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Jordan is ready to rebuild and rehabilitate Iraqi factories DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Jordan is ready to rebuild and rehabilitate Iraqi factories

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Jordan is ready to rebuild and rehabilitate Iraqi factories Empty Jordan is ready to rebuild and rehabilitate Iraqi factories

Post by RamblerNash on Thu May 02, 2019 10:24 pm

Jordan is ready to rebuild and rehabilitate Iraqi factories

Jordan is ready to rebuild and rehabilitate Iraqi factories Image

01-05-2019 07:36 PM


The head of the Jordan Chamber of Industry, Fathi al-Jaghbir, said that Jordan is putting strict controls on certificates of origin to protect its products issued to the Iraqi market from fraud.

During his meeting with the president of the Union of Arab Journalists, the head of the Union of Iraqi Journalists Muayyad al-Lami and the accompanying delegation, al-Jaghbir said that Jordan "does not want to change the Iraqi economy or sink its industries." He pointed out that "the Kingdom's trade with Iraq, Which the brotherly country has suffered. "

He said that "the industrial sector is ready to rebuild and rehabilitate Iraqi factories damaged by the instability experienced by Iraq in recent years, as well as the establishment of industrial partnerships between the two countries."

He pointed out that "the economic agreements signed recently will be in the service of the industrial sector in the two countries," pointing to "the right of countries to put controls on their imports in reference to the decision to prevent the entry of Syrian products and goods to Jordan on the principle of reciprocity."

He pointed to "the role that the media can play in countering negative ideas and accusations, bringing together viewpoints and spreading awareness, especially with regard to the new economic partnerships that Jordan and Iraq seek to promote and integrate the economy."

"Jordan has a greater opportunity than any other country to be present in the Iraqi market, and to establish complex relations and build on the economic agreements signed between the two countries," Al-Lami said.

"The trade of the two countries has been affected in recent years by the criminality of terrorist gangs, just as the national industry has been damaged by the unstable conditions facing Iraq," he said.

He added that Jordan "has remained in the past years present in the Iraqi issue and there are brotherly ties and intertwined relations between the two countries, and the Kingdom's ability to be the main outlet for Iraqi citizens abroad."

Al-Lami pointed out that "the press family in both countries need to raise awareness about supporting the economic fields between Iraq and Jordan."

He pointed out that "the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate will direct its members to communicate with various Iraqi economic activities to help explain the importance of economic cooperation between the two countries and build on the agreements signed."

Al-Lami said that "

He stressed the need to "have a Jordanian trader share of the imports of Iraq from Turkey and Iran, amounting to $ 30 billion provided that the Jordanian industries high standards needed by the Iraqi citizen."

He pointed out that "Iraq, which has a budget of up to 120 billion dollars, wants to diversify its exports, especially oil, adding that the Basra-Aqaba oil pipeline project will be of great benefit to both countries."

He stressed that "Jordan needs supportive positions, especially as it is the most Arab country to talk about Jerusalem and adopt its cause and defend it, stressing the need to help Jordan to be strong in the face of economic difficulties and pressures facing him because of his positions on the Palestinian issue and the deal of the century."

"The media should be a tool of pressure to overcome the obstacles facing the flow of trade between the two countries," said Deputy Speaker of the Jordanian Journalists Syndicate Yannal Al-Bremawi. "The next phase will witness the institutionalization of the relationship with the Iraqi Journalists Union to support the efforts exerted."


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