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"Nothing has Changed" - MarkZ 4/12/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Nothing has Changed" - MarkZ 4/12/19

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"Nothing has Changed" - MarkZ 4/12/19 Empty "Nothing has Changed" - MarkZ 4/12/19

Post by RamblerNash Fri Apr 12, 2019 10:10 pm


MZ: the news coming out of Reno today is nothing has changed with the timing last night...
Q: Mark if the 12th date for the ZIM has expired....what do you think would be the move forward strategy they may take?

MZ: We are hearing that they will give us a very short window on Zim...It is possible we will only have 10 days...hoping this process starts over the weekend…

nflemingjr: Zim is going to be done by HSBC, Wells Fargo, Chase

nflemingjr: There are no fees connected with the Zim concerning HSBC and Wellls Fargo but the fees can be waived anyway

Q: Will our currency be exchanged at the same appointment as our zim appointment?

Member: all currencies go the same day, so there is no double dipping.

Member: yes....bring it all at once

MZ: A Paymaster I spoke with said that I was a day early and I am looking for action late this evening now………and we should see something early in the morning .

Q: MZ... Are "they" still in Reno ???

MZ: They are all still in Reno. They are all still on stand-by . One I know has been given a “time” for this afternoon…..hope I hear from them after that

MZ: More paymasters are liquid now and waiting for release….We have been told that all packages were positioned for delivery now. And all paymasters are positioned so they can distribute .

Q: Mark...any word for cmkx packages going out?

MZ: ALL CKMX and F&P packages are said to be "positioned" for 3pm west coast time, (6pm est )……doesn’t mean they go out at that time…..just they are all to be “positioned” at that time……they are doing the technical stuff right now…….and that they plan to have a shotgun start and everybody will release at the same time .... I take this as very positive news….

Q: will skrs get paid today:

MZ: That is what we are hearing…..the rumor is they will pay out this evening….so if I get paid for mine I will post that ‘Henrietta laid an egg” or something like that…..lol

Q: Do you think we will still have a check in our CMKX pkg. and will we still get a call prior to delivery?

MZ: We have been told that there will be a debit card in the package that we can access right away ….and have funds available ...

MZ: there is no hold up 

Member: Word is Oil Credit Contract Rate on the Dinar has/is $25.00 to $28.50 as well

MZ: I can't see 28.50 for contract rate…...I just can't make it work…it doesn’t make sense to me.

nflemingjr: The contract rate on the currency is determined by the amount of currency you are exchanging

MZ: there you go…….That’s just basic business guys……

nflemingjr: I will say this if you are holding more than $10 million in currency you will not get the contract rate

nflemingjr: If you have over $10 million in currency, example $5 million in dinar, $10 million dong the combined total is $15 million the contract rate will not be given

nflemingjr: While you will be able to exchange more that once. Take for example if you exchange dinar and don't have the rest of your currency the first time you will be able to get the contract rate not on the rest of the currency you may exchange at a later date

MZ: this is very important…..I have heard this as well……best to have everything with you
...this is a real possibility ...you may only get the contact rate once

nflemingjr: For some reason they are pushing the titanium card from American Express

Member: A black card will put a bulls eye on your back!

Member: In reality, you only show the black card to the sales clerk. So, unless you're flashing it around and being ostentatious, no one needs to know. But, I will be going super quiet. So, I'm going to have a red card, to match my red convertible….

Q: MZ did Trump have to sign off on the GCR/RV to make it start? Do we have to wait for Brexit, Assange to be cleared...world peace?? Q to declare the deep state dead??? What about those black hats in the RV too?

MZ: Trump has to sign off just for his portion…he is not the end all…..but he had to do his part. We are not waiting on the other things at this point.

Q: Who is “Grandfather”

MZ: He is the head of the largest Chinese Banking family…..and he is important for the gold certificates to back up the reset

Q: When do you think we will be at the bank?

MZ: I'm thinking you and me and everyone will be banking on Monday

MZ: Remember to say "exchanging" not “cashing in"

MZ: Also I feel you should make your appointments ASAP......Don't wait....

Q: Yes what about exchanging Zim bonds?

Member: You don't exchange bonds for bonds....you want to REDEEM your bonds for cash.

Q: Do the exchange/redemption centers have a plan in case their employees don’t show up for work?

MZ: Yes….in order to work in a redemption center…tellers are allowed to exchange their own currency but they must sign an agreement that they have no access to their funds until the complete their jobs…..they are very motivated to exchange us and do their jobs……they do not want to lose their currency.

Member: If I was a teller I’d quit after I the last person and I exchange

Q: Any ideas on where/when our NDAs will be signed? At our door or bank?

MZ: I'm thinking 800# will tie you into a verbal NDA when you call and then you sign a physical one at your appointment....


MZ: for your own safety….you do not want a target on your back….also the gov. and the banks want to protect themselves.

nflemingjr: When you talk to the 800 operator and there is not a HSBC anywhere near by then you will be put to Wells Fargo

nflemingjr: The final rate are due out tonight after the banks close

nflemingjr: $2 to $4 on the dong

MZ: Fleming ty for coming in and helping…..you also have very good contacts…. So Thank you and we all appreciate you..

Q: : in Canada....where will we be exchanging?

MZ: I am told you will have the same phone numbers as the US...just routing you to Canada when you call in ...should also be NO tax.. It was covered by a Tax Treaty for the countries that participated in liberating Iraq/Kuwait

Q: Hi Mark!! Who is the person who makes the final GO decision to release the funds?

MZ: Its not one person….there is about a dozen people who make that final “go” decision


MZ: We all hope tonight is the night


MZ: I am told no there is no min amount on contract rates

MZ: Tomorrow will be the last Saturday stream for a while ...soccor and my daughter takes precedence.. 11am for tomorrows Saturday Stream..

MZ: https://ec.europa.eu/commission/priorities/jobs-growth-and-investment/​investment-plan-europe-juncker-plan/investment-plan-results_en

Note: Please listen to replay for all the details……fast chat and faster Mark…..

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