today to expect to receive the toll-free numbers. Nothing has come through yet, but we do have two points of views from major banks that are talking about approximate times for release. One is tonight between now and midnight, and the other bank’s point of view was tomorrow morning what I would call oh-dark-thirty, early. Now either one is a win because once these numbers come out, we will put them out on Big Call Universe website: bigcalluniverse.com. Bob is prepared to put out a major email blast to 25,000 emails we have from bigcalluniverse.com. We will see this information the toll-free number is put out to at least one other website or information site for currency online. I have a feeling it wont take long to get it out. I just want you guys to be prepared for that.

Bruce: We are very excited about the timing we are in. I do believe that we are looking very strong. The rates are on the screen had place holder setting with what is called pending status. I believe that came off today. I do not know if the rates are still pending per se, but I believe they are live. That happened today. I just think we are ready for everything to finish up.

Bruce: We know that the Native American claims were paid out already. I think it was today. So that part is done. President Trump made a great statement about the farmers today when he spoked from the White House about them receiving I believe about, I believe, about $16 billion in aid that would come to them to in subsidy, and I hate the word subsidy and most of the farmers don’t like subsidies either, but these primarily came from the tariffs that been levied from the Chinese. Now, I will say this, I do not know whether or not that might have been an illusion to the Farm Claims or not. I do not believe it was, but it could have been a hidden message about Farm Claims.

Bruce: So, whatever group you are in if you are in one, I believe SKRs started to be paid out earlier today, but I believe they will continue all the way thru tonight and maybe into tomorrow. I think we are at the point certain things are happening to allow us to go forward with our appointments, and I know that if we do get these numbers tonight or tomorrow morning early, I believe we will be able to begin exchanges tomorrow. Now, that information as I receive it to put it plainly as I can.

Bruce: This is a good time to go over everything you have learned like Sue mentioned. Good opportunity to make sure you have everything together. Make sure you are ready to write down the toll-free number if you go to the web site or find it somewhere else to set you appointment. Remember this toll-free number is not a Bruce’s group thing or a Big Call thing. It is just the Internet group which is very large, by far the largest group. It is just an opportunity that we have to have been chosen to receive the number. Then when we put it out, then of course everybody gets to go. That is what we are looking at now. I know that there are probably a few other things I have not remember to bring to you tonight. The gest of it is we are in a good place. We are looking for the start. The blessing is nigh before us.

Bruce: I am going to thank everybody for considering working with the Big Call and creating the projects that have in mind such as Rebuild America and of course the Veterans Retreat Network. There are others that we will be doing, but those are the two biggest. Stay tuned after you received the email. Keep that. Keep in mind we will be sending from time to time updates on the projects, and where we are on the process in creating the step-by-step plan, the template, and so on, and how you would participate with Rebuild America in your particular neck of the woods.

Bruce: I just want to thank everybody for listening in tonight, and appreciate the faithfulness of this audience listenership we have had for 8 years. Thank you for your prayer. That you for your continuous prayer for the event, the blessing. Thank you for your prayer requests that come in. Thank you for everything you have done. Thank you for being faithful in listening to the Big Call. 

Bruce: Do not forget to keep sending in your prayer request and praise reports to: bigcallministry@gmail.com. Pray if you will for the storm victims in Oklahoma and throughout the Midwest with the flooding and the tornadoes. We are going to have some cleanup and Rebuild America could start right here. Keep that in mind and thank you for your prayers. Thank you Pinkroses for a wonderful job in transcription. Thank you everybody for listening in. we will look forward in getting that information out to you as soon as it comes into me. Everybody have a good night. Have a great sleep tonight. God Bless you All.


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