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Central Bank and the Association of Private Banks distribute amounts of thousands of dollars to the winners of «pioneers of Iraq» DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Central Bank and the Association of Private Banks distribute amounts of thousands of dollars to the winners of «pioneers of Iraq»

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Central Bank and the Association of Private Banks distribute amounts of thousands of dollars to the winners of «pioneers of Iraq» Empty Central Bank and the Association of Private Banks distribute amounts of thousands of dollars to the winners of «pioneers of Iraq»

Post by claud39 Thu May 16, 2019 7:45 am

Central Bank and the Association of Private Banks distribute amounts of thousands of dollars to the winners of «pioneers of Iraq»


Central Bank and the Association of Private Banks distribute amounts of thousands of dollars to the winners of «pioneers of Iraq» 15189

Economy News - Baghdad

The Central Bank of Iraq and the Association of Iraqi Private Banks contributed to the success of the final ceremony of the competition "Pioneers of Iraq" held Wednesday evening at the Babylon Hotel in central Baghdad, while Tamkeen Fund, which is supported by private banks and exchange companies, awards thousands of dollars to the nine contestants who won the three categories , For the purpose of the success of their projects and provide the appropriate environment in addition to the development through investment.

"Pioneers of Iraq" is the first initiative of its kind to help young entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in Iraq realize their dreams and develop their own projects.
Winners in the first category "Upgrading the project" earned $ 20,000 for first place, second place for $ 10,000, and third for $ 5,000.

In the second category, "community service", the first place holder received $ 10,000, second place $ 5,000, and third place $ 2,500.

For the third category, I have an idea. The first place is $ 10,000, the second place is $ 5,000, and the third place is $ 2,500.

Bassam Falah, president of Enovist Middle East, said in a speech at the ceremony, which was attended by "Economy News," that the company's main mission is to support entrepreneurs and emerging companies in the Middle East, "pointing out that" the pioneers of Iraq in the last nine months were able To reach most of the goals set by, in addition to providing support as much as possible to subscribers and winners. "

He added that "the Central Bank and the Association of Iraqi private banks and the World Bank and Zain Iraq and the Iraqi Media Network, in addition to the sponsors of this project, the group Mas and the group of Qaywan and the station and Karim," noting that "Without the support and care of everyone for this project, we can not achieve anything."

"Such initiatives are the best solution to the problem of youth unemployment, and the shift to technical work with its different dimensions in all countries of the world, including Iraq, is now going to complete its government work, perhaps the need for more," Prime Minister Mahdi al-Alaq's adviser said. Of the workforce is a loss of efforts in this promising country, which is rich in natural and human resources significantly. "

"Such initiatives are the most successful solution for our youth and the future of our country," he said, praising "all the supporting efforts and support for this great work and the organizers of this project." The successful work begins with a successful idea. It is an advanced step away from the practical side and going to the beginning of these acts. "

In turn, the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Dr. Ali Al-Alaq said in his speech during the ceremony, "We are today in front of a group of winners, but we follow this great program we see a wide mobility among young people, creating a lot of opportunities to know and know the way to blow up the young energies in the country "He pointed out that" the souls of Iraq is increasing annually by more than one million individuals, and the forces that enter the labor market annually more than 800 thousand people, and most of them do not find jobs, while at the same time 80% of the oil revenues on which the country depends on going Out to embrace the economies of other countries, Iraq is being funded through Stirad all, therefore we need to be in front of an image adjustment and re-installed the way in which we employ these financial resources with the availability of human resources and energies available in order to advance the country and occupy manpower and create great opportunities. "

"This issue requires two important issues. First, there should be a national and popular stance that we reconsider the imports of Iraq and provide the real opportunities for the private sector to benefit from these resources, which have become occupied by the economies of other countries and Iraq has become a market for disposal," he said, "This requires a broad program and a large plan that is going through stages so that we can harness these resources to be a source and operator of the private sector."

"The other side to move this situation is the need to support youth initiatives and enable them to take advantage of and benefit from their potential, and we all believe in the capabilities of Iraqi youth if the conditions are available," he said, adding that " To reduce efforts and even financial resources for employment, and the Central Bank of Iraq with such examples initiatives through Tamkeen Fund, which sponsors and supports a lot of environmental initiatives, health, social and professional.

"The economic situation in Iraq continues to improve, which requires the creation of employment opportunities for the Iraqi youth, which constitutes the majority of Iraqi society, and initiatives of this kind come to encourage the creation of jobs in the private sector, And move the Iraqi economy to another stage away from dependence on oil as a major resource for the economy.

"Entrepreneurs in Iraq face many obstacles, so the World Bank worked with the Iraqi government to overcome them by facilitating the business environment," Salem said. "The need to facilitate the process of registering companies and facilitate the process of borrowing and lending to small and medium- Because we found that the problem of getting financing is one of the biggest problems facing entrepreneurs. "

"The World Bank aims to develop support for entrepreneurs and young people through the establishment of the platform of the Iraqi digital ecosystem that we will establish during the next few days," she said. She thanked the Central Bank, the Association of Iraqi Private Banks, .

For his part, said the Executive Director of the Association of Iraqi private banks Ali Tarek on behalf of its President Wadih al-Hanal, "Entrepreneurship is very important, because it strongly affects the economy of the country and create creativity, competition and innovation," calling that "these programs for young people in colleges, Before they graduate, because we note that most of these projects and platforms are directed to graduate students, but these opportunities must be available before graduation, in order to use the years of study to educate and teach students these projects to be fully aware of what they will face after graduation and work on these projects.

"The initiative of the Central Bank to finance small and medium enterprises was very important in the amount of trillion Iraqi dinars, but banks should direct part of this money to small and emerging projects," calling for "to stimulate these projects to register in a systematic and legal."

"The Tamkeen Fund, which was launched by the Central Bank with funding from private banks and exchange companies, has the largest role in the success of this program, as well as thanks to the organizers and supporters of it," he said. He called for "supporting such projects and delivering similar projects to the cabinet and sitting at the same table." In order to support them and overcome the obstacles that stand in their way and provide the right environment to start their work. "

"Pioneers of Iraq" is a three-part competition designed to invite participants to present their creative ideas or entrepreneurial plans to qualify for the opportunity to win money and in-kind prizes that will help transform their dreams into reality.

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