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MarkZ Q&A Update - The Latest Delays 4/15/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ Q&A Update - The Latest Delays 4/15/19

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MarkZ Q&A Update - The Latest Delays 4/15/19 Empty MarkZ Q&A Update - The Latest Delays 4/15/19

Post by RamblerNash Mon Apr 15, 2019 10:31 pm

MarkZ Q&A Update - The Latest Delays 4/15/19 Scree280

MarkZ Monday Update- Highlights by PDK- Not Verbatum

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context. Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

MZ: Good morning everyone…will tell you what the chatter is in “As the dinar turns”

Q: Are we there yet? 

MZ: No not yet. I heard there was a few last things to wrap up

MZ: The latest delays claiming there were hiccups out of Germany...but no one will share what that hiccup was…..We were told that very late Saturday night….no proof to back up the pudding….. Hearing that once again, as of this am we went back to an any minute scenario…. I hope to have more news late this afternoon.

MZ: I was told as of Monday morning EU time…..all was back on track ...I stiIl don't know what that Germany rumor was, whether it was just an excuse or not…..when I was told that I was ready to puke…so tired of the “any moment” I know it’s frustrating for you all as well.

nflemingjr: The same as mark I don't know what happened in Germany as of yet

nflemingjr: The last thing that I heard on Sunday was they were ready to enter the release code

MZ: I started getting nasty, hateful emails Saturday and have a whole lot more of them today…probably get more tonight. 

Member: @wsomn0629 The final launch of the RV/GCR is like trying to catch an armadillo in the live oak, brush and mesquite trees that make up the cattle country in Central Texas from San Antonio/Austin over to Waco and eastward to the piney woods into LA and wild boar. RV/GCR:WWG1WGA

Member: In honesty though as we all have info that paymasters are liquid. Do we have to wait for the clients in the groups need to be paid before it goes to us? As I have been told there are 1000s of groups and I doubt they have all been paid yet?

Q: What does Germany have to do with anything?

Member: Germany was part of the late 1970s poppyseed and narcotics agreement through London which keeps halting and delays of the RV in my opinion.

Member: Germany's Murkel is the culprit!!

Member: Wasn't Obama and Pelosi just in Germany?

MZ: Keep in mind that the Obama administration and the Bush administration fought this thing tooth and nail….they did not want it in any way

Member: The news said that Pelosi was in Germany(?) This is her second (Codel) attempt to redeem her family’s Dinars(?) Maybe they had to hide them from her in Germany!

MZ: MC has not been paid.. but I am still very positive ...Expectations are high but the timing is frustrating.

MZ: Banks and my contacts there are still saying this week..I do not think we have to wait for the weekend..

Q: Any info from your "CBI" contact????

MZ: Nothing out of Iraq yet this morning….Oil prices going up is probably great for us …just manage expectations on rates….it has to make financial sense.

Q: What will the street rate on the dinar be?

MZ: What I suspect the street rate on the Dinar will be is about $4.50 …on the dong- I suspect it will be about $2.25

Member: I wish they would stop kicking the can and just pull the trigger

Q: Mark what about the boys in Reno

MZ: the SKR's are all still positioned for the shotgun start..now all we need is a shotgun start

nflemingjr: Nothing has changed on the skr's the funds are there but the codes have not been entered for release

Q: How long can they keep the rates locked?

MZ: I was told would be good for 10 days..so there is about 7 days left yet on locked rates ... I am looking for movement damn quick

nflemingjr: The locked in rates are not on the screens yet but as soon as the release codes are entered the rate will show up

nflemingjr: There is always a cleanup on aisle 3

MZ: so true…somone always spills some milk

Member: DB used to say if a country was dragging their feet, then the rest would go ahead and that country would be left behind

Q: what are locked in rates ….explain paymasters?

MZ: paymaster…think of them as when you go to a real estate closing and a attorney is responsible for getting checks to different people…the inspector, the tax bill…ect……a paymaster is the same principal…they are a fiduciary responsible for the pay outs at the completion of a transaction. …they are specially certified..

Q: mark do you still think we are past the point of no return?

MZ: Absolutely. I think we are way past the point of no return and that we will have an implosion if they don’t get it out the door ……the question is – will they get it out before the big “crash”

Member: Subject: UPDATE - RENO CONNECTION Note following last Communication: Just received the info from my lawyer friend in NYC connected to us treasury. There have been quite a number of very positive developments in the last day toward final closure on the much discussed "RV". All 122 paymaster accounts have been fully prepared and made liquid; The major attorney in fact for 47 of the world's largest ZWD (Zim) redeemers is heading out to Reno today to sign off on his contracts and opening the door for completion of all the remaining SKR'd accounts to be paid out in liquid new dollars. Additionally, all fines and penalties packages, like CMKX packages and prosperity packages arranged 30 years ago will all be ready for distribution by 3 pm PDT (6pm New York time.) Finally, there is qualified rumor that release of liquidity to SKR'd accounts like Tiers 1, 2, 3 and 4-A will begin tonight or tomorrow! With all these things done, it is most likely that toll-free numbers will come out to set appointments for redemption/exchange ad complete this chapter with universal liquidity by early Monday morning, if not before! (I just got independent confirmation that the attorney has been called in by the buyer in Reno!!! It is happening!)!!!!

MZ: Remember-don't leave your day job...until you are in the bank..

Member: : "Zimbabwe bond notes are no longer legal tender and must now be redeemed and disposed of as per international law." what do you take of that Markz? MZ 

MZ: IMO this means you are getting ready to redeem your notes.. they need them redeemed, destroyed and off the street …they need to get on with their asset backed currency … I take this as a very good sign…

Member: I think this is all a government psyops….

MZ If it were- could you imagine the backlash they are facing???? And the number of people pullin to pull this off. 

Q: Marc have you heard that won't start till after Easter ???? Heard from 2 on that. Your thoughts

MZ: Still hearing it will happen at any time….but anything is possible…we hear that all will roll out at the same time…(Easter is 6 days away)

Member: They will never tell us the exact timing of this

Q: When do you think we will see the 800 #s – your guess

MZ: 800#'s??? Ask me this afternoon...should have a much better feel for timing …..and find out what happened in Germany…...My GUESS is Tuesday…..but that is just a guess

Q: : @nflemingjr when are you thinking 800

nflemingjr: I don't know

Member: They can just exchange me into fiat…at this point I do not care…

MZ: Lol….do you know how many times many of us have said that???? 

Member: Al Hodges: read my lips… you will not be paid until we have safe banking and an asset backed currency.

MZ: I think a week after this has gone…….., the Gold (asset) Standard will be announced..

Q: Did people in RENO exchange or get SKRs?

MZ: NoI do not think anybody has exchanged yet….and nobody has got their SKR's funded as of yet..

MZ: Guys, If the up's and down's are too tough…..put your currency away…..walk away for a few days.. 

Member: DINARIANS: You only risk about 9 dollars per One Million Dong purchased. If you took that One Million Dong back to your bank now without the RV, you would receive back around $39 on a $48 purchase. You can't find a risk that low in any investment!!!

MZ: Very good point! ..

Member: : HYPOTHETICALLY: If this was a SCAM. I am only risking 9 dollars per One Million of Vietnamese Dong? You have to be a "Sandwich Short of a Picnic" not to invest in this once in a lifetime opportunity!!!!

MZ: Think about that ..the upside is greater for hanging on to everything. ,,

pollyanna116: nflemingjr ---- anything you can share not covered so far?

nflemingjr: No I have been ordered not to say too much

Q: Are you under a NDA?

nflemingjr: No NDA.. I just have people that I have to answer to

MZ: Fleming thank you again for everything...

MZ: I may have several evening streams this week…..folks from masters trusts and a crew with history on CMKx and other informative topics this week

MZ: If I hear any news on the 800 numbers- I will tweet so fast your heads will spin…

I will be digging for news all afternoon.

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