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Minister of Trade: the opportunity to invest in Iraq for German companies may not wait DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Minister of Trade: the opportunity to invest in Iraq for German companies may not wait

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Minister of Trade: the opportunity to invest in Iraq for German companies may not wait Empty Minister of Trade: the opportunity to invest in Iraq for German companies may not wait

Post by RamblerNash on Thu May 02, 2019 10:15 pm

Minister of Trade: the opportunity to invest in Iraq for German companies may not wait

Minister of Trade: the opportunity to invest in Iraq for German companies may not wait Story_img_5cc9dee5a7852

2019/5/1 21:01

The Minister of Commerce, Mohammed Hashim al-Ani, on Wednesday, details of the visit of the Iraqi delegation headed by Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, to Germany, and announced the adoption of the activation of the Convention on the protection of investment between Iraq and Germany.

The Ministry of Commerce said in a statement that al-Ani "participated in the meetings of the Iraqi delegation, which visited Germany on 30/4/2019 under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister, with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and with the participation of ministers of (Foreign Affairs, Electricity, Reconstruction and Housing) Berlin, "pointing out that" the German side attended by a number of government officials and the President of Siemens ".

The statement added that "Minister Ani, attended the signing ceremony of the contract between the Iraqi Minister of Electricity Loay Khatib, and Siemens Germany."

"The meeting dealt with a number of important topics related to the two countries and the possibility of developing Iraqi-German economic relations to better levels, as well as focusing Talk about activating the meetings of the Iraqi-German joint committee. "

The Minister of Commerce stressed that "the next meeting of the Committee in Baghdad should be after the significant security achievements achieved recently", promising German officials that "their visit to Baghdad will be soon and accompanied by and without armored cars and intensive security precautions as they used to."

Al-Ani explained that "the volume of trade exchange does not meet the aspirations of the two countries, because Iraq and Germany are bound by good relations at all political and economic levels. It is necessary to satisfy the Iraqi citizen's desire to open up the Iraqi market to German products and technology because of its reputation in the Iraqi street. "Stressing the need to enter German companies to Iraq, as the current situation is different from previous periods in terms of seeking the government within its government program to overcome all obstacles that prevent the entry of the Iraqi arena of work.

"Encouraging the German companies to expand the size of participation in the Baghdad International Fair because it is a good opportunity for those companies to converge with Iraqi companies from the public and private sectors and allows businessmen from both countries to conclude fruitful business deals,

He continued: "The opportunity currently available to German companies may not wait because many large international companies are seeking today to enter Iraq and direct investment in it there is a preference in Iraq for German companies for what they achieved in previous periods in the completion of important development projects touch the services of the Iraqi citizen so far.

On the signing of the Ministry of Electricity contract with the German company Siemens to develop the energy sector in Iraq, Park Alani, the German side to "the signing of the Siemens contract with the Ministry of Electricity," explaining that "this contract includes a road map in four stages and not limited to the electricity sector and includes service sectors And this will allow the rest of the German companies to enter Iraq and the return of the presence of many companies operating previously in Iraq and withdrew due to the security implications of the terrorist Daash. "

He said that "Iraq today has full sovereignty over its borders and territories and also has the ability to take decisions in political and economic without subject to regional pressures and evidence of that is the signing of the contract Siemens, although it intersects with the desire of many," stressing that "there is a government desire To expand the framework of economic relations with Germany, and this is indicated by the visit of the first prime minister outside the regional environment, which was Germany. "

In response to Peres' request for an agreement with the concerned Iraqi authorities regarding the investment protection agreement signed earlier between the two countries, but did not work because of Germany's accession to the European Union, the minister said that he would "adopt the matter with the National Investment Authority and make efforts to complete Agreement to Sign the Convention ".

"This will encourage small and medium-sized German companies to enter Iraq and provide them with sufficient guarantees for investment by the German government and will serve as propaganda for the EU at the level of the European Union," Peres said.

"The Minister of Commerce attended the roundtable meetings in which the ministers of electricity, housing and housing participated, as well as (Amina Baghdad, Advisor to the Prime Minister, Assistant Commercial Attaché, Head of the Economic Section of the Embassy"). A number of topics that concern the work of German companies and the obstacles facing them in Iraq. "

The minister participated in the meeting organized by the Arab-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the presence of the Prime Minister and his accompanying delegation and included several German officials and representatives of German companies.


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