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TNT: "Is WF Basel 4 yet?"

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TNT: "Is WF Basel 4 yet?" Empty TNT: "Is WF Basel 4 yet?"

Post by RamblerNash on Fri May 10, 2019 1:51 pm

Well I guess everyone is disappointed and not talking. I am confused right now.

As far as we know we are still in a good place just waiting as usual… be patient. Neutral space is where we are.

We are not back at the starting line. We are still in great shape.

Look at it this way; the RV is the carrot (for Iraq) and sanctions are the stick. The U.S. just put their thumb down hard on Iraq/Iran. More stick- no carrot.

I've always looked at these time when we are told the banks are on alert as like head fakes for some purpose or other. I really don't think they are going to give that much of a warning. I actually feel like we are more likely to go now than we were a week ago.

In reality, I would not think it would take more than 24hrs for the bank and exchange personnel to be ready once the "go" is given... I can wait that long standing on my head....well almost lol

I have 2 wealth managers at 2 separate banks i I have remained in contact with for more than 4 years. Because of me, they own all of the currencies that we talk about. They are totally upbeat right now, and told me to be ready, and that everything is closer than anybody can even imagine. (This is) not hopium, but straight talk from some very high-end bankers. They both called me this afternoon. I did not call them.

Is WF Basel 4 yet? I know they are Basel 3

Basel 4 requirements are not until the end of this year,,,,,and that is not making currency asset backed,,,it only backs the assets,,or all the investment tools and products, of the bank,,,money is not one of them

I think Basel 4 is not required for the RV….. Primary asset backing would be done by UST, not the banks

yes,,banks assets,,your talking their loans, credit cards, cd's and all investment tools etc so if they fail on those products, the percentage they held back will be covered and not effect the rest of the market like it did in 2008 but currency is not on the list….Correct already,,not a RV requirement,,,if anything, it should inform us future investors that the bank is covered,,,,basel 3 is to a bank like FDIC is for the customer against losses

Been thinking all afternoon and have come to the conclusion that the big talks tonight with China in DC hold the key to our quest. China has big contracts in Iraq now, China has huge interests in Vietnam And tomorrow at 12:01 the huge new tariffs of 25% goes into effect,,, IF the US and China do not reach a deal on trade tonight. I think the RV hinges on this deal.

Agreed Robert,,,I thought there has already been given the initial consent, just have to sign on the dotted line,,

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TNT: "Is WF Basel 4 yet?" Empty Re: TNT: "Is WF Basel 4 yet?"

Post by Kevind53 on Wed May 22, 2019 12:37 am

Basel IV only effects how banks count their money, nor is it any more mandatory than any of the previous agreements. It is strictly voluntary. A set of recommended guidelines to a nations regulators which are free to adopt in whole, in part or not at all.

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