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Electricity to Basra from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait ... soon DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Electricity to Basra from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait ... soon

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Electricity to Basra from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait ... soon Empty Electricity to Basra from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait ... soon

Post by claud39 on Sat May 11, 2019 12:22 pm

Electricity to Basra from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait ... soon


Electricity to Basra from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait ... soon 15085

Economy News Baghdad:

Since the beginning of the nineties, the city of Basra in southern Iraq is facing a severe shortage of electricity, and despite spending large sums after 2003 to implement projects to develop the sectors of production, transport and distribution, but the electricity crisis was not addressed radically. The province's more than four million people are still exhausted and their suffering from the crisis is compounded by the summer when electricity consumption increases with temperatures rising to more than 45 degrees Celsius.

Prior to each summer, the Ministry of Electricity used to make new promises to improve the electricity sector. Late last year it announced the formation of a crisis cell to plan and take rapid action in preparation for the current summer. The electricity situation would be much better than the previous summer, Those traditional promises crashed on the rock reality by the summer. Basra needs 3800 megawatts of electric power to supply all its areas with electricity continuously without interruption. If the Ministry of Electricity is able to supply this quantity of energy, some joints of the distribution networks are not able to pass them. In light of this, the local government expects the governorate to be Electricity supply during the current year up to 21 hours a day. Budget hours do not seem appropriate compared to the amount of money spent on electricity sector development projects in Basra. Local budgets for the province's budget have reached $ 2 billion and $ 250 million from 2009 to 2018. Weeks ago, the provincial council approved $ 137 million to improve the electricity sector. It is expected to approve, after days, additional projects worth nine million dollars, do not include these allocations funds transferred by the Ministry of Electricity from its budget on the work and projects in the province.

The electricity crisis has been exacerbated by the political situation. The weakness of the electricity service and the intensification of competition for project contracts related to this sector have destabilized the local government in Basra more than once. In 2011, when the electricity sector deteriorated at the height of the summer, The overthrow of the former governor Cheltag Abboud, where he was forced to resign under popular and political pressure after being besieged thousands of protesters inside the Office of the province. In 2017, the former governor resigned and left Iraq on the backdrop of differences of a political nature related to the project to buy electricity from a civil company through investment, and for a similar reason detained the head of the provincial council Sabah al-Bezuni for more than a year before being released and regain his post from late last year .According to Sheikh Mansour al-Tamimi, a former deputy and one of the elders of Basra,
Under a bilateral agreement, Iraq has been importing electricity from Iran over four lines since 2010, including the Shalamjah line, which runs from Khuzestan province to the province of Basra, and carries an electricity capacity of 400 to 500 megawatts. . The local government in Basra has requested an increase of 700 megawatts of imported energy. In the same vein, Iraq is seeking to link with a Gulf power grid through Saudi Arabia and Kuwait through Basra as the closest geographically. The head of the Electricity Committee in the Basra Provincial Council Mujib Aziz al-Hassani, said that "the project of the Gulf linkage is divided into two phases, in the first phase is the link with Kuwait, and it is hoped to complete this stage after months, and then the link with Saudi Arabia as a second stage is expected to be completed after Two years, "adding that" Basra has completed the technical procedures related to the first phase of the project, and Kuwait in turn completed the requirements of connectivity, but there is a Kuwaiti concern of a technical problem related to the frequency fluctuation of the Iraqi electricity network because of the instability of loads, and it is hoped to overcome the problem soon. "The province of Basra, which is officially the capital of Iraq (1977), Nujaiba Thermal Station (1974), Khor Al-Zubair Gas Station (1977), Shuaiba Gas Station (1973), and others are newly constructed. relative , Such as gas Rumaila plant, which opened in late 2013, and the gas station Najibiyah which was completed early in 2016, and all of these stations feed the electric power the national grid, and each Iraqi province's share of energy determined by the Ministry of Electricity based on population population and climatic conditions.

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