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TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre) 4/24/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre) 4/24/19

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TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre) 4/24/19 Empty TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre) 4/24/19

Post by RamblerNash Wed Apr 24, 2019 7:31 pm

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


  • Flashback Mon 4/22/2019: Tony: received confirmation on rates Ray gave me today. At the banks there are “live” rates with no “holds”, they can see them.  They are waiting for one more thing to happen before they’re released to the public.  Could be today, tomorrow, Wednesday.  They’re waiting for this “one thing to happen”, then they’re going to the front screens.  Hopefully, the news flows this afternoon.  We’re standing at the line.  Ready to go.  Two of the largest banks, saying the #’s locked in, release codes, trying to figure out who will start it.  If something happens, we’ll tweet it out to you and do another call….Ray/ Tony, what is it you’re not telling us that you know?  Yes, they did give me a day, timeframe, and asked me not to repeat it on this call…Ray: I want to tell G-man something.  If you were a paid employee, you would be a valuable employee, “it might not be a bad idea, you might want to start looking for employment somewhere else!”  And not because I was firing you!  T/as a valuable employee, you might be thinking what you’re going to be doing in your retirement plan!…. when asking for higher rate, like 10%, are there words we can use to be worthy of getting that type of rate?  T/Example: I end up with $100m. (30m x $28+ close to that).  Say, I know about “fractional banking” and how much money you’re going to make off my money (you’re making $10 on my $1, loaning them out).  You’re going to make a hundred times off my money!  I know you have “sweep accounts” and get 1% a night, 22 times a month!  That’s 22% a month you’re getting on my money! I know that and I’m not mad at you, but I want some too!  I’m willing to leave my money here ($30m, $50m $100m) here and a 5-year contract at even a higher interest rate, if we can do this. So, don’t tell me you can’t do it because I know what you’re making off it.  So, what are you going to offer me to do it?  This is one thing I know.  I can take it somewhere else!  To even a smaller bank, or a Credit Union, because they’re going to give me a higher rate, just because I’m going to help them go to the next level…. We were told to separate Dinar from other currencies because we don’t know if it would be taxable or not…. I don’t expect any rates to be going up if this happens this week like it’s supposed to, or next week anytime. I expect the rates to go up 10 or 12 days, come down and that would be it.   Then go up 2% every 90 days!

  • Tony’s opening remarks: Good morning TNT, it is another wonderful Wed again. No updates. Let’s get this party started.  The only thing I know, the rates are still there, locked in, live, codes good, banks across the country say it could occur any moment.  We wait!  Excited about today thru Fri evening.  Anytime could happen.  Everything is done.  Zim will start at HSBC.  Bank still think all notes.  Committee guy says 2016 and newer.

  • Board Questions: https://tntshowtime.activeboard.com/t65496626/questions-for-ray-cc-042419/

  • Tbarts: On Mon call there was a time frame to see the RV. Have we passed it?  Ans:

  • Lovejoy: Ray, wife & I have Fam Wealth Trust but didn’t fund it except for direct deposits from income. Plans to assist youth. I would like to honor her wishes. Is it possible for me to fund this trust and be sole trustee or wait and develop a new trust?  Ans: wait for something new and use her name.

  • Be-a-blessing: On conflicting info from committee member and banks, if you had several 100 T Zim notes would you exchange all of them or would you do half and keep back half incase the committee guy is right, and they pull back what you exchanged and not return the notes? Ans: I think if they take them, it’s good.  If that money is in my account for 72 hrs, it’s mine!  Split it if it’s a concern.  Take them or not!

  • Autumnwoods: We’ve been told for about 3 mo’s now to expect RV to happen. Every wk. banks are happy but we get no result. Does anyone know when it will take place? Ans: Someone knows, it’s just not you or any guru or bank people we talk to. All going thru the same thing.  Nothing we can do about that.  Whatever is being told is to prepare for when it does happen.

  • Countrygirl2002: Concerned banks coming back and yanking our money out of our accounts (in regard to Zim if they decide to accept it). (1) Can they do that?  (2) Is there any “claw back provision” in the NDA or any other paperwork we’ll be signing?  (3) Can we request such a clause be added?  (4) Can you give us an example for the wording of such a clause that we might use? Ans: 

  • Rev Nagi Mato: I bought my currency in my “known as” name, not my legal name. Paypal doesn’t have a problem with it, neither does my bank.  Hoping this will not cause a problem.  Opinions, options? Ans: Ray/if bankers don’t have a problem, what’s the problem?

  • Fullofhope: Would you please wait until the morning to send out texts, unless it’s the text declaring an RV. Ans: T/did you send a text out at midnight? I didn’t!  Ray/one night I did.  Some people get texts hours after sent out.

  • SunStar: (1) Any updates from CBI, IMF or WTO? (2) Any more news on LD’s and fils?  (3) Is there a dead-line date Iraq must follow on release of International Dinar rate in Gazette?  Ans: No.  No deadline.  If we knew that, we’d be talking about that all the time.

  • AZhombre: Will the bankers be upset if I show up with detailed printouts of lists of all currencies grouped by kind, with serial numbers, and receipts, and same currencies in envelopes? Along with a spread sheet with various scenarios for various projected rates, including contract rates?  Didn’t know if we could take a computer or calculator, or even our “smart phones” to the exchange.  Just trying to be prepared.  Ans: Why would a banker be upset if you were so well prepared?  Life is easy for him.  He would be ecstatic!  Here’s your plan and will work with that.

  • Alf: T/planning on removing any zeros on Dong, like the Zim? T/have a plan.  Rate is at 47 cents.  Rates go up to 47 cents.  Banks haven’t said anything yet.

  • Glemast: Do you remember exact time Gazette is published? T/no.  Anytime.

  • Live Callers:

  • 303/Denver, CO. C/Explain difference between Bonds and Currency of Zim.  Bonds are larger sizes.  You have currency.  C/Contract rates for Zim?  T/nobody has that.  Can negotiate the Dinar and Dong rates if you have enough money to negotiate.  Not negotiating with people walking up to the teller window.  C/Program rates?  T/yes, direct your bankers.  Looking for a trillion dollars.  C/hesitant to talk about the window.  This week or beyond?  T/today is Wed.  Can tell you the window is “wide open”.  Some people say it’s this week, some say could be next week.  Sitting here waiting for a go from the US Treas.  On the other side say it needs to be put into the Gazette.  T/one time it came out at 11pm.  Only 8:25pm in Bagdad. Message could be hidden!  T/just got word no Gazette published today!

  • 651/St. Paul, MN. C/question on tweet text. R/40404 (message) FOLLOW @THE_TNT_TEAM

  • 281/Houston, TX. C/what is article 8? T/doesn’t matter.  C/Have 20 T Zim.  Will they take them?  Bank guy says yes, Committee guy says no!  T/bank is waiting on the Treasury.  No admin holds, not fluctuating, need a release from the Treasury.  C/by end of the month?  T/available, yes. Saddar is telling people to get ready to riot in the streets!  Think it could happen before Ramadan.  C/something you can say now that you couldn’t say before?  T/no, except when the window is.  We know it can go any moment from now this week or next week.

  • 205/Birmingham, AL. Question already answered, tks.

  • 972/Danny in Dallas, TX. C/Same rates?  T/yes.  C/$28.50 contract rates on dinar.  Said Dong contract rate also.  Locked in?  T/suppose to be $2 rate.  If came out could go to $4 rate.

  • 336/Greensboro, NC. C/asking for contract rate on Dong.  If comes out at $2, will be $3 more?  T/that’s what I’ve been toldC/How will I know when the 800#’s come out?  T/to know the instant this happens via Twitter and post it on our site! C/Will get my wife to set one up.

  • 386/Palm coast, FL. C/ Afghani?  R/$2.39+

  • 440/ 443/ 318/ 501/ Nope!

  • 973/Newark, NJ. C/30 day still in play? T/know release codes are good for 30 days!  C/Mon excited, what locked you into it more special versus other times in past?  T/several banks in several states, could see rates locked in.  Had a guy call me from Washington State yesterday.  Also, a 2nd tier bank in several states, had a meeting Mon.  Said they would bring in people Tue.  Had another banker tell him they had a different contract with the Treasury that the Tier 1 banks don’t have.  The little banks are going to beat the big banks to the exchange.  Everybody can’t see the rates on the screens until it’s released to the front screen.  Down to this level every rate could be at the front screen!  Bank asked them not to do call Mon, if do, don’t give out the name of the bank.  Was not US Bank.  C/clarify Fed, etc?  T/this side they’re waiting for the Fed.  Other side, waiting for the Gazette posting.

  • 626/Pasadena, CA. Questions answered.

  • 501/Little Rock, AR. C/past point of no return?  T/don’t know.  C/how long can they drag it off?  T/I don’t know.  Banks haven’t been this excited.  Haven’t had it down to tier 2 banks this excited.

  • 208/Boise, City/ID. Iraq can’t be on Nasdaq. How can they not be trading?  T/on Nasdaq and Forex?  It’s been trading on the back boards and globally for over a year now.  C/it’s just not inside Iraq.  T/Iraq’s banks are exchanging it right now at what they wanted it to come out at.

  • 610/ Allentown, PA.“Gman from PA” (TNT Ad Removed)
  • 334/Montgomery, AL. C/will banks tell us they can exchange the Zim?  T/When you tell them all the currencies you have, you’ll be told where to go.  HSBC is the “lead bank”, not the only one exchanging it.

  • Tony/Wrap Up!  Everybody is still excited, rates locked in.  Banks saying it could happen any day between now and next week.  Nothing in the Gazette today.  It’s an open day.  Be ready so you don’t have to get ready!

  • Ray/ When you establish your entities, and replace money into your entities, you need to know not to give all of the currency to the trust. Give it to them.  Place it in an entity for them to be in charge of.  Putting it into a trust you are stuck.  If taxable, 50% set aside, you can’t pull money out of the foundation, etc to pay taxes.  That money must also be “set aside” keeping it as your personal money.  So next year April 15, you’ll have some money to pay taxes.  Thoughts before giving money away.  If we still haven’t seen this by Sunday, we’ll expound some strategies, etc.  Next regularly scheduled is Friday, if we have one Friday.

  • Latest Rates; Dinar: $3.50 – $4.43.  Dong: $0.47 – $2.23.  Zim $0.22 – $0.33 cents. Rupiah: $1.08 – $1.30 ($1.20), Afghani?  R/$2.39+
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    TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre) 4/24/19 Empty Re: TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre) 4/24/19

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