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Freeway Bill 10/8/11 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Freeway Bill 10/8/11

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Freeway Bill 10/8/11 Empty Freeway Bill 10/8/11

Post by sdtraderunner Sun Oct 09, 2011 1:49 am

::::: FREEWAY BILL ::::::: Oct 8, 2011 ( MST )

10:23 PM FREEWAY BILL: Iraq done. IMF done. UST ready. Banks ready. I am ready. Nuff said

10:23 PM overflow: freeway bill Praise the Lord!!!

10:23 PM BellaGrits: FREEWAY BILL I will be writing a book on this.....and you will be in it as FREEWAY BILL!!!!! I may even autograph it!!
10:23 PM FREEWAY BILL: Wow thanks

10:24 PM FREEWAY BILL: IMO we are in the process and are ready to go

10:25 PM Scomil: FREEWAY BILL In your opinion when is the earliest we will see the RV??? Ball park..
10:26 PM FREEWAY BILL: Earliest? 5 minutes

10:26 PM CountryGirl59: freeway bill latest?
10:27 PM FREEWAY BILL: Not sure

10:26 PM from.jodi: FREEWAY BILL Is that why ur still awake???
10:26 PM FREEWAY BILL: Night owl

10:25 PM BellaGrits: FREEWAY BILL yay! I will refer to you as the southern gentleman who always kept us informed and grounded!!!!!! You with your kind words and wisdom!!!!!!
10:27 PM BellaGrits: FREEWAY BILL and I saved all your writings from the forum!!!!
10:28 PM BellaGrits: CountryGirl59 will be in the book for sure--my go to girl!
10:28 PM FREEWAY BILL: Really? All of them? I might want copies fir my grandchildren to see what happened with this

10:29 PM BellaGrits: freeway bill a rate guess?
10:29 PM FREEWAY BILL: U know where I feel it will be....,,
10:30 PM FREEWAY BILL: 8.47 usd

10:31 PM Gwaithfoed3: FREEWAY BILL Are you waiting up for your call from the UK

10:32 PM FREEWAY BILL: I have always said it would be high. Everyone keeps going down and then coming back up with me

10:32 PM parkerro: FREEWAY BILL Hate to ask this question but there is this on the boards that US and China are having a squabble about the rate ...whats your take?
10:33 PM FREEWAY BILL: USA will win

10:33 PM DiBru: Freeway bill 8.47 really

10:34 PM goldendude: So the rate is 8.47????????
10:34 PM FREEWAY BILL: Goldendude. That is my opinion and has been.

10:34 PM Cre: FREEWAY BILL do we have a time table.. thanks in advance
10:35 PM FREEWAY BILL: Now through monday

*10:35 PM BellaGrits: FREEWAY BILL okay, what did the 553 mean? For my book?
*10:35 PM LemonTart: FREEWAY BILL Thank you!!!! Anytime then??? tomorrow...??????
10:35 PM FREEWAY BILL: You will see

10:35 PM Scomil: FREEWAY BILL So in your opinion the budget put out by the GOI is smoke and mirrors for the $8,47 rate???
10:36 PM FREEWAY BILL: Iraq has lot of smoke and mirrors

10:36 PM oculaw1957: FREEWAY BILL FREEWAY BILL Thanks for your input here. Sure hope your are correct for Monday. Is that you feeling, personally or based on intel received? Just curious

10:37 PM FREEWAY BILL: Will be back later on
10:37 PM FREEWAY BILL: God Bless

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Freeway Bill 10/8/11 Empty Re: Freeway Bill 10/8/11

Post by hanwoz Sun Oct 09, 2011 2:00 am

that must be the CBI that was posted earlier?...or is it the bank rate?

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Freeway Bill 10/8/11 Empty Re: Freeway Bill 10/8/11

Post by Guest Sun Oct 09, 2011 3:07 am

Amen...go rv!!!


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