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Bluwolf Chat 9 am edt  10/8/11 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Bluwolf Chat 9 am edt 10/8/11

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Bluwolf Chat 9 am edt  10/8/11 Empty Bluwolf Chat 9 am edt 10/8/11

Post by lexie on Sat Oct 08, 2011 10:59 pm

Bluwolf Chat 9 am edt 10/08/11 GET TEAM
09:47:43 AM »

[noah] bluwolf Is Liberty in sight?
[bluwolf] noah of course
[bluwolf] when is the question
[bluwolf] but soon
[bluwolf] I want you all to remember something I said a while back
[bluwolf] China
[bluwolf] watch out for China
[EARTHANGEL] bluwolf . What do you mean?
[bluwolf] they had promise that if Iraq was to rv officially that they would to
[bluwolf] listen folks writing and talking is not the same thing, please let me finish
[bluwolf] so happens that they put in their rv at 6.5
[bluwolf] but they have a resistence from just one country
[bluwolf] and you all know who that is.
[bluwolf] China knows that Iraq should come out very high in its rv
[bluwolf] so they play in with their numbers
[bluwolf] you now can imagine what Iraqs rate should be
[EARTHANGEL] bluwolf Will US hold this up because of China?
[bluwolf] rate*
[bluwolf] now wait a minute no one has talk about holdups
[bluwolf] you guys were wondering why this thing has not gone tr
[bluwolf] thru
[bluwolf] so now you all know why.
[turtletrot] bluwolf I don't understand... what do you mean that they "play in" with their numbers... so we should know Iraq RV will be high. Sorry can you explain?
[EARTHANGEL] bluwolf Is it straightened out now?
[bluwolf] everything is on schedule
[masterblaster] so if it has not gone thru, then there is a hold up
[bluwolf] turtle no i will not
[bluwolf] you guys are smarter than me, but yet i am smarter
[jtudor] bluwolf If China is trying for a higher rate, would this possibly hold this up?
[turtletrot] bluwolf oh I'm sorry to ask then if that's a problem bluwolf
[bluwolf] see what i mean
[bluwolf] turtle I believe that I have use words that all can understand find and simple, no explanations to be issue
[masterblaster] no hold up, it just has not gone thru yet b
[bluwolf] I said no holdups
[doforself] No hold ups, just in country adjustments
[bluwolf] now the senate of the US got a suggestion from o and they held a meeting to vote on the China issue but to no avail
[EARTHANGEL] bluwolf Thank you sooo very much for that update!
[IncreaseCap] the US has wanted China to change its rates for at least the last few years
[bluwolf] so we are back on track
[masterblaster] they should vote on common sense in dc for a change
[EARTHANGEL] Hallelujah! I feel an RV coming in!!!
[jtudor] bluwolf Did China agree to the rate?
[skysthelimit] This track has been round the world already and it’s time to pull into that station!
[bluwolf] now I know for a fact that there are some DC folks reading in on all of this in this chat room
[goodgrins] blue higher rate would clear the slate with china as far as are debt correct
[bluwolf] so here’s the message from me, people just step down and let all other country’s be who they are, and let have the liberty to just be themselves without your butting into their affairs.
[boltsfanforever] Bluwolf: With the utmost respect to you, my question is why China would RV so high with our dollar low. Their economy (as is true for the world) has been bolstered by the American consumer. If they RV at that rate, none of us will be able to afford their products, right? and then where would we all be?
[bluwolf] bolts China so happens to have the most progressive and intelligent of economic gurus in the world
[bluwolf] they know what they are doing and they play in at the correct time, imo now is that time
[Agent 007] [jtudor] bluwolf Did China agree to the rate?
[bluwolf] hey folks a high rate in China only means a much higher rate coming out of Iraq
[bluwolf] China gave the rate of course they have agreed
[Agent 007] ty
[boltsfanforever] bluwolf I listen to what you have to say almost religiously, so don't take my concerns as an attact (not that you are), but even if this means a higher rate for the Dinar, it does not help our Country over all. Just us.
[bluwolf] now its up to the US to just leave all countries alone
[boltsfanforever] bluwolf I listen to what you have to say almost religiously, so don't take my concerns as an attact (not that you are), but even if this means a higher rate for the Dinar, it does not help our Country over all. Just us.
[bluwolf] now it’s up to the US to just leave all countries alone
[decalking] I don’t believe

[Agent 007] decalking good morning
[bluwolf] bolt you are forgetting the 7 trillion dollars that your government has stashed up
[bluwolf] on the dinar
[boltsfanforever] bluwolf : If they spend it to buy down our National debt and buoy the dollar ... that's one BIG "if."
[bluwolf] multiple it lets see for example 8.00 USD and what do you get
[Agent 007] you get 56 trillion USD
[Agent 007] bigtime
[bluwolf] agent 007 correct
[boltsfanforever] boltsfanforever Our current administration has wanted to spend the money on programs. I don't "get" that they're concerned about our fiscal welfare!
[Agent 007] wipes out the US debt
[bluwolf] with that they can get your country back in good shape don't you think
[boltsfanforever] boltsfanforever Perhaps with the next "new" administration, God willing
[Agent 007] that is why we have elections - if you don't like who is in office currently, then it is your duty as a US citizen to vote for someone else the next time around
[boltsfanforever] Agent 007 That's for sure
[bluwolf] now we are down to who gets the credit for this outcome back in history it says Bush
[doforself] bluwolf bluwolf Accordingly, we all will be dancing to the Bank.
[Agent 007] at this point, history will take care of that bluwolf - we just want to get this part of our history over
[bluwolf] agent 007 I remember you saying one last piece to this puzzle
[bluwolf] this is it
[jtudor] bluwolf I hope that where credit is due that it is given.
[bluwolf] well now to what are your plans for today all
[bluwolf] earth it could just pop up at any time now
[bluwolf] officially it’s there, in fact all countries are officially in ,they are just waiting to cash you in when told to do so
[bluwolf] noah just make sure that you finish your ark before it rains
[bluwolf] money that is
[tutsie] Bluwolf did u hear Iraq announced rv completed yesterday
[bluwolf] tutsie no I did not , if true then we are there
[noah] bluwolf Its ready to go!
[bluwolf] noah great
[doforself] bluwolf Thank you . Maybe Gods answer to those of us that are prepared , lead the way for those who are not. Amen Brother
[bluwolf] agent 007 noah can't make another ark, for we are running out of time, the rain is about to fall
[Agent 007] bluwolf well then noah needs to be a bit more flexible on his human rules
[noah] bluwolf Praise God

[noah] Agent 007 I don’t make the rules
[Agent 007] noah ok -
[jtudor] bluwolf Will we have time to build over the weekend?
[masterblaster] tk took our ark away ray brooks
[bluwolf] doforself remember that I said in the past God is testing all, with that said He knows who is prepare or not, He knows who will help or not, just a reminder those that do not give back that that is expect of them will be broke within a year’s time, those that do what is expected of them will be blessed forever, generations and all. Bluwolf
[bluwolf] jtudor I do not think so,,, jejeje
[Agent 007] bluwolf ty
[bluwolf] so with that said I bless you all in this fine day, may you be happy and healthy, may you prosper on all walks of life, may your blessings appear on our time, and like my good Indian friend told me happy journeys
[Agent 007] bluwolf thank you

MORE Bluwolf;

Bluwolf Chat 9:48 PM edt 10/8/11

[bluwolf] China is number one in the basket
[bluwolf] I wonder what to make of it and its outcome
[bluwolf] lets see the senate will vote on this issue on Tuesday
[wdavid99] bluwolf is this wk looking good?
[bluwolf] wd imo yes it is
[bluwolf] be the dong is in the basket
[msjeta1] bluwolf do you think that the US trying to force China to revalue will have an affect on things now?
[bluwolf] ms they are not trying to get China to rv that is just a front, they are trying to get China to lower their rate, to control the rate now how sick can this be, China wants its $6.50 USD and the US is the hold up. Greed and abuse of power how sickening
[msjeta1] bluwolf wow from all the press and the way its worded it looks like the us is trying to strong arm China into an rv so when they do the us will look superior oh my come quickly Lord Jesus this stuff just doesn’t end
[bluwolf] an economic war will burst if the US Senate plays in to the greedy, let’s see they vote on Tuesday on it
[msjeta1] bluwolf do you think that they could rv ahead of the vote
[bluwolf] ms no all currencies will come out simultaneously

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