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 TNT Showtime CC w/ Ray, Tony Bullets Points by AZhombre 5/13/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

TNT Showtime CC w/ Ray, Tony Bullets Points by AZhombre 5/13/19

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 TNT Showtime CC w/ Ray, Tony Bullets Points by AZhombre 5/13/19 Empty TNT Showtime CC w/ Ray, Tony Bullets Points by AZhombre 5/13/19

Post by RamblerNash Tue May 14, 2019 9:53 pm

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029# 


  • Tony’s opening remarks: Good morning TNT. A lot of things going on in the world! Nothing sent out because nothing happened. Quiet Monday like Friday. Only change, exchange locations went off alert. Banks notified us Fri evening rates were locked in and telling him they were looking for something between then (last Friday) and Thursday. Things going on in the ME. Banks are still ready, rates locked in waiting for a go from the UST. Has Iraq done everything? I feel they have, needs to be given the go. Is the US holding it back? The “carrot or stick”. Iraq is resisting. Over 30% of their electricity comes from Iran. And they have no way to replace it. It would take years to replace it from some other country. ½ of Iraq’s gov’t trying to vote next week. Want all countries need to live, so they can vote by next week. Iraq is saying they want to be neutral. Critical with everybody going over there. Concern of Iran/US war starting in Iraq. Causing tension over there today. Do they do the RV or not? Nobody knows why it hasn’t gone. Iraq did everything they were supposed to do; new gov’t, anti- money laundering laws, elections, etc. Only haven’t stopped the auctions. Stuck in a “catch 22”. Haven’t heard anything over the weekend from sources. Don’t know if it’s going to be a long wait, maybe by Thursday. The Treasury may say go ahead and go.

Board Questions: https://tntshowtime.activeboard.com/t65537266/questions-for-ray-cc-051319/ 

  • BurbankLou: Have you heard anything from your committee guy since the banks told their staff to stand down? Ans: nope! Nobody knows what’s going on.

  • Withak100: If for some reason the contract rate is no longer available, my plan is to wait to exchange Dinar. How long should I wait? (Forex driving up rate, Dr Shabibbi comment rate of $16). I heard of a 2% max increase per quarter, making $16 unobtainable in 2 yrs. Ans: A lot in there. Most was correct. Don’t count on the 2% in 90 days. Maybe could go to $16, but never see it as a daily rate in my lifetime. If no “group rate $28.50” is unavailable, you waited too long. Should be available to everybody who signs the NDA. Were told plan was to let it goes as high as $12, then come back down. Watch Forex, go up and determine where you want to stop at and go get your money! It will come down a whole lot faster than going up. Ceiling $8 to $12 depending on what it comes out as. Ray/planning to stop at $10. Tony/planning on getting $28.50. Ray/I’m going to walk it to $10. Tony/why not do this: Most won’t. Go get your money, contract rate of #28.50. Get back in the market and buy more Dinar, wait for it to go up and cash out again! Quickest way to make hundred of thousands of dollars. Take you money, put it right back in the market. Make another 40-50% the first 10 days! Ray/that’s for the best of us not the rest of us.

  • Red: Will you tell what is the news concerning the LD’s of Iraq? Do you speak directly to the U.S. Treasury and what are your contacts there saying about the start of this RV? Will you tell us what you now know about the 800#’s? Ans: No news! Nobody talking about it at all. Waiting for the go. We could have gone in April. Now tensions so high with military moves. Outside sources are destabilizing. Reality is in that region affecting one country affects other countries. Bush want to just go get the money! He did that! Obama’s plan was not going to distribute the money until new banking laws, anti-corruption, to make sure it would be worth something in the future. And now we pull-out of the nuclear deal and cause a problem. Destabilized our relationships with our allies. Nobody else pulled out of the nuclear deal. Kind of backwards to me! Causing confusion. Iran won’t back down. All of this has an effect on the RV. Not just threats, but verbal confrontations in public. NATO concern is if it ends up like Syria. Destabilize entire regions. Discussions going on. We’re saying can we please have our money? Sometimes more depressing. Still going forward. Reality of what’s going on. Nothing has changed about the 800#’s.

  • Arro: I’ve read that if you get the contract rate for the ZIM you won’t be able to get the contract rate for either the Dinar or Dong. Can you address this please? Ans: What does one have to do with the other? Absolutely none. No rule like that with banks I’ve talked with. Zimbabwe says if you’re making money with Vietnam, you’re not getting it here? Who made up that law?

  • Crushr13: With the update after Wed’s call that banks are no longer on standby, and the US needs to approve Iraq’s revaluation, and the US doesn’t like Iraqis dealings with Iran due to the sanctions, how is this RV ever really going to happen? Ans:

  • Chris: Do you think this is a good sign? Adel Abdul-Mahdi announced last Tues Iraq is planning a $53 b megaproject w energy giants ExxonMobil and PetroChina to use seawater from the Persian Gulf to boost oil production. Ans: Excellent sign that Iraq has a plan for the future and diversifying. Impossible cutting off 1/3 of your energy (Iran). If they can get past the Iranian situation it’s great for their growth.

  • Sunstar: Any updates from Iraq store vendor. Ans: No, gives us stuff on TV. Talking about warnings yesterday. Not to go to American handouts, be vigilant. Ministers being voted on next week. Legal brief with government, saying it’s illegal to be in these “proxy” positions. Interior and Defense voted on next week. Want all 4 to be voted on at the same time. Next week, 1st of June, or by the end of June. Don’t listen to what they say but what they do! Think Iranian forces in Iraq may be targeting Americans. Any deadlines? T/no, never in Iraq! Time frames. US is trying to get them to do other things beside banking things.

  • JiminKC: (sorry, missed it).

Live Callers: 

  • 865/Atlanta, GA. CIA Lady! How is UST issuing that go? Banks respond ASAP, and are Treasury Mtgs daily? T/don’t know how often they meet. Different contracts with different banks. Minor banks can go before major banks can. They wanted to be in within 2 hours. Don’t have step-by-step procedure with each bank. Rates will be different based on their contract. C/looking for something between now and Thu of this week. T/yes, based on what was given me. C/Best day? T/haven’t narrowed it down to one particular day. Never wanted it on Monday. C/could still do it today? T/yes! I want to be really excited on the banking side again because of the level of info. But I want to be on the realistic side with everything happening over there. C/remembered big screen up. T/don’t know if they use same screens or not, put out news on TV now.

  • 610/ Allentown, PA.“Gman from PA” (TNT ad removed)

  • 360/Vancouver, WA. C/how many Iranian militia in Iraq? T/don’t know. 5k US military at in Iraq and they’re not concerned. C/what’s % of pro & not Iran? T/1/3 of Maliki’s are pro-Iranian. Most of the areas in other parts of the country support Iran. C/hazardous to some Iraqi’s? T/yes, in some areas. They had to come up w the laws. Don’t have people in position to enforce the laws because people in charge are still there. News came out about corruption in CBI, auctions, etc. They gave the people reporting this, news and given 2 wks. to prove it. C/Maliki piously talking about other people doing wrong! Congrats Tony for your advice “don’t quit your day job!” Expects significant amount of arrests before this happens! Hope threats for military intervention doesn’t happen. T/We have received some info during the call, but still waiting to see what happens. We can’t have an Arab Spring. It has to go. And now people have the courage to do the right thing. $20m a day going out the back door. They will fight to get the corrupt people out once they have money!

  • 765/Muncie, IN. C/glad you didn’t fire Gman! Can you share anything Tony isn’t. You already opened this can of worms. R./yes, dig yourself out.

  • 765/Muncie, IN. Taxes, still saying 50%? T/hearing there’s not going to be, but the smart person would set 50% aside. Nobody taxed yet. C/once you exchange, take $ with you. What’s the time frame (has 3 currencies). T/after 24 hrs. 10% available in the beginning, 24 hrs all the funds. C/contract rates? T/1st come 1st served. Then committee member said didn’t want simple billionaires, so they wanted to give it to those with a little at first. So, go in there and ask for it. C/separate in 3 different accounts? T/were only told to separate the Dinar because it may not be taxed. C/who’s insuring the funds, say $100m. T/nobody won’t over the legal limit of $250k. What additional ins you can purchase. Take an attorney back with you. C/can’t take my attorney with me? T/not at exchange process.

  • 281/Houston, TX. C/looks bad with Iran. Banks off standby, Ministers not called yet. Can’t see it happening anytime soon, too many problems. No go for quite a while. No back wall now. T/with you 100%. This is what the world looks like today right now. We may not 20-30% of what’s going on, but we don’t know what’s going on in the background. We do know the banking industry is currently highly excited right now! Give them the money, let Iraq experience it, and once you eat steak you may not want hamburgers. You want us to get of Maliki and then we can live like this. Were told it would be total chaos in the end. C/trying to be optimistic!

  • 903/Tyler, TX. 407/Orlando, FL.. 765/Muncie, IN, nope!

  • 509/Spokane, WA. C/Different contract rates with banks? T/in competition, so different rates, perks, etc. Contract rate is $28.50. Everybody doesn’t want to sign an NDA. I can do anything for 90 days. To me it’s worth a contract rate. $20m vrs. $280m is a big difference. C/elated we have enough chaos to go off!

  • 281/Houston, TX. C/banks moved money? T/no, banks are ready to go! C/ok to still go buy some more? T/yes, right after this call. C/should’ve have put something out for Mother’s Day. T/you’re right. Ray and I were both of town.

  • 281/Houston, TX. C/Could this pop like Kuwait? T/Kuwait was different, gov’t was in place and could get right back to normal. Iraq hasn’t been in a “democracy” before. Looking at the growth at the country. All this has been going on for the last 10 yrs. Completed everything we’ve asked them to do. Obama stopped what Bush started to be able to sustain Iraq. Now it’s a different situation. Not satisfied. Lost ½ of our allies in the region. Now asking them to cut-off 1/3 of their resources. Trying to take 2 or 3 countries down while revaluing their currency. Things done in the background. Arab Spring, War, or Let them see the benefits of a democracy and have some money. C/if a war happens, will they just pick-up where they left off. T/everything is going to stop. Not going to be an RV in the middle of an actual war. C/thinking this chaos is part of it happening!

  • 386/Palm Coast, FL. C/by saying I can’t discuss it, they know you got the contract info. R/NDA says you can’t discuss it, doesn’t say you can’t say you

  • 214/Dallas, TX. C/Who are these people training for the RV? T/bank employees. Some will be actual bank locations, not every branch. Certain cities by military bases are down from the bank. You’ll know it’s a bank when you go in. Look on your phone and see your money in your account. Signed disclosure, couldn’t buy currency themselves. Appreciate some people. In Iraq, in the early years had their doors kicked in and arrested. Also had to go thru that with bank personnel, treasury, etc who have been fired, etc. C/heard Ray’s more excited than Tony is. That’s rare. When are we going to hear this news, do we have to wait until Wed or going to send out a tweet. R/you’ll hear it as soon as it happens then will …. T/I said between Friday and Thursday. Ray’s not telling you the day.

  • 503/Portland, OR. Is it last Fri to this Thursday? T/yes! C/all about the chaos. News should be about Iran, not China and the stock markets. T/no reason to cause a controversy just to hide a currency. Nobody’s going to know about it and the rest of the world don’t get a benefit about it. Stuff you see in the news is real. China’s been getting away with it for years. Most Americans will be affected except us. All this stuff goes away. All of this isn’t being done because of the Dinar. Iraq is caught up in it. Being used as a “reward” or “punishment”. Hoping by Thursday we’ll see it. Not covering up the RV. T/it will be easier once they have an RV. Easier to cut them off when everybody is on their way in!

  • Tony/mass confusion, but some good news underneath. Ray didn’t give it to you. Ray/ our next call, “if everything stays normal” will be Wed.

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