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TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre) 4/22/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre) 4/22/19

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TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre) 4/22/19 Empty TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre) 4/22/19

Post by RamblerNash Mon Apr 22, 2019 10:11 pm

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


  • Flashback Mon 4/15/2019: Hopefully the news flows this afternoon.  We’re standing at the line.  Ready to go.  Two of the largest banks, saying the #’s locked in, release codes, trying to figure out who will start it.  If something happens, we’ll tweet it out to you and do another call.  Flashback Fri 4/19/’19:  Saying waiting for new rates.  After the final rates are locked in this should go.

  • Tony’s opening remarks: Good morning we are still here.  People are excited.  Even though we didn’t see the Lower Deonoms on Sat, we will see them soon. Everybody took the weekend off.  Even though we didn’t have news, there was news.  Things completed and moved.  I was asked not to do this call today.  If I did the call today, not give all the information I received.  Either don’t do the call or don’t give all the info.  Trying to give you some info but not specific location or times.  Last week banks were excited.  Rates are in fact locked in.  Ray: received rates this morning.  Action is expected “this week”.  They didn’t want you bothering the banks (calling and running to the banks).  Either not give info or not being specific on locations, rates, and times.  Ray: in the midst still receiving info.  Make sure our stuff is solid and real.  Try not to run with something with only 1 source.  Waiting for more sources.  Nothing happened today, no RV today.  Info coming in to pinpoint maybe later this week.  Maybe an update or first thing Wed call have info.  Would like to hear more coming from Iraq.  Tony: received confirmation on rates Ray got this morning.  At the banks there are “live” rates with no “holds”, they can see them.  They are waiting for one more thing to happen before being released to the public.  Then going to the front screens.  Live with no restrictions.  Everybody can’t see them; tellers, etc.  3 different states seeing same info.  2 different banks, one with higher rates that the other one.  Banks were in training yesterday.  They have a window they’re looking for.  Didn’t want me to give you the names of the banks, probably gave you too much already.  Ray/contact info.  Lost another member over the weekend; “preacherman”.  His daughter and mother listen to our call all the time.  Renfrow’s offered their condolences.

  • Questions: https://tntshowtime.activeboard.com/t65491377/questions-for-ray-cc-042219/

  • Rayronnie: Tony, you really moving to Dallas?  Yeah!  Ans: I don’t know who told them that lie.  Never going to happen!

  • Mercyschild: If someone only has one Zim note to exchange, do they need to call the 800 number for an appt with a wealth manager?  Ans: No, walk to the bank and take it to the teller.  One way or another you’re going to call the 800# if it’s too high!

  • Muddyrivers:  What is the actual mechanism for the RV?  What has to be signed, who has to be notified internationally (imf, bis, etc).  I know they just don’t announce it.  There has to be some legalities involved, correct?  Ans: Yes, we’ve been talking about it for years.  Everybody’s been doing their part for the last 10 yrs.  We’re waiting for the US Treasury to do something and then we’ll go to the bank.  UST did the release code earlier this month.  They need to give the final go!

  • RevJHG: Are we still waiting for the new rate to be published in the Gazzete?  Ans: Yes, as far as I know.  We’ll see if it happens on Wed, or a special publication comes out prior to Wed.

  • Autumnwoods: Do you have to have your spouse sign the NDA?  If so, how do they know if you are married or not?  Ans: Both laughed!  They’ll know if you tell them you are married or not.  You could lie, but they could ask for the divorce papers.  Guess who’s going to win if you go to court?  If your spouse knows you exchanging currencies, there is a way to do it.  Find those ways to do it!

  • SusanaC: Do you expect “low denom” release this month? Ans: Yes

  • AZhombre: Ray & Tony, thanks for all you do.  You mentioned you probably only know 10-20% of what really going on.  If you weren’t the hosts, but callers like the rest of us, what questions would you be asking:  Ans: Ray/don’t know what questions to ask.  We’re giving answer    Tony/ here’s the question even the guru’s want to know.  What makes you sure special?  Ray/that’s been answered.  Tony/we’re not special.  Chosen by certain people durning the last admin to help do this.  That’s the only reason we have the information.  Care about the people and would do something beyond.  Through that we’re still connected to the people.  Tony, what is it you’re not telling us?  Yes they did give me a day, timeframe, and won’t say it!~  Ray/.what if they ask you like you don’t know?  Tony/too late!

  • Oneiros:  I believe Iraq’s fiscal year starts May 1st.  If the RV doesn’t happen by then do you think we will be waiting for another year?  Ans: I don’t think we’re waiting for another year.  Too much has been exposed.  Said to happen “by June”.  Not in June.

  • 9-Ball

  • Annie Oakley

  • Bethoven: One thing to overcome?  Tony/minor thing to do.  Don’t know what’s restricting them to do it, except for today’s Monday.  Don’t want to do it because of banking day Monday.  Ray/political stuff to talk about in Iraq?  Tony/no political stuff to talk about in Iraq.  3 articles talking about the ministers.  One says they agree, another says no.

  • Live Callers:

  • 470/Atlanta, GA. CIA Lady! C/reassurance to end of the month?  T/Rates have been live since Sat, code hasn’t been given.  C/Release codes are valid until the end of the month?  Tony/yes! C/recorded call w no questions, don’t want to delay things.  How are foreseeing the next call and getting info out to us? T/appreciate texts warning me.  Don’t know how it will come down.  Given a link to their site because they can take more hits than we can.  List of 800#’s, etc.  I’ll try and go thru it myself.  If we had a contact person, we could ask them.  At this point all we know we’ll have a list of 800#’s.  Here’s the live rates we have.  If it was Tony doing it this is how I would approach it.  Only telling you what I would do.  They will determine how the call goes.  C/hope it’s within the next 2 days.

  • Caller 610: (TNT AD Removed)

  • Ray: as a valuable employee, you may want to look for another job!  T/as my employee I’d suggest he get ready to retire!

  • 765/Muncie, IN. Are we waiting on Treasury or it published in the Gazette?  T/in Iraq they feel they are waiting for the “official rate” to be published.  In the US, banks are waiting for the Treasury.  Can they happen simultaneously?  Yes.  Iraq doesn’t want to publish if UST does their part.  C/sounds like we’re in a good spot, hopefully we talk to you before Wed.

  • 732/ Limited amount of Zim to redeem?  T/No.  Structure is 5 yrs. and don’t know how they can limit it.

  • 972/Danny in Dallas, TX. Consistency, if we have a call, it means we haven’t had an RV.  Encouragement.  Text sent out. R/T that was last week’s text. C/call Wed if necessary.  Could I be selling them to my neighbor for $6?  Ray/not taking advantage.

  • 6XX/ If you had 30m Dinars, what % and rate would you go for?  T/30, 10, 5 m dinar, the first thing I’d want is $28.50 contract rate.  Whether 20 m limitation or not!  C/possibility of limit with $28.50.  T/try and get $28.50 on as much as you can if you’re not scared of the contract rate.  Banks will give you 10% rate or more. C/words we can use to be worthy of getting that type of rate.  T/I end up with $100m.  Say, I know about “fractional banking” and how much money you’re going to make off my money.  I know you have “sweep account” and get 10% a night.  I’m willing to leave my money here for even 5 yrs, or take it somewhere else and help them get to the next level.  C/would you bring it all at once?  T/30m Dinar you won’t need a truck.  Not concerned about security.  Could park right in front of the bank, nobody knows what you have with a briefcase/back-pack, etc.  Every bank is going to have security.  I’d do it at one time, they know I’m serious.  They know I’ll walk out.  They’ve been taught “don’t let them walk out with the money”.

  • 347/New York, NY.  Give us something besides potatoes.  Tony/today you’re you’re not getting the meat.

  • 301/ Germantown, MD.  Indonesia Rupiah? Ray/Compare which ones bring the best return?  $1.20+ ($1.08 – $1.30). C/form #6781 having to do with capital gains?  Ray/never heard of it.  Tony/we’ll wait and see if it’s a taxable event.  Always said it was taxable.  But because of this transaction it would have a special rule and not taxable.  Know it went for the Dinar.  Was told to separate Dinar from other currencies.  C/completed by June.  Does that mean other rates stabilized or still going up?  T/Ahmadi said it would all be completed by June.  C/rates locked in including Dong?  Tony/yes!  C/seeing you on the other side!

  • 281/Houston, TX. Like info you shared this morning! Questions per exchange procedures.  Was the info going to come from the Treasury or the Committee people?  T/procedures came from the bank, people trained at the exchange centers what to expect.  Only thing we look from the committee member is NDA. Went to Pentagon for approval.  They have their procedures done.  Everybody is taking care of their part of this whole transaction.  C/who’s giving info to the banks?  T/bank is deciding how to process people.  Contract with the Treasury.  Know if it’s worth doing what they’re doing.  C/Zim question: final decision from committee person or bank?  T/best way of you to understand it.  How does the bank get paid?  They don’t, unless they have an agreement with the Treasury.  The Treasury makes that decision.  That’s based on the US agreement with Zimbabwe.  Current Admin didn’t like the decision.  Zimbabwe didn’t make an agreement with the new administration.  Banks said we’re taking all your notes.  We’ll see who’s right.  C/heard BIS had a say so in this.  T/Ask them in what university does the BIS have control in 800#?  That is the US Treasury.  Everything has already been completed by the BIS, they have nothing to do with this.  US Treasury has the final say so.  That’s why our contracts are in place.  Everybody agrees.  Not the BIF, IMF.  Every time the US has stopped it.

  • 419/Toledo, OH. When do you plan to have a hotdog?  T/won’t say.  They do think it will go in that timeframe.  They still have a window.

  • Tony/Wrap UP!  Didn’t see LD’s over the weekend.  Banks had movement.  Waiting for one event to take place.  Not that difficult to happen.  Just a timing thing.  I’d go get another million Dong!

  • Ray/Sunday Training:  Employee and employer relationship when it comes to employee benefits.  Read up on it.  Next call is scheduled for Wed.  We’re just waiting for the call any day!

  • Latest Rates; Dinar: $3.50 – $4.43.  Dong: $0.47 – $2.23.  Zim $0.22 – $0.33 cents
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