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MarkZ: "A number of us were asked by the Treasury to not talk about rates…period" 4/30/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "A number of us were asked by the Treasury to not talk about rates…period" 4/30/19

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MarkZ: "A number of us were asked by the Treasury to not talk about rates…period" 4/30/19 Empty MarkZ: "A number of us were asked by the Treasury to not talk about rates…period" 4/30/19

Post by RamblerNash Tue Apr 30, 2019 10:47 pm

MZ:  A whole lot of movement yesterday…some high level military meetings went on about how to handle things like any upsets ..how to handle the execution of stuff. A landmark meeting .

Banks and redemption centers seem to be ramping up activity right now....getting ready for tomorrow?  I hope so.

A lot happened in Reno….a lot I cannot talk about…Whales….i do believe some got partial funding…They were told they would get full access to their funds  tomorrow.

I am really sick of hearing tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow……I am as over that as you all are…I really hope they do not kick the can again …but based on the movement we saw yesterday tomorrow could be the day.

Eagleone2025:  May Day WED

Member:  its always tomorrow

Q: Does full access mean 800 numbers tomorrow?

MZ: Yes if they have full access..we should get 800 numbers tomorrow

Nflemingjr:  That is the plan

MZ: People in other countries found out they cannot exchange yet…rates are on hold still everywhere…..

Eagleone2025:  Sources in Asia say there is no change.  Asia is still waiting no movement from source in Iraq

MZ: Are they exchanging possibly in Iraq?  They can legally go days before us in Iraq…keep in mind Kuwait went 10 days before the rest of the world caught on and they went international.

MZ:   A number of us were asked by the Treasury to not talk about rates…period.

Member- You tell the treasury we won’t discuss rate it they release the RV!!!

Eagleone2025:  Let’s put it this way the Rates will be good. blessings will flow Federal people know they can get around it.

Nflemingjr:  I have been told not to mention anything about rates as well

Nflemingjr:  I have been told that this should be the week for the 800#'s

Eagle2025:  Military meeting took place in Huntsville. There were more Generals their then the rest of the country combined. My source was one who was there. He states that he is in ready mode. I am sorry I can't share more ….was not allowed.,,,,

MZ: Between retired and current military it was a who’s who meeting….Eagle is very connected on the military side of things.  We are very blessed to have such patriots in our military.

Nflemingjr:  All I can say is that a call was made to the some of the Elders from someone that saved them a lot of money and asked why the can was being kicked down the road and the Sec. of Treasury called that person and told him that everything was resolved.

Nflemingjr:  The Elders can bypass the US if they feel that the US is delaying

Q:  @nflemingjr wouldn't trump freak if they bypassed US?

Member:  i believe that means Elders could leave US out.. But given the recent ongoings won't happen

Nflemingjr:  You will not be going to a military base to redeem Zim unless you have boxes of it

Nflemingjr:  There are going to be caps and restrictions on the Zim but you will not know for sure until you redeem….. There are so many rumors concerning the Zims you will not know for sure until you go in

CMKX deiveries tonight?

MZ: It's very possible.

Q: Any news on the lawsuit?

MZ: they are busy doing a lot of paperwork…..keep in mind lawsuits do not move quickly…..but they are moving on it as fast as they can…and have a high level of proof that they need to move forward with the suit

Q: Do you know anything about the super Petchellis? (bonds)

MZ:   We know they should have processed already on Monday...We are being told they should process on Wed. Now…….There seems to be a whole lot staged for tomorrow.

Member:  the only thing we are probably waiting for is UST to tell us to go. They are probably trying to black mail someone before letting this go.

Nflemingjr:  I mentioned the other day that the Elders are very angry with the US because of the delays and I do know that everything was supposed to be resolved over the weekend. From the looks of it, the matter was resolved and the US was told to get this done this week.

MZ: I am hearing exactly the same …….so much happened today……I wish I could tell you everything.

Q:  Rumor has it, the Treasury has been holding this up. Any thoughts?

Nfleming:  There is a big push by the Treasury get the release tonight because all the funds have been dispursed but are supposed to be liquid tonight.

Q: How’s Mr. C this morning?

MZ A little grumpy because he hasn’t been paid…,should be done soon though is what we hear. .

Member:  Now Mr C knows how WE feel. Lol

Q: Has the dinar gone “live”?

MZ: I cannot find it “live” anywhere outside Iraq yet…Is it possible it is “live” in country?....Its possible….i am having a really hard time getting any info in or out of Iraq over the last few days….
Member :  Markz, I’m ready to retire

MZ: I am so ready to get off this dang roller coaster too

MZ: There is a rumor out there that 30% of CMKX got their packages…..i do not know anyone personally that received theirs…if there is a NDA…..we wouldn’t know….I firmly believe I will be one of the last people to receive my package because I am a public figure…..

Q: Will things stall until Ramadan?

MZ: No ….we feel they will release it all before Ramadan so they can have a helaciously fun Ramadan period.

Nflemingjr:  No Ramadan does not affect this….. we should be done by then

Member:  Ramadan starts Sunday evening

Member:  Islam follows a lunar calendar & their months start on a new moon. Things don't stop in muslim countries during Ramadan it just goes a bit slower as businesses close early etc…

Q:  What do you think the government will do when this goes? Buy gold? Payoff debt? Go further into debt? Lol

Q: Is this taxable?

MZ: We have been told over and over again that it is not…however, none of us will know for sure until it goes…imo…..

Q:  Is the gold standard in place ?

MZ: I believe the gold standard is running as a hybrid for international trade……not for us regular folks yet. ..We are about to have a huge liquidity crunch and they need to get this finished this week.

Eagleone2025:  Be prepared… the country is divided… this RV is good. The deep state is still in the works. A 911 event is in the wind….. so pray.
Member:  Once everyone receives there RV…. Treat it as if you are still broke, and don't let everyone know you have money.

Member:  Folks, They expect 90% of us to blow our money... thus diminishing the power of the people again. Think, Educate... Think Educate.

MZ: We are still planning on posting any 800 numbers we receive if they let me……Im going to be digging for news the rest of the day….i will tweet if I get big news…..see you on the CMKX call tonight or tomorrow morning at 10:00AM est .

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MarkZ: "A number of us were asked by the Treasury to not talk about rates…period" 4/30/19 Empty bs all

Post by flipzhd Wed May 01, 2019 11:49 pm

You all listening to the crap thats spillin out all over tnt? ALL!  Its all bull shit people ....wake up


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