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Meta 1 Coin Scam -ludicrous claims to date DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Meta 1 Coin Scam -ludicrous claims to date

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Meta 1 Coin Scam -ludicrous claims to date Empty Meta 1 Coin Scam -ludicrous claims to date

Post by Carl Spackler on Mon May 06, 2019 11:32 am

Just to recap, here are all the ridiculous claims the Meta 1 coin scammers Robert Dunlap and Dave Schmidt have made to date:
·         The Meta 1 Coin Trust now has a TRILLION ( yes trillion) dollars in rare art as well as gold
·         They have a million dollar “art forensics lab” in Sedona to authenticate the art
·         The coins now priced at $22.22 will easily be worth $ 10-20k EACH in a couple of years
·         They will be setting up their own bank – and its legal as they are operating under some “charter” from the 1800’s
·         They have 5 Picassos
·         They have works from van Gough
·         An SEC Attorney has told them their scam..err “investment” strategy is sound and legal. The same attorney actually purchased Meta 1 Coins from them
·         They have notified the SEC of their ICO
·         Meta 1 will be partnering with a $500 billion dollar crypto coin company
·         Meta 1 owns 2 gold mines in Nevada
·         All the info they convey is public record
Of course they don’t name ANY specifics on the items above and there are NO PUBLIC RECORDS of any kind to prove their claims. But no worries, when Dave Schmidt takes everyone to court and has to PROVE ALL OF THE ABOVE and / or their records are subpoenaed and the Meta 1 New Age scammers are brought into court to testify I am sure they can prove all their claims. crap

Carl Spackler
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Meta 1 Coin Scam -ludicrous claims to date Empty Re: Meta 1 Coin Scam -ludicrous claims to date

Post by Purpleskyz on Mon May 06, 2019 3:51 pm


Out Of Mind
Meta 1 Coin Scam -ludicrous claims to date 2245507099Meta 1 Coin Scam -ludicrous claims to date 2245507099

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