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TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre) 5/17/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre) 5/17/19

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TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre) 5/17/19 Empty TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre) 5/17/19

Post by RamblerNash Sat May 18, 2019 10:30 am

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


  • TNT Ray-Tony Call 2019.05.17 Fri bullet pts by AZhombre  (Final Draft)

  • Wed’s call: Supposedly the CBI has received authorization.  Not going to let it go until the UST does.  4 treasuries (USA, Britain, and 2 others haven’t).  Will tweet when something happens.  Q: Is the time limit for the CBI to change the rate still within the parameters of THIS week? T – yes, it is. I expected that to be the first question.  Tony/dinar, dong, rupiah, etc.…If you have Zim, you would have to go to a different exchange location!  C/ Basically, living on their cards.  T/use to be 11%, now 24% living on their cards.  Told everyone to get a card and paid electronically.  I do think something will happen before June.

  • Tony’s opening remarks:  Good morning TNT. It is Friday, we’re still here. We didn’t have anything to send. Nobody said anything. The quietest it’s ever been even right up to this morning.  Getting nothing from nobody!  Nothing has changed.  We’re at the point where we do, or we don’t.  We will, or we won’t.  Don’t know what is going on in Iraq-Iran thing.  Nothing is moving even the banks are geared up and it could happen over the weekend.  Things are changing as you watch the news daily.  Supposedly all just a misunderstanding.  US misunderstood what Iran was saying.  Iran misunderstood what the US was saying.  And here we are again about to make an idiot mistake or not.  The banks again are geared up. None of that has changed.  I don’t have people on standby at any exchanges I’m aware of.  I can say that because I haven’t talked to anybody.  All the bank personnel are quiet.  Since it didn’t happen, I will tell you this. When the bank said between Sat and Thu, once again that went out to some of the global traders with the same time frame.  They were warned again to be ready.  When it goes to that level, that’s when I really have to pay attention to it. Because that’s global trading and the US, like most countries, only have 5 individuals who do global trading for the country.  That’s at a very exclusive level.  Should I have said that or not, I don’t know.  It’s still not going to change the same 5 people.  The markets themselves, which is commodities, forex, global contracts all have to be notified or given a window of when this is about to happen, because of the type of trade they’re involved in at those moments also.  So, then it’s more than just the banks being told something or hear the window we’re looking at.  We’re still seeing it.  Unless they get something new today, which they haven’t made us aware of, the window was last Saturday through Thursday night (last night). That’s what a bunch of people were excited about and waiting for.  We’ll see what happens today.  Guys, just to be clear, the process will work, we will see it on CBI. The first place we’ll see it because they’ll make the change.  They will NOT make the change until the US tells them it’s ok and it’s clear to do so!  That’s how the process works.  Iraq wants everybody in their country to think they’re controlling their currency, the CBI is making the decision.  If anybody knows about the agreements that were made and the authority we still have over there, which you should still know, would let you know they’re not going to anything until we say “ok”, now you can do it!  The US is the release point.  The CBI is where you will see it at.  CBI has already they are stable, the country is stable. They could go anytime they want to, but they haven’t, because they can.  They’ve already said what they’re waiting for.  Stability in their country.  They identified the corruption.  If they wanted to go anytime, they would have stopped the auctions and gone.  But they’re not going to go until the US Treasury says so. Like I said there are 4 treasuries, and until all of them come on board, the other 3 won’t until the US says so.  I know Great Brittan won’t until the US says so.  And then it will go and then the CBI will change it and announce it to the world.  That’s how it will work!  If it had worked any other way the CBI would have been there, because they want the value of their currency.  They want their economy to change and they want all these contracts to come in.  But the final say is not up to them.  OK, so let’s see what happens.

  • Board Questions:

  • Markster: We’ve been asking questions for years.  Is there any question that can be asked that will change our outcome for the better? Ans: T/somebody can make it go faster?  I can’t think of a question you can ask that will affect the RV anytime!

  • Maggie: A couple of weeks ago we were told Kurdistan had changed their rate to $3.63.  Told Bagdad is always 2 days to a week behind the Kurds.  Are they still operating at two different rates or was that just more fake news or misdirection?  Ans: T/got the news from several places, have not talked to anyone since Kurdistan.  Banks thought it was really going to go between last Sat and Thursday.  It could pop up 5 pm this evening, or tomorrow.  No news out of Kurdistan.

  • Tndr: What is the best info you glean from the contractors being paid as you shared recently?  Were these payments meant to be timed with some more related IQD rate change news and things changed? Ans: T/Same question worded differently.

  • Onyxx55: I’ve been receiving notice about the call for 10 yrs.  Now I don’t receive it.  Ans:

  • Hotgirl58: With all the tumoral going on in Iran with the US, and pulling Iraq into the situation, what chances are this going to hold up our investment:  Ans: T/good chances it’s going to hold out if there is any military intervention.  According to news fighting would start in Iraq.  Our intelligence said they were moving missals closer into Iraq, so they could attack military bases inside Iraq!  That’s what this whole thing was about.  US/Iran misunderstood intentions.  Spain, Britain, Turkey, not getting involved.  Nobody else sees any threat.  Thinking someone was egging them on hoping they would do something stupid.  CBI said everything was stable in Iraq.  No uprising. Treasury is telling the banks to gear up for this with codes, etc.  Nobody on standby or sequestered them like in the past.  Banks aren’t getting info.  Deadline was yesterday, Thursday, waiting to see our next opportunity.

  • Mustardseed: “Iraq was accepted into the WTO earlier this week”.  Any truth to this?  Ans: didn’t see it.

  • Binky88: Last night in chat there was a discussion about Fox news and CNBC saying there was a Global Trade Reset.  If this is happening does that mean the GCR has to happen?  Since they can now trade in their own currency doesn’t their currency need to go International/Global?  T/if there is a global trade reset?  GCR is going to happen, it was planned for years and was planned to happen when it RV’s.

  • Mountain Mole: You informed us you have been told you will receive the 800#’s when they come out.  Last call it didn’t sound that way. Has anything changed?  Ans: We have been told we would receive the 800#’s.  5 gurus are supposed to receive info and put out to their people.  Our bank contact from Wells Fargo.  Still like that as of 2 mo’s ago, had a bank meeting and listed the people that were supposed to get the info.  Somebody was excited and told Tony he was one of them.  I was stupid when somebody said one of those Guru’s was going to get the info then send it out to others.  Don’t know anyone of them.  What makes you think a bank would give the info to one to give to others who doesn’t even know him?  What bank would trust them?  You could make up the info and think I’m going to blast it out to everybody?  Why would anyone accept info from somebody else and say it’s “gospel”. I wouldn’t listen to anyone saying that!

  • Bestofthree: Can we please have the RV on my birthday today?  R/played the reggae birthday song.

  • Live Callers:

  • 865: Good question lady.  Who are 3rd and 4th nation, besides #2 Brittan?  Ans: Don’t know!  If the CBI could do this without the US approval, they would not have tried 8-10 times.  Would have put it on the site and let it happen.  C/once they make that commitment is it solid?  T/didn’t discuss that.  I would think so.  You’re the boss, when it goes, it goes.  US has final say-so.  Everybody is scared of the US, because of power and the money.  Not going to do anything against us.  Not going to make that mistake against the USA.  C/confusing in chat when calling for the contract rate appointment.  Is that call for more than just holding your place, or hold you getting the contract rate?  T/strictly for an appointment.  Not guaranteed anything, until they sit down at the computer and see the rate.  C/are you assured contract rate $28.50 rate?  T/A certain % of people are supposed to get that rate.  Committee guy said they didn’t want that many “common billionaires”.  $20m Dong, Dinar, designed the NDA so you’d be scared to take it.  If you want the contract rate go in as fast as you can.  Can take the contract rate on Dinar, the rest may wait and let Forex do its thing…..

  • 281: Office Lady/Houston TX. Is there a min amount to get the contract rate?  Ans: They want to give it to people with less money.  Want to give it to one with $1m dinar.  We don’t know what the criteria they will go by.  Best to show how much they (the bank) will benefit.  T/reset the Trade Market.  Can’t tell you what they said.  C/if there’s a shift in the trade market could that be a sign?  T/affecting more than just 3 countries (China, etc).  China is targeting the mid-west because they voted for Trump.  Prices are going up everywhere else.  We’re trying to do too much at one time.  Wal-Mart just announced they’re raising prices because the trade war.  Will raise the prices everywhere!  Tony/we have less than10% of US citizens have this currency.  Why create something like this that effects people over this.  They’re just doing something stupid. It is so we can go to the bank.  Could take out a full-page ad saying, “we’re not going to revalue our currency”, or “Mahdi died”, both false signals to start the RV.

  • 281: Houston, TX: Confused with Rupiah. Thought it was Venezuela.  T/Indonesia.

  • 850: Tallahassee, FL. Saw article on line, Trump invested $30m in Dinar.  T/was it a news article or something else?  Congress can’t get his tax returns and yet somebody knows he bought it?  Not a factor is it goes or not.  He has $.  C/got divorced and can’t find his Dinar.  So, decided to buy more in case they went to court.  Asking what he can do to cover without the decree.  T/shouldn’t have problems with the bank. If you say you’re married, you’re married.  Not the banks problem.  C/should you bring any witness with you when you exchange?  T/don’t think they’ll allow it.

  • 972: Danny in Dallas, TX: While shopping in Home Depot, he called in and asked Ray to play the Rhagae Birthday Song!  Let’s have an RV!  You mentioned there may be a limit of $20m Dinar & Dong.  Thought they didn’t want us to leave with any currency.  T/that’s right!  So, if they’re going to limit me to $20m to $28.50, and I have $100m I’m going to say I’m taking $80 back home.  They will say, what do we need to do to get your $80m?

  • 509: Spokane, WA? Does the Federal Reserve position have to be filled? Ans: No.

  • 702: Las Vegas, NV. What’s your personal belief when it will RV?  Ans: Personal opinion:  All reforms will be done “by the end of June”.  This morning they are saying all the ministers will be complete next week! Banks saying any moment now!  Until I get new info. I’m saying we’re in the window! Global, market, commodity traders, foreign dignitaries getting notice, all happened the last week, possibility to do something.  Congress is upset, etc.  it could happen over the weekend!  C/Any new news on Dong?  T/no!

  • 765: Muncie, IN. China hasn’t bought any grain and it’s destroying us!  T/it effects everybody!  C/we have an abundance of food.  Always had the best and cheapest food in the world along with the best military.  All been thrown to the wind.  Back in the ‘80’s 16 Cents for box of Wheaties, and Tiger Woods picture on the box got 30 cents! T/If effects the farmers it effects everybody.  C/affects everybody; trucking, etc.  T/hoping it RV’s tomorrow so we can get some relief.  (WalMart and Macy’s). C/window still here?  T/Yeah.  Won’t know the min nor hour.  Iraq has done everything they can do!  US Admin wants 2 more bases in Iraq.  Want to get their agreements in place before they release it.  C/hopefully talk to you before Mon.

  • 864/Greenville, SC. Point 02 interest rate.  What interest rate should we be looking for?  T/$50m+ offering 10%. C/ Are banks competing?  T/yes.  Not just rates.  Offering sporting events, buy your houses, negotiate for your cars, etc.  Not free, but they will do it for you.  Whatever you need, they will do it for a fee.  They want to control your money.  Some things are free.  Have different packages. C/current rates:  R/still the same from the last call.

  • Tony/Everything is goodNothing negative.  We sit, and we wait.  Waiting for the go.  Money in place, people in p[ace.  Enjoy the weekend and hopefully we’ll get together soon.

  • Latest Rates; Dinar: $3.50 – $4.43.  Dong: $0.47 – $2.23.  Zim $0.22 – $0.33 cents.  Rupiah: $1.08-$1.30 ($1.20).


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