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MarkZ Q&A Update - "I was told from contacts in Iraq" 4/18/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ Q&A Update - "I was told from contacts in Iraq" 4/18/19

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MarkZ Q&A Update - "I was told from contacts in Iraq" 4/18/19 Empty MarkZ Q&A Update - "I was told from contacts in Iraq" 4/18/19

Post by RamblerNash Thu Apr 18, 2019 9:56 pm

Mark Z Thursday Morning Update:  Some Highlights by PDK- Not Verbatum

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.  Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions
Member:  Ready to 2 RV everyone?

MZ: Not a whole lot of movement last night….we were in a holding pattern….. Hearing settlements should go out today…starting this afternoon..so that there are CMKX and F&P people in the bank on Friday…is what we are being told….

Banking people I heard from want the settlements all done by Saturday. …guessing because of the St. Germaine trust releasing on Sunday?

Q: How fast will this thing happen once it starts?
MZ: I expect from beginning to end of release  should take about 12 to 18 hrs....I think from beginning of exchange to end of exchange window will be about 30 days.

MZ:  There are a number of whales that have exchange apts set up for tomorrow afternoon and a number of people with Zima pts on Monday…..we need to see what pans out.

MZ:  No news from my attorney in Switzerland today..(pechelli bonds?)

Q:  Any Word from US Treasury or CBI???

MZ: From my contact at the Treasury….they  believe out the door by Sunday…..the CBI contractor contact had to reconfigure rates for employees earlier this week…..we are really keeping an eye on that and open communication.

Mr. C has not messaged me yet this morning….. Mr. C just sent back text.. Score Zero Zero..lol…we keep it on a score card.

MZ: The plan was to start F&P deliveries …when a percentage of those were done….then Mr. C gets paid (releasing funds to back our asset backed currency?) which triggers the reset…So look at him as either the very last tier 3 or very first tier 4 step at which point emails and 800 numbers go out for currency redemptions.  That was always the plan.

Q: When do you guess 800 numbers?

MZ: I can see them possibly this afternoon to tomorrow...My best guess is to see them Fri to Sat..

Q: Any news from the paymasters?

MZ:  I have talked to 3 of them and they are ready to go just awaiting a shotgun start. I liken it to horses at the starting gate

Q: Have heard that some of the 800#'s "may" be bogus...

MZ:  I have heard that as well……..Before I release any 800 numbers I will make absolutely sure they are legit…..I will make certain any # posted  from any bank will be completely vetted. ..

MarkZ --- so pkgs --- CMKX and Omega, et al, should be delivered this afternoon - at least started?

Q:  what is the hold up this time?

MZ: I am not hearing there is any holdup…I am hearing that everything is planned and they want the reset done prior to the release of funds Easter Sunday. There is a mad dash to get settlements out this after- is the rumor.

Q:  Who will receive funds from Germaine Trust?

Member:  The Saint Germain Trust fuels the many prosperity programs

Q:  Mark who would be benefitting from the St. Germain trust?

MZ: Hearing St Germaine Trust everyone in the world will benefit at some level ... whether it’s in the PP's (prosperity packages) …Many of you may know more on this then I do……but I also hear that we all will benefit and get payments from our “strawman accounts” There is a lot of disinformation on this out there.
 is the "HCL" the HOLD UP????

Member:  Iraqi PM is in Saudia Arabia. Is that an "OIL" deal about to happen and push the "HCL" INTO PLACE???

MZ:  I believe it is….I was told from contacts in Iraq that this move to raise the price of oil was necessary so they could afford to RV.

Q: Mark, do you see this as a daytime or overnight US event?

Q: I was told from Mr.C that the process would be from 11 am to 3 pm...so it would be a daytime event…imo

Q:  Mark since MC hasn’t been paid today. Does that mean we won’t see anything else today ?

MZ: F&P PP's CMKX are expected to start Thursday afternoon/ evening ....they want the vast majority out by Saturday.

Member: Muller report will released today. Great cover, busy news day. Prez is also supposed to make some "announcement" today

Member:  Hannity said that the Muller report is going to be devastating to the Dems and mainstream media!!!

MZ: he may be right on this

Member:  Store market report it is interesting …Easter Trading Hours  spr.ly/6017EdAd5  Good Friday – CLOSED Easter Saturday – Normal trading hours Easter Sunday – Normal trading hours

Q:  Mark any confirmation on Admiral paymasters getting funded?

MZ: I have heard they are positioned for release and to be liquid
Q:  if the settlements happen, does that mean the rv has happened too???

MZ:  Yes…..When the settlements start…..I hear it will fall like dominos…. they will start a few hours before the reset is initiated.….the settlements are the trigger that starts everything…..is what I have been told

I do know some whales with Zim app'ts for Monday...these are people who work with banks doing large deals...these folks are already known to the bank...they have already done business with them

Q:  Mark or Fleming I am in the Wells Fargo group and I have a lot of currency, do you think I would get a higher rate with Wells Fargo or am I better off going in on the own and negotiating.

MZ: My opinion is you would be better off with the WF group. ….

Q:  MarkZ --- so pkgs --- CMKX and Omega, et al, should be delivered this afternoon - at least started?

MZ: Yes we are expecting package deliveries starting today…late this afternoon …we are crossing our fingers it really happens this time.…

Member:  FOREX closed on Friday

MZ: They are closing earlier then usual....they are closing at 2:00 PM today.....maybe they were worried about fallout from the Mueller report being released...Whatever the reason 

MZ:By the way,    Fleming is someone with very good contacts.…..

nflemingjr: Just waiting 

nflemingjr: Not every bank is taking part in this. The banks that are connected to financial centers will be taking part. What I mean by that is that in most major cities Wells Fargo, B of A have financial centers attached to them. Wealth managers are found there as well as priviate banking.

nflemingjr: Tier 2 banks on redeeming the zims the rate is going to be lower because they have to sell it to HSBC

Q: What should we take with us to the exchange apt?

Member:  : There is a list on DinarRecaps as to what to take to the bank. Drivers License, passport or credit card, 2 utility bills, birth cert etc

MZ: I would take with me whatever you would take if you were to open up a bank acoount…or pick up a drivers license. ..its better to have to much and not need it then have to little and need it..I say take a drivers license, SS card, birth certificate,and a piece of mail addressed to you. This is my opinion.

Member: Folks, don't go into this exchange in fear. Continue to do your work on thinking thru your post RV.

MZ: Yes..Don't be afraid going to your exchange...get your education so you can work your plan....there will be plenty of time after your exchange to get your trusts and financial matters set up......do not let that worry......now is the time to be educated so you are ready.

MZ: I don't plan on a stream tonight…..at this time….unless something big happens.

There is a lot Health Talk… Rife technology….. CBD oil benefits...collodial silver benefits…..ect……

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