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TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by jiminkc) 5/1/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by jiminkc) 5/1/19

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TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by jiminkc) 5/1/19 Empty TNT SHOWTIME CC (Notes by jiminkc) 5/1/19

Post by RamblerNash Thu May 02, 2019 9:31 am

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


Parliament met today and agreed to vote on the ministers of Justice and Transportation this week and the ministers of Interior and Defense next week. This will coincide with the opening of the Green Zone anticipated within 10 days.

PM Mahdi stated that Iraq will witness great internationalism in the coming period. [The coming period? Is this a replacement for the coming days? LOL

Let’s update the update. This morning the article says all the ministers will be voted on when Mahdi returns from his trip to Europe, whenever that trip is over to Germany, Netherlands, and I forgot the other one. Now they are saying they will have a complete vote on them when he returns but we don’t know when that is, but supposedly this week. Not a lot to tell you. I can tell you that the rates are still locked in, exchange personnel still on stand-by again, as of this morning, and can’t be more than an hour away from their site, so they are still anticipating something. I can tell you that Mahdi and one of his deputies tried to meet with Trump. He refused to meet with them. I can tell you that they are still upset that Iraq will not institute the sanctions against Iran – which doesn’t make any sense to anybody. So, we still have an issue going on, there, and Iraq was trying to resolve it. The US didn’t even want to meet and talk with them about it. We know that is one of our points of contention – that Iraq won’t do the Sanctions, and that we are holding this over their head. Banks still waiting on the UST to give them the go ahead. I don’t know how we are supposed to resolve the problem if we are not even willing to talk about the problem? But, that is a problem. It may just happen, anyway, which I am thinking it will. Mahdi is now saying they will vote on all 4 positions when he returns from his trip so I got to assume something happened between the time that Ray put out the Update that they would vote on two of them, to where they will vote on all of them. Maybe that is something we have been waiting for

Sexychocolate – I was offered a new job, should I take it or stay where I am, cause we are that close?  Your humble opinion… R – take that job! Laughter. T – until you have money in the bank, you better take everything you can get. R – In this situation, a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush. You can always resign later, and not as soon as the RV happens. Map out a strategic plan even if you have a pocket full of money. Budget yourself and make sure your money is working enough to generate money, enough to sustain your lifestyle before you up and quit a job with benefits.

Jiminkc – Commingling – Once dinar is exchanged for US Dollars, into an Interest Bearing Account, and begins to draw Interest in that account, is that earned Interest considered Commingling of funds? If not, then what would be considered commingling of funds, and how can it be avoided? T – that is not comingling of funds, at all. It is the same money. You need to call an attorney and see whatever business you are into, or whose accounts you are Guardian of, so he can explain commingling of funds to you. Commingling of funds has nothing to do with the Rv itself, or your money after, with the exception of if you put the dinar into the same accounts of the Zim and the dong, and we were told years ago that one of them may be taxed and the others not. That is the only concern we have. Commingling of funds will have nothing to do with the RV, or the money you get out of the RV. When you start doing some businesses and other things, and start putting your personal money in with your business money, and taking it out and using it for things, now, that is a different story.

Jrw – It is all over news on line that President Trump, Pelosi and chuck Schumer met yesterday having an amicable meeting and agreeing to two trillion dollars for infrastructure improvements in the U.S. The meeting was very friendly and sometimes gitty. Could this be the Precursor to the GCR. T – every President always says they will rebuild our country, create jobs, affect the economy, and none of that has anything to do with the GCR. It is the BS they say to get elected. Nobody has done it, yet.  We have plenty of old buildings, highways, schools, that could be rebuilt, and put people back to work and generate money in our economy. No one has done it, yet, and it has nothing to do with the GCR.

They may get the money to do it, like Clinton had, and it still didn’t happen. There is always money if they decide they want to do something. There will be money available, and a bunch of you will have money to rebuild this country, but will it happen is something different.

Mommybood – Since we now feel the UST is in control of the release, then we should not hear Anything about Ramadan slowing this down. Is that right??? T –I am not hearing anything about Ramadan slowing it down, stopping it, causing changes. If Mahdi is going to do it when he comes back, he will return before it starts, this week. Once the ministers are announced and voted on, they have no other reason Not to do it. So I am saying there must have been some kind of agreement made. But, we will see. I was never concerned about Ramadan stopping it. If anything, it would be encouraging them to do it for the celebrations.

FUZE – Tony on what day would you consider this “current window” of opportunity for the RV closed and start looking for another window? I personally think around next week, May 9th due to the US Treasury’s codes expirations, the start of Ramadan on May 6th, and the increasing difficulty of back dating it to April 2019, when I think it actually happened. What say you?  T – I agree with you. I have seen the May 9 date from other gurus because that is when the codes expire, and they would have to go in and do it again. I would think, if they wanted to get it done, this time, since they DID give out the codes to the banks, not just that they went in the room and sign off on them and release them, but they are holding it. It is the first time they actually released – gave the banks the codes. Here are the codes. As soon as we say GO, put them in, and this thing is live. I will give it up to the 9th and see if they have to put out new codes.

Brandon – Can you tell me again when former Prime Minster Al-Abadi said that all the reforms would be done? I believe Tony said either by June or the end of June. R – Mahdi would have said that, not Abadi. T – he said BY June, not the end. There is something out now, that says by the end of June, but that is not what he said.

865 – 404 – with respect to the banks, have they indicated how much longer they will stay on high alert? T – They are staying with it, right now. They have been since Sunday evening. I am getting that things are still on track, and they are still on alert. It is just about what is going on at the moment.

C – with respect to the Ministers vote, will they do it individually, or as a slate? One at a time could slow walk it. T – one article said individually, but this morning’s article says all at once, but it is Iraq, so we wait to see what really happens.

360 – Any news on the whereabouts of Maliki? T – this morning they are talking about putting him in a new position in his party, not the Govt.

C – would he get immunity if in his party? T – no he would have to be in Parliament in some form.

C – if Trump doesn’t meet with Mahdi, is that due to their participation with Iran? T – that is what they were to talk about, but they are upset because they won’t cut Iran off. That doesn’t make sense to the biggest idiot – to cut off their lifeline and force them to do something like that.

C – are these candidates different people from those presented before? T – they are new names.

765 – why are we talking about ministers, when we were just waiting on the UST? T – the banks say they are waiting on the UST, and the ministers are in the news, this morning, and they are finally going to vote on the. But the banks are telling us they are waiting on the UST. Iraq is saying they have done everything they can possibly do – put it in the system, put the numbers there, made all the agreements. The one thing they haven’t done is agree to the sanctions on Iran. Now, all we know is the UST has not released the go-ahead for the codes. Who tells the UST what to do? The same person that wouldn’t meet with Iraq, yesterday, wouldn’t meet with Mahdi this week, wouldn’t meet with his Deputies to try to get something done. Unless they worked it out in the last 24 hours, and we don’t know about it, but why that news article may have come out saying they will vote on the ministers when he returns.

C – So, we don’t necessarily think we are waiting on that to release them? – T – we don’t know what we are waiting on. We know we are waiting on the UST to release them. What we don’t know is what we are waiting on Trump to accomplish to tell the UST to go ahead and release them. That is who is going to tell them to release them. We don’t know why he won’t give the order. Other than that, everyone is ready to go.

C – any Paymasters getting liquidity? T – nothing. I know Paymasters, and their process, in Reno. I know you hear a lot of junk from people. They have said it for weeks and it hasn’t happened. They will get paid the same time we do. I got a phone call this morning. There are some “fidiots” out there trying to convince you to sign up with their group or you won’t be able to exchange the Zim. Who does that make sense to? Don’t listen to it.

C – what is your expectation level for this week? T – feeling good, based on everything being done, and the banks still on standby, so they are anticipating something. I don’t feel good about Trump refusing to meet, or even discuss, it with Mahdi. How do you work it out if you don’t discuss it? I hope that is not what is holding it up. But, everyone is anticipating something.

610 – Gman from PA, donations for TNT.

480 – are the Canadians still being paid more than Americans? You said that at one time. T – are you mad about that?

C – No, but I am Dual (citizenship) and can I request the amount Canadians are being paid? T – you can request it in Canada, not here. The Canadian rate to the dollar is more – .74. So, if you put the IQD into a currency converter, who gets more, right now? Our dollar is 1.34 to the Canadian dollar (.74 Canadian to the USD). So the rate is going to be different, and we (I think he meant Canadians) will get more. Rates will be different. Even though you are a Canadian citizen, I don’t think you will get the Canadian rate in the US. You will have to go to Canada to get that.

509 – Mahdi is in Germany. Where is his next stop? T – Netherlands, Germany, and one more. Nancy Pelosi and Shurmer went to Germany, and then Italy. Wondering what they are doing there. Seems curious. T – wondering who they went to meet? (Laugh)

C – I know they went to Germany and Italy. T – maybe they went to do investments. That is what Mahdi went for. Anyway, Trump has the final say-so.

C – Maybe that is why he is saying no? T – because he is meeting with them?

C – too much fighting to know if they went on their own. T – I think they went on their own, not to do business for him.

803 – I have dong, how much dong do you need to go to the teller vs calling the 800#? Where is the cut off? T – probably 2M dong at the .47 rate. The teller can’t do a million dollars, and 2M at that rate would be about a million dollars.

C – so anything over 2M dong would need to call the 800# for an appointment. T – I will ask that cutoff today, of my exchange person. We haven’t asked that. I will ask that question today.

281 – bus lady – (Tony is calling to try to get the answer for the last caller). She is talking to Ray. On the notifications the banks received last week, did it tell them to get ready for this process? R – that was the end result they communicated to us.

C – How is it the US can continue to hold this up? It is holding up the rest of the world, too. Seems like other countries would be complaining? R – nothing official. But, you know when one person rules the playground, you don’t stop them from doing things. (chit chat and laughter).

C – you have 209 countries in this, so how are they not upset, and how long can they continue to do this? T – I agree they are probably upset, but nothing they can do. It won’t go until we say go.

C – no choice but to wait. I know you are ready for it to be over. T – can’t wait.

770 – in the past few weeks, months, and at the end of the show, you say to go buy more dong. I have done that and after this is over, I would like to stay in touch with you about investing. You talked about the contract rate for dinar at $28.50. Elaborate on that. And, is there a relationship between that and the dong? And, you said if the dong comes out on Forex at $2, the contract rate might be $5. Elaborate on that, too. T – You said what I have said. The contract rate is $28.50 for the dinar.That is what they banks have for it, and it probably will stay that way. The Dong was supposed to come out at .47 had have a contract rate of 2.00-2.20. Now, I said if it came out at $2, like we were hearing, then the contract rate would have to be even higher. Possibly as high as $5. We don’t know that, yet. That is not on the screen. Right now, .47 to 2.20 is on the screen.

If you are looking for a street rate, it will be what the Forex says, at the moment, and it will change, day to day, as the market changes.

C – $28.50 for up to 10M or 20M dinar, but we don’t know that part. T- we do not know that part.

C – And if it comes out at $2 on Forex, the contract rate would be approximately $5. T – it should be, plus or minus. Right.

C – so that would be for every single dong you have? T –It doesn’t matter how much you have; the rate is the rate. It will be the same for each dong you have.

C – you can negotiate higher up to that (maximum) and then the rest is the street rate? T – some will be able to negotiate a higher rate, based on how much they want to leave there, how long they will leave it, what kind of investments they want to do.Some will do it based on knowing what they are talking about. That doesn’t mean everyone is going to get it because someone will walk in and say they don’t want the .47, they want the $2.00, and not have a clue what he is talking about. Maybe he says he doesn’t want the .47. He wants .57. They may say, okay, you got $50M, I will give it to you if you leave $30M in the bank for us to invest with for 5 years. Maybe you can work that deal out. But, you have to have negotiating skills to get that part done.

817 – I had a note written down and can’t find it. You said when you go to the bank you would ask some questions before you had them verify your currency. 4-5 things. Can you say them again? T – laughed. Don’t remember. What would I do first? Tish, do I have a list out there? If I go in, I know the rate before I get to the bank. I have dialed the 800#, looked at the bank rate, looked at Forex. Forex might not be the same rate as the bank, because they got that rate first thing in the morning and locked it in for all day, where the Forex rate will go up and down throughout the day. I will call the 800#, and know the rate and how much should be coming back to us, because we won’t just take the bank’s word for the amount. We are all going to do the math. I know my plan for talking to them; we have worked on it for 10 years. You know what you want to do with your money, how much to set aside, and how much to invest, and how much to spend to make my life comfortable, so I have less stress. I do all that before I get to the bank. I know how much I will leave with them so I can negotiate on that. At this rate, this is what I am willing to do. I need to know a little bit more to make my plan work. First, I want the contract rate for everything. That is the first thing – give me the Contract Rate! Because it is the highest rate possible. I should clarify that: I want it for the maximum amount I can get. After that, we start negotiating on what the next step is. Do we go up in increments of dimes, quarters, dollars? Interest rate – we know the banks have said you were trained to give up to 10% Interest. Who are you giving that to? Who qualifies? That is what I want with the money that is just sitting. Now, let’s talk about Projects with higher interest rates than the 10% that is just sitting there. Then negotiate from there. The higher rate you can give me, the more I am willing to leave with you. Both of us make money. I know you make 1% a night, 22% a month, on the overnight interest sweeps. I know about Fractional Banking and how you make money on that. Share the wealth.

C – Exchange fee? T – less than 1%, probably not worth arguing over, but if it seems exorbitant then argue it. But, I am not paying a huge amount for 30 minutes work.

C – we can leave if the rate is too high. T – say, No thank you if you think anything is off, and see the change in them if you get up to walk out.

972 – Danny in Dallas. For the last 6 years, at this time of year, there was always the Ramadan question. Maybe it was normal it didn’t happen. What about this time? T – I still don’t think it will have an affect. The world still goes on and they will conduct business. They are still going to vote when Mahdi come back. (chit chat about his area, helping a restaurant owner, car dealerships that should empty after this is over, etc.)

503 – Oregon Peggy. Last night, when you put out the update, I wan’t sure when the 10 days were to be up? T – 10 days for what? R – for the Green Zone to be open. I don’t remember the actual date.

C – has it actually started? Maybe they are already in process? T – the article came out last week, but I don’t remember the date.

C – do you think – remember last week you thought the ministers would be announced after the RV – do you still think that is true, or coincide? T – I think it will happen, either together with the RV,or right after. I don’t think they will announce them before since that would tell the world something is about to happen. I think the rate will come out then the ministers.

C – your list for the other woman, you wanted to make sure they counted the money in front of you. I would also want to insure the funds before I leave the bank. We don’t know who could be hacking the system, so that is my addition to the list. T – yes, you should have it counted in front of you. I will count it, and label each bundle, and the bank better come out with the same number I have or we have an issue.

C – We have the serial numbers on an Excel Spreadsheet. Are you thinking we will maybe get to the bank this week? T – I think the exchange center and bank people are still on alert and can’t be more than an hour from the bank. I have been told things are still going on, as planned, and we are just waiting for the GO from the UST and it could happen at any moment. Our only question is, how do they resolve the situation with Iraq and Iran if they won’t even talk to Iraq about it? Doesn’t make any sense. Mahdi and one of his Deputies tried to meet with Trump, supposedly about the situation, and he refused to meet with them, yesterday and the day before. That don’t make sense to anybody. But, that is his own little strategy, the game he plays, the real estate game – I am not going to talk to you and try to force them to do something they don’t want to do. I don’t know how long that will take, or if it was resolved yesterday, or not, because Mahdi came back, and as of this morning, he is going to vote on the Ministers, when he gets back from his trip. Maybe they worked something out and will do it after Mahdi returns from his trip, and will take the vote. I guess we should see the RV. Netherlands, Germany, and France were where he was going.

C – can I share what I texted you about praying for the strongholds to be broken? I was asking my people, and believers of any faith, to ask everyone to pray to break the stronghold over Iraq. Maybe it is more than Iran, or the US. The walls that have been keeping Iraq stuck need to come down.

314 – is the Indonesian Rupiah in the second basket? T and R – we have not heard that.

C – is there a question no one has asked that you have the answer to? T – no, I wish I did.

C – anything about Zimbabwe and new sanctions on their Vice President and possibly the President from the IMF and not being able to join the Commonwealth? T – perhaps that is good news. We want it to go against the USD, don’t we?

C – I thought if they joined it, they would have to have their own currency, the new currency, up against the Rand at .70. They hoped it would rise against the Rand, T – that was the plan, for the Zim to go up in 18 months to .72 to the dollar. You want it to go against the dollar because the dollar is stronger.

C – .70 against the dollar may seem low to them. I thought it would raise the value of goods. T – anything doing currency want it to go against a Global Currency, not the Rand. It would be stronger and look better to the world.

C – NDA? T – nothing about it, 800#’s, exchanges. They are on stand-by.

C – since the dinar is being traded in the US at Citi bank, why is it not international? T – it is not on Forex, but it is being traded in other countries, and they have the new card that lets them use it at whatever the rate is in that country, so it would seem it is international. It is over 70 banks here, now. There is a Forex rate but why is it not international?

910 – what does “to the nth degree mean” Ray? R – it means infinity.

C – for new people, I need to understand – Iraq doesn’t seem to see the need to change rates. In America, we don’t spend Iraqi dinar. Why do they need to change them to a rate we believe it should be? T – Iraq is coming out of chaos. They need to rebuild their country, and that has to come from other countries. Why would a country invest in a worthless currency? I want it to be where it will grow. By putting it in Iraq, and if it goes up, I will make money. I won’t invest in them until I know their currency is worth something and can make money. They need it for their economy. They are dealing with Iran because Iran helped them when they were dealing with their own sanctions. Iran was the only country that helped them. Now they want to deal with other countries – Germany, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Turkey – but their money is worthless. What do you have to offer? Until they change their money and make it more valuable, and they can make deals in dinar and exchange for dollars, they aren’t going to invest.

C – last Monday some guy wanted to file a lawsuit against the US to release money that had been decided in another lawsuit they won against the US, and the US refuses to give to them. They though filing the lawsuit would force them to get their money, and when they got their money, we would get ours. T – I got the email that was someone wanting to file a lawsuit to force the Govt to release the RV. If not that, why are they on calls about the RV? Why would they be talking about another lawsuit.

C – I think we got different emails. The one I am talking about is the CMKX lawsuit money. Just saying if they get their money, we may get our money, too. T – that is not the email I got asking people to call senators, etc. to force the Govt to release the RV. There is no use talking about the CMKX suit, and filing a class action lawsuit. There was more, but it doesn’t apply to TNT.)

We are still here, and the banks are still on standby, ready to go, at any moment. I will sit back and wait, and make sure my plan is ready to go. Enjoy the day.


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