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Post by RamblerNash Sat May 18, 2019 10:23 am

Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. For everybody that listened in to Tuesday night’s call, two nights ago, I did go very long, but I went on purpose. You guys know that listened or that caught it on a replay or read the beautiful transcript that Pinkroses did, there was a lot of information there. I had no idea what the time was. I was just led by the Holy Spirit to put out what I did. I feel like it was a good triecious of where we are, where the currencies began, and it just came to me as I put it out. I would say if you did not catch Tuesday’s call, you didn’t catch it live, you didn’t catch the replay, I would recommend to pick up Tuesday nights call on the link located on our website:bigcalluniverse.com. I recommend you go back to it and grab it, and I just think if you are new to this or new to currencies, or maybe you have been it for a long time and you just forgot a lot of the stuff, this will help you to get a heads up and get caught up.

Bruce: If you have listened to that call and you have read the transcript that Pinkroses did which was great, you know more than the bankers know. You know more than the Redemption Center people know, and that is not to offend. It is just what it is. So, do it. Do it and then I will try to update that with a little more information now in this Intel segment.

Bruce: So, here where we are. I told you to keep an eye on things for the next couple of days on Tuesday’s call. We had a couple of false starts where we really thought we were there even yesterday or yesterday afternoon. We have been held back for about the last 4 days from release due to certain let’s say individuals here in the United States and overseas in Switzerland that held it back from going. You know it is interesting because you know how I talk about certain things in terms of cleanup on Aisle 3? You know that means arrests taking place, right? Guess what. We had more cleanup on Aisle 3 today. This is such that people in the banking industry were trying to profit illegally on one of the currencies that begins with a Z. Oh, I wonder which one is that is. They were doing something malicious with it in large quantities that was not correct. It was not right. Without naming names, I just going to say this was a problem that was solved that they were aware of, and it was officially taken care of today. 

Bruce: We are in the clear as far as I know now. We are in the clear for everything to begin tonight paying out as we thought it would in the last day or so for all of the groups that were based out west, and you guys know what I am talking about. Also, any of the Adjudicated Settlements, Fines and Penalties. the Cores, just everything, and the SKRs. All of that liquidity is to start tonight. When will it complete? It is hard to say. Probably overnight or sometime tomorrow.

Bruce: Now, what does it mean for us that are waiting for the toll-free number so that I can put that out, we can set our appointments, and we can get started? We have a time frame for it which I am just to put it out as it looks like it could come in the morning, but before lunchtime. That is the most recent concept we have for it. Does that mean we could start tomorrow afternoonish? I would hope so. I would hope so. This is something as you know does change. We do bring information that is a moving target which this blessing seems to be, but I am just going to say things are finally ready for this to be released. We are getting that type of language. We are getting like Kick Off tonight.

Bruce: We know the Redemption Staff are ready. They are on standby or they are ready to make a move to the Redemption Centers within a half an hour. My impression is the toll-free number will be released in the morning, some morning, possibly tomorrow. Not to come in the middle of the night. I personally think that would be disruptive and I do not want that. I want it to be where everybody can wake up and possibly wake up to it including me. 

Bruce: So, let’s talk about in general terms about what is going on with the currencies in general terms. We know the Dong is over $5.00. We know the Dinar is over $8.00. We know there is no front screen rate on the Zim. Forget it. It is gone. It is not happening. There will not be one. There is a backscreen rate. We talked about it being on par with the US dollar. That means 1 to 1. That is what on par means.

Bruce: Now if you have projects and you have not much in the way of Zim and I mean not much really, you can negotiate toward that backscreen rate. If you have a lot, you will be limited or capped out on your rate, but that is okay because the amount of currency you have far out weighs the rate that you might be capped on. Now, let me make this very clear. The transaction that you do, the redemption of your Zim, there is no upper limit how much it can be. So nether words, the exchange of currency or the redemption of Zim is not capped at a upper end amount in US dollars. It will be new USTN dollars, United States Treasury Notes. So somebody is saying something out there you will be limited on the amount of your exchange, it is really not true. The only thing that is true about it is that you will be capped at a very fair reasonable rate on your Zim.

Bruce: Now let say you are a Zim holder and you got, let’s pick a number, you got ten 100 Trillion Zim notes. That is a quadrillion. I am not saying that is a lot. I am not saying it is little. It is just a number. Now, if you have that, that is considered enough to where you will not be able to negotiate the rates on any currencies you have. Nether words, Dinar, Dong, Rupiah, Rial, you will be able to get the front screen rates on those currencies. Now the reason is because the redemption of the Zim is worth more than all other currencies combined. All you need to know take a 100 Trillion note or a 50 Trillion note or a 10 Trillion note. Do not sweat it. Take the front screen rate and run. Those are fine. Those are great. No reason to negotiate.

Bruce: Let’s say you do not have any Zim and that is okay because you were in Dinar a long time ago. You bought some Dong long time ago or whatever. That is what you have. You could negotiate higher than the front screen rate if you have humanitarian projects and you got a 1-page outline and it is creatively done like Sue has helped you to do or like I have or Bob will have, or Pastor Steven will have. Just beware of that.

Bruce: Now let’s talk for just a minute about the structure payouts. Structure payouts are something that the banks more or less agreeing to, but more or less was not their plan, but they kind of came to the realization that it might not be a bad way to handle the large amounts of Zim because the Zim creates so much wealth. It is just a way sort of help it to be managed, and help you to take whatever you need from that account, from the Zim redemption, and work with it with your projects.

Bruce: If you do not want a structured payout, you do not have to have one. I will repeat that. If you do not want to have a structured payout, you do not have to have one. I like the idea of it for me. I like it. I will tell you why. I like it if I create a structure by out, and by the way, remember it could be 3 years, could be 5 years, and could be 10 years. My latest understanding as of yesterday is we could go 12 years. Now could you negotiate beyond that? Possibly. It could be a negotiation you could have with your Private Banker setting this up. I know we can get 3 year, 5 year, 10 year, and 12 year terms for our structured payouts.

Bruce: We also know banks are pretty much all in alignment on the amount of interest that could be earned on an annual percentage rate base, APR. That rate is just under at a maximum of 7 and a half percent or 7.5 %. You know what. I think that is tremendous. I think that is great. I do not need 20%. I do not need 10%. Just under 7.5% is tremendous return on this much principle in the motherlode account, in the master account. It is so much that your calculator cannot calculate it because it only goes up to 12 places. I know you can do it, and I can do it in my head. So I know what the numbers are, but it is interesting because you are going to have more in interest income than you will be able to put into projects, invest into people’s lives, invest in ministry, buy things with. I really think so if you have any amount of Zim at all.

Bruce: This is my idea what I am going to do. It is just me. You can do whatever you want. My plan is to and I hope I can do it this way. It is to start with the motherlode account with the No.1 Bank who is over seeing this and have a structured payout and a spill over account in a secondary account with that same bank. So, the interest that the structure payout of the motherlode account earns gets spilled into a secondary account. Then I take that money of the secondary account and put it into possibly another bank that I use for my projects. We have Rebuild America. We have Veterans Retreat Network, VRN. We got the Pastoral Retreat Network, and we have Ministry. There is a lot we are going to be doing. That is what I am going to be doing. I am going to use a second or third bank for those purposes. I am going to diversify in that sense. I think that works for people anyway you want to work with it. 

Bruce: Then, of course, at the Redemption Center sites, and remember this. We have over 7,200 to 7,400 Tier 1 Bank/Redemption Centers in North America. That is in the 48 Continental states of the United States, 48 states. As you guys remember from Tuesday night’s call, the Tier 2 Banks, 4,112 Tier 2 Banks, have been admitted into the group that will redeem Zim as well as exchange the other currencies as well. So, you have about 7300 to 7400 plus 4112. That is pretty close to 11,500 Redemption locations for redeeming of Zim throughout the United States, the 48 states. So, that is big.

Bruce: If you are international and you are in Cote de Latour, Malaysia, or you are outside the United States and you are in London or wherever you are, pick the largest international bank like HSBC. It is your first choice. If you are possibly Latin American, you might want to work with Banco Santander or Santander Bank if you are non-Spanish speaker and of course HSBC if it is all possible. Just try to get with the largest international bank. If you are in Australia or in New Zealand, I believe ANZ Bank is a good choice. You get my drift. I can’t tell you every bank in every district. I just don’t know them all, but you get the idea.

Bruce: Will the 800 number and I am assuming it is a 800 number, will that 800 number work in other countries if you can dial to it? Yes, I believe it will. We will see if you do call it, what you will get. I cannot promise you. I understand the toll-free number is supposed to be used for Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Beyond that I can not say if it can be used for you or not wherever you are because this is designed for exchanges and Redemption Centers in Canada, in the United States, and in Mexico.

Bruce: My understanding is there are some, obviously, Redemption Centers Tier 1 Banks in Canada. Royal Bank of Canada by the way is owned by Scotiabank. Scotiabank bought out or at least has a controlling share of RBC, Royal Bank of Canada. Then you have Toronto Dominion Bank, or TD Bank which we call it in the United States. All those guys will be doing it, and of course you have HSBC in Canada. So, you are covered there. Like I said, in Mexico there are HSBC. There should be some Banco Santander. Start with those two and go from there. 

Bruce: What I am going to suggest is you do diversify a little bit because we think the Redemption Centers will have 2 or 3 or maybe 4 or more Banks represented. It is going to depend on the jurisdiction. It is going to depend on where you are. If you are in a big metro area like New York, Miami, or Atlanta, or San Francisco, or Los Angeles, you are going to have more options probably at your Redemption Center than if you were in the Heartland of America or if you are out in the boonies. If you are in the boonies, your closest option maybe a Tier 2 Bank. That is okay. They will be a little smaller.

Bruce: You could be at for example, you guys remember BB&T Bank, Branch Banking and Trust, out of Rocking Mount, NC. Guess what? BB&T bought SunTrust Bank. A good size regional bank in Florida, Virginia, and a number of areas they have a SunTrust Bank. So that is going to be as far as I can tell, under the banner of BB&T. Now are they a Tier 2 Bank? If they are, they are a good size Tier 2 Bank. I wouldn’t have any problems going there. Look at Bank Frist Bank. They are probably a Tier 2 Bank, but they are pretty regional if not nationwide. There are a lot of banks that I never mention that I am sure are going to be fine. So keep that in mind.

Bruce: If you are in the boonies it is the new plan that these Tier 2 Banks that just got admitted two days ago, that they will cover you where you wont have longer than 45 miles and I heard it at 45 minutes at any one bank that can do the exchange or redemption of Zim because these Tier 2 Banks all got brand new codes that were synched up with everybody on the brand QFS system. They just got their code hooked up in 3 hours yesterday. So that is pretty fresh. Last night I even heard. That is really good. Maybe that needed to be done. Maybe that needed to take place, and that is why we are looking at everything being complete now.

Bruce: Now, you know as well as I do, that I glean information from many sources, and I look for consensus from my sources, and I look for agreement that is taking place. You know as well as I do, a lot of what I bring is factual. It is true. It deals with facts. It deals with things that are going on. There are things I just can’t bring out because it is too sensitive, but I bring out as much as I can without getting in trouble. I am happy I can do that. With that being said, realize that we try not to call it on the Big Call. I really try not to. I give you an idea what is going on and maybe when we are going, but we are finally at the point now where we are looking really good for the next day or so. I even hate to say even so, but you know how this thing is.

Bruce: Here is another thing. Certain people that we are all familiar with in a broad sense wanted to try to create a war in the Middle East with us and Iran. It is not happening. We are not taking the bait. No. We have been baited. The President is too smart for that. President Trump knows what a real deal is and he is not going for it. I think that is good. I think we have things in check. In fact, why would the Iranian Rial be on the front screen for us at the exchange locations. Yes, a little over $4.00. So, I am excited about that. It is a question mark on my mind, and it is being handled.

Bruce: By the way, one of the things we are going to see is we are going to see some of parts of Gesara start to manifest. I am not saying on Day 1 or Day 2. We might see a little inkling of it. We should see the start coming to fruition. One of the things of Gesara is no more wars. Now, wouldn’t that be wonderful to have that and be in the position where we do not have any more wars. Now, let’s see how that pans out. Let’s watch for that. Let’s stay positive for that. Let’s stay in faith for that, and let’s also get into what Bob and I saw on Tucker Carlson Report tonight. Watch for the replay if you have not seen it on Fox. That is that the homeless situation is far worse than a lot of us realize in certain parts of the country. Bob is right. We need to get serious about helping the homeless that are in these tent or under bridges or wherever they are, in the public parks doing everything they are doing. We need to clean that up.

Bruce: If you want a Rebuild America project that would be meaningful, you get behind helping the homeless. It could be with multi-family type housing. We have to get really creative to address that problem. We talked about helping the Veterans that are homeless with Streets to Retreats. Remember that one? That is part of our VRN and it is also part of our Rebuild America. We will have some cross over with VRN and Rebuild America.

Bruce: I want to thank President Trump and the Administration, and I didn’t get to watch the entire speech today, by talking about opportunities for companies in Central and South America to keep jobs there so people do not have to flee from those countries and try to break in illegally into the United States. Gee, I wonder if Bruce mentioned that 2 or 3 months ago on the Big Call. Yes, I did. You are right. I did. I am not saying the President heard it. I do not know if the Administration heard it. Of course, it makes perfect sense. Give opportunity where the people live. It is kind of like you hear people say: Let the people live where food is. You know, where the food is. Not outside in some barren desert somewhere. Can food grow in the desert? Yes. Will food start growing in the desert what is starting in Iraq? Yes. Other parts of the globe? Yes, it will. 

Bruce: point is I think it was wonderful the President mentioned a program where instead of sending money and loosing it to Central America like we have been doing for umpteen years, let’s create job opportunities for the people that live there so they are not out with a macheting whacking the grass on the side of the highway making $2.00 a day doing that, and they are. I am not kidding you. That is what it is. That is what they are doing in Honduras. I bet you it is not a lot better in El Salvador. I bet it is not much better in Guatemala. Let’s create opportunity for people to have good paying jobs and education in those countries.

Bruce: Now Brazil is a lot farther along, but they have problems. They have issues. Look at San Paulo. San Paulo has major issues with poverty. Rio de Janeiro the same thing. Rio de Janeiro as issues. Usually the bigger the city the bigger the poverty issue. Right? When you go down to Paraguay, Paraguay is a great little country. Been there, Done it. Love it. Chile. There are some cool parts in Chile. Some cool parts in Argentina, but you got towns up in the North like Resistencia that is very poor. We know where the pockets are. Pastor Steven knows. I know where these places are. 

Bruce: We are going to start in the United States with Rebuild, but we will take our plan elsewhere as long as we are welcome. We are not going to bribe people. We are not going to be caught in governmental red tape and paying people off. We will stay and let us work directly with their people, we will do stuff. Do you read me? We are not going to get in there Oh, you have to pay this guy off. Oh, pay that guy. Oh, that is the way it is done here. No, forget it. If they want our help, they will let us do it our way. They will do it our way. They will do it when we are direct with the people. We are direct through the churches. We are direct through the ministry. We are direct with education. We can help them. We can do that standing on our heads. We really could.

Bruce: I am excited about our potential, our ability to help not just here, but really globally all around the globe. You pick an area outside the United States that you have a feeling for or a love for and consider that something where you want to work with. With Rebuild America, let’s get it started here. Let’s get our Veterans cranked up. Let’s get that homeless situation work on. Especially you guys out west in Oregon, Washington, California where the homeless is ridiculous. Florida has issues too. Bob knows that. Every state has some issues. If I was homeless, I would be in Florida. Would you be up in Fargo? No, I do not think so. Everyplace has issues. Beware of what they are. See what the people need. Let’s attack this thing with love and this opportunity to make these changes. 

Bruce: I know I am jacked up tonight. I know. I am. I am psyhed. I am ready. I am ready to get started just like you guys are. I been ready. I been ready in this for15 years, and I have been doing the Big Call for 8 years. So, I think we are about as ready as we can be. I am just going to say thank you for your persistence. Thank you for your faith. I hope we have been instrumental giving you hope and encouragement. 

Bruce: I want to thank Sue for everything about her. Her health, her knowledge, her wisdom, and her delivery. I want to thank Bob for his wisdom and what he brings to the call every Tuesday and Thursday night. Just the opportunities for you to make a difference for your health and well being. If you go that route just has I have, Bob, Sue, Pastor Steven, it is the way to go. It is absolutely best. So get involved. Get into it. Pastor Steven who has brought beautiful scriptures, teachings from his own personal experiences and a time of prayer that we all believe we have seen miracle happen as a result of our corporate prayer together,. I think it is exciting. It is exciting to hear the Praise Reports. Continue to send those in at: bigcallministry@gmail.com. Also, one more reminder. If you want some help with your presentation, confidence, get in touch with Sue.

Bruce: I have given you as much as I have planned to and maybe more. I am excited about this going, and I know you are too. I am just going to thank everybody. Thank all the Big Call listeners all around this globe. Thank you Pinkroses for this beautiful job you did on Tuesday’s call and tonight as well I am sure. Everybody get a chance to listen to Tuesday night’s call. If you didn’t already make sure you pick that up on: bigcalluniverse.com. Everybody have a great night, and let’s see what happens tomorrow. Goodbye.


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