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Trust in banking

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Trust in banking Empty Trust in banking

Post by claud39 on Sat May 11, 2019 11:17 pm

[size=36][rtl]Trust in banking[/rtl][/size]

Trust in banking 980-Alsabbaq

Yasser Al Metwally
In a remarkable news published last Wednesday on this page, "economic morning" reported the rise of the proportion of customers with banks from Iraqi adults to 23 percent, according to international statistics specialist.

Which is a source of hope and optimism and a sign of the return of confidence in the banking dealings between banks
 And its customers.

Although the ratio is measured on the size of dealers with banks compared to the size of the population, it is a reasonable proportion, meaning that there is a significant development in the performance of banks and the reasons for characterization executive management, most notably the efforts made by the Central Bank and the concerned bodies, which is calculated.

This success comes in the wake of the suffering of banks due to the loss of confidence that was behind several reasons we have referred to in previous articles and there is no room here
 To repeat.

Perhaps the purpose of the program, which was designed by the Central Bank and contributed to the implementation of the Association, which is the financial coverage through many of the events were able to make sure banks success, so banks were able to resume the required banking performance.

The other reason, which is no less important in raising the proportion of users with banks is the program of localization of salaries and the incentives included in it, as well as working methods of electronic payment, as the spokesman said in this regard
Yes, excellent reasons for her presence and effect but.

What are the banks required to sustain the momentum of raising this ratio?

The future indicates a breakthrough and indicators of Iraq's openness to the world and the expansion of foreign trade and the most important signs of the launch of investment strongly, which requires solid banks able to provide the requirements of this openness 
And investment.

Among the most important requirements of investment and construction are the availability of sophisticated banks, solid financial and advanced banking competencies, and this is what the concerned parties, including the Association of Banks, are seeking to achieve through its high-level training programs by bringing international lecturers and the expertise of an Iraqi university academy. The banks must maintain their comprehensive program and expand their banking services, Encourage other social segments to deal with banks.

We believe that banks should not bet on remaining in the labor market unless they offer different banking products and seek the return of credits and deposits with incentives and encouragement. Thus, banks contribute to the re-dissemination of the banking culture, which will increase the rates of those who deal with them. 

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