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 "No More Ground Hog Day" - MarkZ Update 5/1/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"No More Ground Hog Day" - MarkZ Update 5/1/19

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 "No More Ground Hog Day" - MarkZ Update 5/1/19 Empty "No More Ground Hog Day" - MarkZ Update 5/1/19

Post by RamblerNash Thu May 02, 2019 9:36 am

Member: No more Ground Hog day ... Let's get this party started

MZ: I agree…and that’s the rumor that the party starts late afternoon today…we have so much expectation for today…expectations are huge

Member: I think Bruce's info from last night was from you MarkZ

MZ: Its not surprising that many of us are getting similar info from the banking side….there really is so much news hitting.

MZ: Little change in news from last night… …..we are still hearing whales with SKRS will have access to their funds late this afternoon (Reno Time) ….

MZ: On the military side – it was 2 days ago when they had a big meeting in the deep south with current and retired military…they are making certain that security people are in place.

MZ: We are hearing that they will release 800 numbers on Thursday and redemption centers are being told to prepare for appointments starting on Friday…..so I am expecting we can start making apts. before Friday. The redemption centers firmly believe they will start seeing people on Friday

MZ: This is the third day that I have not been able to contact my friend in Iraq. He may be out in the field….but I cannot contact him

MZ: No confirmed deliveries with CMKX yet….hoping all the deliveries start late afternoon and tonight.

Eagleone2025: May Day May Day today is May 1st so we are now in the second window. May 1-7 The Meeting in Washington D.C..with Trump went very well.

Q: What was DC meeting about?

Eagleone2025: The RV

Member: (Notes from Fleming Tuesday Night) 800#s a supposed to be out tonight or sometime in the morning. What needed to happen today, was that Dubai trust 1 & 2 both got paid out and needed to become liquid for the paymasters by 10pm tonight. 20 min. of repeating last chat info... sigh. Still waiting for word as to whether 3 codes were entered today, to fire this off. Still being told, completed this week. Treasury was ordered to get this done, this week. period. Getting ready to sign off.

Q: Any news from Reno or Switzerland Mark

Q: Super petchelli bonds Mark any news

MZ: Have not heard from Switzerland….they had been told things would start Wed. afternoon…..Maybe I will know more this evening.

Q: Are we waiting on the China Deal?

MZ: Many people think we are….I don’t think so

Member : there is a lot of negative people tearing down you and Fleming and TNT and others…saying you don’t know anything.

MZ: If we are indeed as close as we are being told and if there really were 3 letter agencies who don’t want this to happen….what better way to cast doubt then to tear at the people sharing news…..they are really busy trying to tear us all up…..meanwhile you can do your own research …there are great articles from all over the world right now. .Meanwhile they are doing their best to tear us all up. 

Member: The haters have come out in droves! It's horrible and sickening. We must be close! Amen!

Eagleone2025: This RV is a very long process for control nation against nation 209 nation the world powers is a big undertaking….. the Battle to keep people in the slave system is very strong. We must stand and we must prayer….. the Battle will keep going long after the RV.

MZ: As to the lawsuit they are moving forward…..they have forex screenshots, banking screenshots…emails, documents and lots of proof. They are still gathering all the information.

Member: Many in other sites think the lawsuit is a bad idea

Member: Lawsuit is for non payment of a successful law suit. Why is that a bad idea?

Member: MO....It's not a bad idea. People are only afraid of lawsuits if they've never been involved in one. They are not scary.

Member: They think it will delay everything, but I don't see how making sure they get paid is bad. Trusting them for 30 years is BAD.

MZ: I do not think this lawsuit will delay anything…….may just get them to stop kicking the can any further.

Q: Any thoughts on the $2 Trillion infrastructure thingie with Trumps & Dems Mark?

Member: Kayt posted an amazing video yesterday talking abut how the $2T agreed to by Trump, Pelosi and Shumer is designed to bing down the Fed. It's in the youtube videos room in Discord.

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