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 "Lots of Movement" - MarkZ Update 4-28-19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Lots of Movement" - MarkZ Update 4-28-19

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 "Lots of Movement" - MarkZ Update 4-28-19 Empty "Lots of Movement" - MarkZ Update 4-28-19

Post by RamblerNash Sun Apr 28, 2019 11:41 pm

Brief Sunday Update with MarkZ 4-28-19- Highlights by PDK-Not Verbatum

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context. Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

MZ: There was a tremendous amount of work positioning for tomorrow on the banking side…..amazing amount of things happening….the amount of digging going on the last few days is amazing

Banking contacts say it is now trading a live rate …….an entire army people working right now verifying things. We are getting reports from all over the world that there is an international rate……we are trying to verify that.

If by some reason this stalls in the next couple days we are told the banking crash will force it. We are in the final days of this and quickly approaching a crash.

I have some fantastic sources…I really have been blessed

Q: When do you think the CMKX deliveries could start?

MZ: I think CMKX deliveries may be starting tonight or tomorrow……there is a whole lot of activity going on

MZ: Tomorrow will be a long day of streaming……I postponed family time this weekend because we are so close….. they are knee deep in getting this out…and based on the progress they are making we hope we will all see it in the next day or two.

MZ: There will be lots of links today pointing to where we are at in the real world….click on those when you can

MZ: X22 report had a fantastic post about gold …..basically Gold separated from the dollar guys….huge news….and Tyler at zero hedge had a great post about liquidity. …and I think even the average people in the real world can see it happening now

MZ: Guys we are 5 million strong and I think we really shook things up with tweets and lawsuit filing …so much just broke loose and I feel we really shook them up guys …I have been asked to keep the pressure on so no one goes to sleep

Member: : I been doing #Gold Standard Please when trump or Steve Munchin Posted

Member: DECLAS pre or post IG report? [Comey] pre or post IG report? C comes before D. Leak investigations go both ways [R + D]. A House needs to be constantly cleaned. Q

MZ: Everything is coming together this weekend….wow….judicial watch, Clintons emails, the AG, so much happening all at once. Things we have been waiting for –for years all seem to be happening right now….this weekend

Member: I heard 10,000 indictments opening now

Member: One of my sources said keep you Phone’s on.

Member: President Trump: "I want to do something so HUGE and so INCREDIBLE, that even their brainwashed followers won’t be able to ignore how strong our movement is."

MZ: At this point right now we are trying to verify if you can go outside the country to exchange (if rates are not released in US but are in the rest of the world?) Personally I think it would be risky to travel with currency. We just want to find out if that is an option. Maybe even one note…for example now that Iraq has banking branches in Saudi Arabia……..It may possible to go other countries if the rate has changed everywhere but here…


MZ: Yes if the US drags….we hope to find out by mid-day tomorrow

Q: If we can go out of the USA where would we go?

MZ: We hope to have that information tomorrow if any of this is even possible.

Q: Is Canada a possibility to go out to?

MZ: Hopefully we will know that tomorrow

Q: Mark you stated in News that Rate is being traded International. This is the IQD correct? What had you done to verify it?

MZ: We have been privy to a number of screens with the higher rates that you guys are probably seeing on other sites and chatrooms…..noone has come out and said the rate has officially changed yet….but they are not doing a very good job at keeping this hidden right now. .

Q: Mark, did you validate the Indians being paid?

MZ: Not yet…it has not gone to the individual indian nations yet…

Q: any details from Reno? 

MZ: With the lawsuit….They have been moving forward quickly with the discovery phase and putting paperwork together …I am not involved in that but was asked to just keep the information out there so people don’t go back to sleep.

Q: @markz is this why intel was so tight lipped?

Nflemingjr: There is a very big push to get the release code tonight. The Elders are very angry because this has dragged out so long

Member: The Elders are not the only ones who are angry. LOL

MZ: That is a very accurate comment.

nflemingjr: There have been some bankers that have tried very hard to stop or delay but my understanding is that they have resolved the problem.

MZ: Yes that is my understanding as well….but, its stunning the amount of progress that started moving again this weekend. 

Q: Did some of the whales get to go?

MZ: I am being told some did…none of my contacts did…the contacts I have were told they get to in tomorrow morning.

Q: Are you confident the dong is going to be in the first basket?

MZ: I am extremely confident it is going to be in the first basket. Imo its 110% it will be in the 1st basket. Iraq has a considerable amount of dong in their treasury and Vietnam holds a considerable amount of IQD. They have been in this together from the get-go.

Member: China owns a lot of the banks in Vietnam

Member: Iraq and Vietnam GDP # 6 and 7

Member: First basket is set folks. in case you missed it... Second Currency Basket Update: Mongolia South African Indonesia Bangladesh South Korea Pakistani West African CFA FRANC: Central African Franc is (XOF) - The sign of West African CFA Franc is Fr, ISO code is XOF. West African CFA franc is subdivided into 100 Centimes. **Iranian Rial if it doesn't go in 1st basket **Afghan afghani will not be in 1st basket

nflemingjr: The Rial is going to be in the first basket and it will 10% less than the Dinar.

nflemingjr: The Dong at this stage is going to be 10% less than the Dinar as well…..

Q: RATES ???? Would someone be kind enough to post the rates that MarkZ is talking about ???? ZIM, DONG, Dinar

Nfleming: No I can not share the rates.

Q: Will the private groups go soon too?

MZ: At this point- the rumors from Reno are that groups will go in on Monday and John Q Public will start on Wed. meaning 800 numbers tomorrow as well…..take these rumors with a grain of salt and please nobody quit your jobs….but this is what we are hearing. And things are moving very quickly right now.

Member: I read that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that the GCR will happen on 3 May. If so the RV would have to happen before that time and this weekend would be ideal…

Q: Do you think we might get cmkx tonight if 800's are tomorrow?

MZ: Its very possible…Mr. Mayheu always said the idea time to deliver packages would be Sunday evening……so it is a excellent possibility

Q: nflemingjr when do you guess 800#?

nflemingjr: I can not tell you when the 800 # will be release even if I knew

Q: What do you think about st germain trust distribution to general public?

MZ: Ive done a lot of digging on St. Germaine and Nesara….whats true and whats not true….its a fascinating rabbithole. I really believe after a lot of research that the St. Germaine trust was opened . I believe it is opened and positioned.

nflemingjr: On the St. Germain Trust they have not put how that is going to be handled as I stated in the call yesterday

MZ: It’s a wait and see for most of us

Member: Today is Orthodox Easter - perfect for St Germain!

MZ: Tomorrow will most likely be an 18 hour day for me……going to be very busy…..Will see you then with updates and news. (10:00AM est)

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 "Lots of Movement" - MarkZ Update 4-28-19 Empty Re: "Lots of Movement" - MarkZ Update 4-28-19

Post by Jayzze Mon Apr 29, 2019 10:46 pm

mark you are correct about movement its called bowl movement
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 "Lots of Movement" - MarkZ Update 4-28-19 Empty Re: "Lots of Movement" - MarkZ Update 4-28-19

Post by Captain259 Tue Apr 30, 2019 8:57 am


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 "Lots of Movement" - MarkZ Update 4-28-19 Empty Re: "Lots of Movement" - MarkZ Update 4-28-19

Post by Jayzze Tue Apr 30, 2019 10:35 pm

as they say capt bull shit at its best
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