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MarkZ Q&A 4/24/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ Q&A 4/24/19

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MarkZ Q&A 4/24/19 Empty MarkZ Q&A 4/24/19

Post by RamblerNash Wed Apr 24, 2019 7:24 pm

MarkZ Wednesday Update:  Highlights by PDK-Not Verbatum

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

MZ: News was exceptionally good  overnight…trying to decide what is or isn’t ok to share.

MZ: As of late in wee hours last night ……the  BIS was expecting  settlement packages  to start Wednesday evening

Q: Any news on package deliveries yet?

MZ: We are hearing CMKX and F&P Packages delivery this afternoon...we are getting a lot of chatter.

MZ:  The chatter out of Iraq is that they will be live on Thursday...their time.. so we have a lot of expectations for late afternoon, early morning  for us..
MZ: There has been a whole lot of movement that I can’t talk about

MZ: Big news is Zim Whales were given flight arrangements to be in Reno on Friday …there are a lot of whales moving. 
MZ: The CBI has just added Swiss for direct conversion on their site…..this is huge….they are getting ready to join the big world. They have also added others like Poland…..key allies for banking or trade has been added for direct conversions.
 Q: So if the Whales are in Reno Friday, does that mean the rest of us won't go until the weekend?

MZ: NO We are ALL supposed to be going at the same time

Q:  Expectation on 800s?

MZ:  Expectations are for 800#’s on Thursday 

Member: I doubt there will be 800 numbers for security purposes.

MZ: You make a good point. I have wondered about that…..they may not post the numbers directly….the numbers may be via email only. ….Go to Dinar Recaps imo.  They have been with us from the beginning and done a good job. …. I have been told this by a bank….this  suggestion for you if you are not in a group on a list,,,go join DR….you can sign up to get on their list and get 800#.  I have nothing to do with recaps….they have always just done a very good job…..

MZ: If I am allowed to give out 800 numbers I of course will do so.

Q:  Good morning from Northwest Fla. Can you please explain what "debt forgiveness" means to us.

MZ:  If we look at Iceland…..any time a country moves from fiat to asset backed currency there is debt forgiveness. We have seen this after world war 1 and partially after world war 2 even though that was a hybrid system…..So maybe not complete asset forgiveness but at least some, and that’s all part of moving from a fractional debt based system to assets backed.

MZ: President Trump has mention several times about forgiving student loan debts, so I think that will be part of it.

Q: Any news on the Pechelli bonds?

MZ: They expect to exchange Petchelli bonds at 5 oclock today …we are watching this closely

MZ: I have not talked to Mr.C.. I'm going to call him right here on the stream.. let’s see what's going on…..I got his voicemail……he will call back ….strange I can’t reach him….

Member:  Let's Hope MR C was paid and cannot talk to you

Q:  Who is Mr. C? Or is that a long story?

MZ:  Mr.C  is Michael Cottrell…...he is very learned in economics …Mr. C did a master thesis many years ago.. This Thesis was brought to President Reagan's attention ...and this became the master plan for the new banking system that we are going to for our asset backed system…..This will make our system much more stable

MZ: Mr. Wanta and Mr.C worked together and have been out there publicly for many years. This reads better than any spy novel.  They are part of the team to change our entire financial system … ..specifically battling the Soviet union via a currency war during the Reagan years.

MZ: The dollars made during those currency wars are what will be used to reboot the dollar and change our currency to asset backed.  There is a so much information online you could check out . Both Mr. C and Wanta work with the patriots…and you may see conflicting info about how they get along……but its just a personality conflict-  imo

Member:  Plus interest on Wants funds

Q:  Are you Saying "No Bank Appts" until Mr. C gets paid???

MZ:  We could be getting bank appt's before MC goes…depending on how this rolls out…but it would be by a very short window. Everything should roll out about the same time.

Q: Ramandan starts soon….is that important?

MZ: I am hearing from my Iraqi sources….that during Ramadan the Iraqi people will have a lot to celebrate this year after this has gone. .
Q: Bruce swears the St. Germaine trust has been opened.

MZ: I have heard that from a number of people..……I have seen no proof that St Germaine trust has been opened…..I really need solid proof…..so I am not saying it yet.  

Q:  Mark...do you think this is going to happen this week??

MZ:   I really think this will be out the door this week..

Q:  When you say "packs" possibly, tonight....is that DINAR, CMKX, OMEGA

MZ:  yes plus farm claims , heritage and more…..this is coming from the BIS…. Best time for deliveries is 4pm to midnight..for delivery of pkgs..they want to make sure people are home…..logistically they target 7 to 10 at night.

Member: There's rumor that only 1000 out of 500,000 US zim holders will be granted contract rate for humanitarian projects. This is bad if true. Have you heard of anything regarding this?

Member:  How many times we have been told, ZIM is a bond

MZ: Heard that rumor as well...My personal suggestion is to don't set your appointment  for 2 weeks out...take all your currency with you in case those rumors are true….thats what I’m doing

nflemingjr: There are some so called guru's that are now stating that the zim's are going to be going before the exchange because they do not want to make the redemption of the zims available to the general public.

nflemingjr: While that is true they are going to be doing the exchanges and redemptions at the same time and I have not heard that there will be no 800#'s

nflemingjr: I don't have a generic two page summary just the one that was done for me and that is what I emailed to MarkZ

MZ: If you are wanting a contract rate on the ZIm…..If there is any…..just type out a one or two page  overview of Humanitarian projects you want to be involved with….Wounded Warriors,  housing, education or whatever.…...

Q:  Mark - Should our holding accounts at the time of the appointment be" off ledger"?

MZ: I received this tip and want to post it for you…from a fellow listener…for anonymity. I thought this was well thought out……

theoriginalmarkz: Mark, I have years of very detailed copious notes on my bank appointment - both pre-rv & post rv. I just found this: You can also ask for a "Custodial Trust Account" (holds funds "en Trust") while you figure things out - also found this: Agency Trust Accounts: It takes 15 minutes to set it up and it's free. It will NOT be under my name or ss# BUT the bank's FEIN# under "Custodial Fiduciary Care". I retain FULL control of my funds. Funds are private & safe from the bank co-mingling and there are

MZ: it keeps cutting off...will work on it and cut it down and have it tonight in the stream


MZ: Yes I do believe based on what I hear….and what they are trying to get done and when

Member:  We have good three letter boys and we have bad ones. There are those who want the Republic restored now ,,,the battle is great. Stand strong it will all come together soon. Mark is a good man for direction

MZ:Fleming sent me a two page letter how to set up with the bank……Humanitarian projects..

nflemingjr: I will try and take the personal information out and get it to MarkZ
Member : ZIM holders only the banks will work the deal. do not get in with anyone on your Zim. When you call in let them know you have Zim  : HSBC and WF is the Zim deals.

Member:  mark we had to give a list of our humanitarian projects for our zim. it had to include people involved in each project. their qualifications. how long it would take to complete the project. up to 5 years. and how we plan to support that project to keep it going in perpetuity

MZ: If this is true…everyone should get started.

Q:  Nflemingjr. So if don't have a project we can still redeem the zim without a summary right??

nflemingjr: Everyone that is redeeming the Zims no matter the amount unless you take the default package is going to be required to present a 1 to 3 page summary.

MZ: Only contract rates need the projects I believe……I hear that taking the lower rate- you do not need the humanitarian projects…or an NDA.

nflemingjr: The tests that were done on the zims earlier this week were given $100,000 to $150,000 advance and were to made liquid later this week.

MZ : This is not unusual.....I actually did a test exchange yrs ago as well to know of any problems that may comes up..security...hold stacks of currency..run thru dela rue machines  etc....But this should tell you alot on how real and how close this is.  

Q: IRAQI TV: Bagdad Negotiates with Tehran to buy Natural Gas in Iraqi Dinars. Mark is this Good, What say ye??

MZ: Iran buying gas from Iraq with dinar…this is really good news…big news...this improves the odds of us seeing a really quick RV....imo

eagleone2025: HSBC NY just told me they were working on taking the Zim. they were working on setting up a U.S. step by step plan how they are going to break up the regions for labor.

cass555:  End Of The Road https://tubitv.com/movies/451883/end_of_the_road

MZ: Its very good….everyone should watch it! Its a phenominal documentary

 nflemingjr: The very minute that the exchanges and redemptions start..all sales for the Zims, Dinars, Rials, Dongs will stop. I have not heard that there are not going to be any 800#'s
Q:  I just don’t get it...800 number now not 800 numbers. Why not just look at forex? That’s the proof in the pudding

MZ: We have been told for 15 years that the rates would be delayed showing on forex …at least by a few days……and those rates would only be the street rates. We are supposed to get at least $2 higher rate in the US for reparations for the Iraqi war. You are welcome to wait for forex.

Q: Other countries was in the war are they included in the higher rate Mark?

MZ: Yes….All Countries that were involved in Iraq War are supposed to get higher rates is what we were told. Like Canada is supposed to get a higher rate…..China is not allowed to get those higher rates is why they are purchasing our skrs.

MZ: I will say this.....a majority of my bank contacts say that I will have the 800#'s 

Member: Isn't a 100 Trillion Zim note equate to $24,000 at $.24 when you drop 6 zeros rather than $24 million?

MZ: I came up with $24M

Adminbill: Notice the MSM is mentioning asset backed (gold) as the public is learning.

MZ: Personally I am going to exchange all of it...and quickly...no use hanging on for higher rates...risks involved...I think rates are damn solid!!  They cracked down last Sat...I was told that they DO NOT want us to talk about rates!

MZ: Remember- very important….. do not let currency out of your sight at this point....we are just to close right now.

MZ:  I have much to do before stream tonight...8pm  tonight for another stream...you have asked just for an information stream…..will be just me tonight...no guests

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MarkZ Q&A 4/24/19 Empty Re: MarkZ Q&A 4/24/19

Post by Captain259 Thu Apr 25, 2019 4:54 pm


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