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KTFA News 4/21/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

KTFA News 4/21/19

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KTFA News 4/21/19 Empty KTFA News 4/21/19

Post by RamblerNash on Sun Apr 21, 2019 8:22 pm


Samson » April 21st, 2019

Erbil hosts 15 countries at the International Conference on Construction and Energy Industries

2019/4/20 22:33

The director of Arbil International Exhibition Abdullah Ahmed said on Saturday that 15 countries will participate in the International Exhibition of Construction Industries and Energy in Erbil, Kurdistan.

Ahmed said in a press statement that "next Monday will start the activities of the eleventh session of the International Exhibition for Construction Industries and Energy in Erbil and the participation of 200 local companies." 

He added that "Fifteen countries will participate in this exhibition, including five Arab, six European, as well as Asian countries and neighboring." LINK

Don961 » April 21st, 2019

Al-Rubaie from Washington: Meetings with telecom giants and effective partnerships with the World Bank

Special files , 2019/04/21 00:59 


Since taking over the communications file in Iraq, Minister Naim al-Rubaie has continued his influential moves to develop and promote the telecommunications sector after years of long dormancy and destruction caused by long years of war.

In this regard, the minister, along with a high-level technical and engineering team, began a visit to the US capital Washington, the first of its kind for an Iraqi communications minister, which is fully dedicated to the sector. 

Minister Al-Rubaie met with members of the Chamber of Commerce and US companies interested in the ICT market, and these companies are among the largest companies specialized in this sector .

The Minister discussed the investment and development of the telecommunications sector and future plans that will revive this aspect with representatives of the American Chamber of Commerce in Washington, DC. The statement added that " Meetings Minister Al-Rubaie gathered a group of representatives of American companies coordinated by the American Chamber of Commerce and explained the plans of his ministry, which seeks to implement them in the coming period. 

The statement pointed out that American investors expressed their desire to enter the Iraqi market to develop and revive the sector. 

Minister Al-Rubaie and his delegation met with the digital development team headed by Dr. Buthaina Girmazi, team leader in the World Bank's Application Group for Infrastructure. 

According to a statement by the Ministry of Communications, Al-Rubaie raised the challenges faced by the ministry in the development of telecommunications services and digital applications in Iraq. At the same time, a briefing on the situation of these sectors in Iraq and explained that one of the most important challenges facing Iraq in the areas of absence of regulations and laws that limit the As well as the destruction of infrastructure caused by the terrorist organizations. 

Rubaie pointed to the new challenge of e-governance project, which is a qualitative leap in the work of Iraqi government institutions. According to the statement, the meeting witnessed the agreement on several development plans, which include the development of regulations and laws to develop similar to what is applicable internationally, as well as the preparation of a complete study of networks and services and raise their capacities to the level required globally, and work according to the strategy of achieving e-governance. 

In conclusion, the two sides agreed that a delegation from the World Bank will visit Iraq at the end of this month to coordinate and work on the three axes. link

Samson » April 21st, 2019

Abdul Mahdi congratulates the Iraqis by the night of the half of Sha'baan and the day of "glorious resurrection"

20th April, 2019

Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi on Saturday congratulated Iraqis by the half-night of the month of Sha'baan and also congratulated Christians on the "glorious resurrection" day.

"I bless our honorable people, our great references and the Islamic nation, the solutions of the night of the half of Shaaban and the birth of Imam Mahdi, peace be upon him. Millions greet this cherished occasion, especially in the holy provinces, especially Karbala province , Visitors from inside Iraq and various countries of the world."

For his part, Abdul Mahdi, congratulations to the Christians on the occasion of the "resurrection of the glorious." 

"We extend our congratulations and congratulations to the dear brothers of our people on the occasion of the glorious Day of Judgment, and this year they are celebrating the safety and stability of their brothers in the homeland who share their holidays and joys," he added. LINK

Iraq participates in a workshop on the integration of renewable energy into the Arab electrical system

21st April, 2019

Iraq, represented by expert Mohamed Ahmed Saleh of the Ministry of Electricity, will participate in the Arab Workshop on "Optimizing and Long-term Planning for the Integration of Renewable Energy into the Electrical System of the Arab Countries", which will be held in Amman with the participation of 40 experts from 10 Arab countries.

The workshop, which was opened by Jordan's Minister of Energy, Engineer Hala Zowati, will be attended by experts from Jordan, Egypt, Somalia, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Algeria and Libya.

The workshop, organized by the League of Arab States, the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), the Regional Center for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (REECREI) and the Islamic Development Bank (IDB), aims to exchange experiences and transfer best international practices to develop the renewable energy sector and increase its participation in the energy mix over the long term.

Minister Zwati said renewable energy investment in Jordan would exceed two years of the $ 4 billion barrier. Renewable energy next year will cover five of our electrical needs, stressing the importance of renewable energy in the face of the cost of imported energy in the Kingdom, which last year accounted for about 10% of GDP. Reached in 2014 to about 18%.

On high energy costs, it said it reflected the huge challenges and huge economic burdens due to the current energy market, which is experiencing increasing energy needs and volatile oil prices. Underscoring the importance of developing renewable and alternative sources of energy as one of the options to alleviate these burdens and achieve the concept of energy security.

Minister Zwati described renewable energy as no longer a luxury and it has become inexpensive, but through technological progress and development, it has become more competitive and less expensive than other energies, especially in a country such as Jordan, which relies on imported energy at 95 percent.

In this regard, she said, we in Jordan look at alternatives to energy, especially renewable energy and rationalize the use of energy as one of the possible solutions to contribute to the overall energy mix and thus alleviate the energy crisis we are living in the Kingdom. In turn, the head of the Energy Department at the Arab League, Jamila Matar, said that international reports expect global spending on energy projects to reach 45 trillion dollars over the next 40 years, in order to enhance the various options for energy sources.

According to 2017 statistics, the Arab countries rely almost entirely on oil and natural gas resources to meet their energy requirements.

These sources account for more than 95 percent of total energy consumption in the Arab countries, according to 2017, stressing the importance of the regional initiative to promote renewable energy by encouraging the integration of more sources into energy systems. In the Arab world through improved energy planning practices. LINK

Deputy: Baghdad Conference of parliaments neighboring Iraq sent several messages to the world

21st April, 2019

The MP on the national axis, Mohammed Thabet, said Sunday that the Baghdad conference of the parliaments of Iraq's neighbors led its objectives and sent the world a number of messages, noting that the conference succeeded for the first time to collect the opposites in one hall. 

"The Baghdad conference of parliaments of the neighboring countries of Iraq sent several messages to the world, the first of which is that Iraq is no longer a country that pursues the policy of axes, but a country that seeks to be a headquarters for peace in the region and one of its important pillars," he said.

"The second message is that the security and economic cooperation between the countries of the region should be activated because they are an important basis for stability," he said, pointing out that "Iraq will benefit by strengthening ties and cooperation between neighboring countries, especially with Kuwait, which exploited the weak situation after the fall of the former regime and After the US occupation, it is time for Kuwait to concede what it took during this turbulent period." 

The Iraqi capital hosted on Saturday the conference of parliaments of the neighboring countries of Iraq in the presence of five heads, while the final statement praised the role of Iraq and its return to its pivotal role in the region.LINK

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