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TNT "FOOLED'EM AGAIN" SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre) 5/20/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

TNT "FOOLED'EM AGAIN" SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre) 5/20/19

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TNT "FOOLED'EM AGAIN" SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre) 5/20/19 Empty TNT "FOOLED'EM AGAIN" SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre) 5/20/19

Post by RamblerNash Mon May 20, 2019 10:53 pm

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


Ray/no updates.

Tony/there was activity we couldn’t report it?  Ray/, no expectations.  Had another member with a source that said Monday also.  Tony/Mon isn’t over with.  Heard all the threats.  Got information missiles shot at the US Embassy, shot into the “Green Zone”.  How can they possibly be about to re-issue this currency?  I’m going to tell you what Ray said we couldn’t tell you. There was activity over the weekend.  Things did happen that we’d like to happen.  People are scheduled for this week.  Some people have already signed some NDA’s.  The party has been started.  Some people attended the party over the weekend.  But we’ll wait and see.  It baffles me the US and Iran would do this so publicly,… US moved out non-essential people as did some of the companies did, as did other countries.  Again the Kuwaiti RV they lost all of there work force because they had tons of the currency.  The banks think 40% of their workforce in Iraq know about this and they could walk-off their jobs.  Could be a “false flag”.  The US and other of countries could loose their work force also.  Can’t think why it’s happening this way.  The banks have started.  They have people scheduled THIS WEEK.  Banks calling people in.  They haven’t called me yet.  But I know what’s going on by bank personnel. No new info except it’s going on.  Looking for a “go” Mon or “Tue”.  Forex predicted after Friday.  Did involve the RV.  Wait to see if next prediction, or window of opportunity, Mon or Tue it comes available.

jiminkc: (1) Anything new on Exchange Procedures, how Structured Payouts will be formulated?  Ans:  T/we haven’t been told anything new.  Until they actually give us a written copy, that’s the way it will go. (2) Do contacts in Iraq and Kurdistan, and from “The Committee Guy” indicate the saber-rattling is delaying the RV? Ans/no.  They think everything is done.  Our committee guy thought they had issues when they think they’ll lose 40%.  (3) Several months back, on a couple of occasions, you spoke of “Stability Rates” as being something comparable to Contract Rates. You said STABILITY RATES are for clients who are holding large amounts of currency, and it describes structures that won’t collapse within 5 years and will create financial stability. The Stability Contract Rate is for Long-Term, Higher than normal Interest, Contract rates. I haven’t heard you mention that term, since. Should we combine both terms – Contract/Stability Rate – when talking to the exchange personnel?  Ans.  I didn’t say “stability rates”.  Only going to be a Forex Rate/Street Rate and a Contract Rate.  Anything other than that is what you will ask for.  Ray/was used for interest earned with high rates of interests.  Stability rate isn’t what you’ll get when you go for exchange. (4) What percentage of post-exchange funds might you set aside to transfer to another bank or other banks for diversification?  Ans: R/probably what I talked about.  Don’[t have a % what will go anywhere.  One bank isn’t going to get 100%.  T/for the best rates, at least pick 2 banks.  Get the highest interest rate.  I’m looking for the best you can give me and the best they can give me.  At the end of 6 months I’m going to combine into the best one!

DBCBILL: Assuming we will see a second basket of currencies to revalue, how long do you think that will take, and which currency or currencies in that basket are most appealing to you? Thank you.  Ans: Ray/choosing nothing until another time.  T/we have list of 7-9 currencies for 2nd basked.  Could happen from 6 months to a year.  You have to find out about it.  Going to have to be invited.  Friends telling friends.  Have to be qualified even if you want to jump in.  Qualified investor with $10m or more!  During this round purchase the currencies through the bank to know you qualify and secure, so they can keep track of it.  Is everybody going to be able to do that?  No, not as an individual.  Work smarter not harder!

Live Callers:

865/Good ? Lady!  C/Qualified investor?  $10m or $10b?  T/$10m, with an M for qualified investors.  C/sources saying any news blackouts from Iraq?  T/declared a state of emergency on Friday because of Iran problem.  Put that with what the banks are saying; moving people out, etc, waiting for it to be verified.  Haven’t heard from them over the weekend!  C/Ray, you said bank contact … Used a capital “C” instead than “see”, anything significant?  Ray/no, just lazy.  C/2 days stewing over that?!!!  We’re used to M,W,F calls.  Next Mon is Memorial Day.  Are the banks pushing things this week, w some getting calls this week and the bulk going over the Memorial Day weekend?  T/the “bulk” will be going this week!  People called and scheduled this week!  C/Money coming to us Mon.  R/Our Wed call will be postponed until later in the afternoon due to seminar at Hilton Head, SC.  Won’t be seeing you there if something else happens!

610/ Allentown, PA “Gman from PA” (TNT ad removed)

514/Montreal, QC, Canada. C/sanctions on Iran.  T/Our farmers are hurting.  With Chinese tariffs they are targeting the mid-west, a personal war between China and Trump.  Saw on Thu WalMart and Macys are raising their prices because of the tariffs.  Our admin says it won’t affect us.  But it will. What happens after an RV?  Won’t affect us.  Last week Beonce made $300m when Uber went public!  Those opportunities will go away because WalMart prices will rise, Ford laying-off workers due to higher steel prices, etc.  We’re not going to hurt as much as our neighbors.  C/is China going to profit because of the RV?  Have Dinar and Foreign Currency?  T/misunderstanding.  China can’t produce its own oil.  The benefit of buying oil at $70 barrel and buy our Dinar at $28 a barrel. C/so China wants the RV to happen to benefit. T/We have 5 yr and 10 yr plans.  China has 100 yr plan.  This is for the future.  The ones who are going to benefit the most is Vietnam.  C/Will Iran benefit by the RV also?  (music playing to notify caller his time is up!).  T/Won’t gain advantage over us due to sanctions they can’t do business with them at all regardless what currency they are using.  Our goal with Iran is to destroy their economy.  C/tells me we’re on a direct line to the RV, can’t wait.  Listened for 9 yrs.

808/Honolulu, HI.  C/question on getting notified via text for my wife’s phone. Ans: Ray: text to 40404 Follow @THE_TNT_TEAM (hit send).  Aloha!

281/Houston TX. C/When CIA was on, she said others we’re getting called in.  What are we waiting on?  Ans: T/They are prescheduling people their lists. Could be a possibility move them out and not lose their people when its RV’s.  C/relative left on mission to Iraq 2 mo’s ago.  T/A couple of countries had scheduled exercise and now waiting over there.  Perhaps it was planned out to look like a “false flag”.

972: Danny in Dallas, TX: C/many times over the last 6 yrs, the idea of having a 2nd account for Dinar only.  For each or only dinar?  T/All I do is give the info that was given to me then give you my opinion of what I plan to do.  10 yrs ago my contact at the treasury said I should separate the Dinar from the rest of the currency because it wouldn’t be taxed.  Then we heard none of them will be taxed.  We don’t know if it’s just the Dinar and or all of them.  I’m going to separate my dinar from the rest of them.  Ray/if you want a sure-fire way you’ll never get a tax, send your currency to me!  Haha.  C/Wants to be a “benevolent billionaire”.  Now the “marriage counsel” question.  Wife used the wrong number of years they’ve been married.  R/all you need is to put a good trust system together and she won’t ever leave you!

281/Office Lady/Houston, TX:  C/Driving right now.  R/which bus are you driving now?  C/heard the platform level has been out there.  T/yes, trading it on the local level not the Global. Info there was going to be a change on the Forex, and it did occur.  First part happened on Friday, 2nd part hasn’t happened yet (the part we can see).  C/what’s makes this different than when banks called them in months ago?  Same thing?  T/You and CIA working together on questions?  In the past people got SKR’s when exchanged at the bank. People first exchanged and got their complete payouts during the first 2 years.  They let the groups go and they can see their SKR’s.  300 legitimate groups by US Gov’t.  Other groups have to have their paymasters exchange. …This last weekend they received 100% of their payout!  Won’t get that much detail.

423/Chattanooga, TN Tallahassee, FL.  C/$800m for 4 wks?  That’s a lot of money!  Q/How could they not lose employees? T/They did what they could do.  Now at the last min they are training new people.  The people involved in the exchange location will be there for the exchange. The tellers are the people they need to exchange.  C/how can they say they have security issues?  T/they have no security issues.  Not walking out with more than $10k.  Security guards everywhere. T/there’s never going to be a perfect storm!  C/Do banks still have the release codes?  T/yes!

765: Muncie, IN. C/what your gut feeling telling you?  T/got some good info on Fri, actually know the person that went through the process.  Encouraging, but not as fast.  C/not allowed to take legal council with you, the NDA is 4 pgs.  T/can reschedule for another time to bring your legal counsel.  C/pls make this happen.

503/Portland, OR. T/With things happening Thurs and Friday, then happening after that,

864/Greenville, SC.  C/how long to do we have to worry about the possibility of taxes on currency?  T/I think they would have to notify us by the end of the year. Ask your tax advisor. C/would be awful if they notified us 2 yrs later.

732/Toms River, NJ. C/How come bankers weren’t involved when Clinton did it in Kuwait?  T/people didn’t know about it then.  Now they want the exchange to go thru within 30-45 days.  After that time, those that finally realized it took place will look for their currency and go exchange!  C/discussion on economy.  T/economy will go down at first, but then then RV exchanged will boost the economy.  C/thinks this will be a “tax free” event, because it was already taken out.  Don’t give up people!

Tony/ We gave you the info.  The banks are still moving.  I know what we see in the public (TV).  Not getting much from Iraq.  Shouldn’t be a big deal.  Banks here are being told something totally different.  Ray/for folks looking to quit your jobs: (1) mo income currently receiving, (2) $ benefits on job.  Those 2 mo dollar amounts, (3) cost of living now, and (4) projected costs including traveling, equates how much it will cost you to live.  Take your currency and see how much you’re investing, use a 4% and 1% rate, divide it by 12 and that will show you how much income you have.  That’s before you start spending anything.  Will let you know how soon you can tell the boss you quit your job.  Don’t assume you can quit your job before you’ve gone thru the numbers!

Latest Rates; Dinar: $3.50 – $4.43.  Dong: $0.47 – $2.23.  Zim $0.22 – $0.33 cents.  Rupiah: $1.08-$1.30 ($1.20).

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TNT "FOOLED'EM AGAIN" SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre) 5/20/19 Empty Re: TNT "FOOLED'EM AGAIN" SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre) 5/20/19

Post by Captain259 Tue May 21, 2019 12:53 pm


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TNT "FOOLED'EM AGAIN" SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre) 5/20/19 Empty Re: TNT "FOOLED'EM AGAIN" SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre) 5/20/19

Post by dinarstar Tue May 21, 2019 10:40 pm

I thought this guy wasn't allowed to be involved in dinar anymore, or am I getting him confused with some other shyster

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TNT "FOOLED'EM AGAIN" SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre) 5/20/19 Empty Re: TNT "FOOLED'EM AGAIN" SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre) 5/20/19

Post by Kevind53 Wed May 22, 2019 12:03 am

Phoney has never been a one to let legality get in the way of making a dishonest buck.

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 TNT "FOOLED'EM AGAIN" SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre) 5/20/19 2805820865  TNT "FOOLED'EM AGAIN" SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre) 5/20/19 2805820865  TNT "FOOLED'EM AGAIN" SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre) 5/20/19 2805820865  TNT "FOOLED'EM AGAIN" SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre) 5/20/19 2805820865
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