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"A Time to Remember" - Cowboy Down Under 4/11/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"A Time to Remember" - Cowboy Down Under 4/11/19

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"A Time to Remember" - Cowboy Down Under 4/11/19 Empty "A Time to Remember" - Cowboy Down Under 4/11/19

Post by RamblerNash Thu Apr 11, 2019 11:40 pm

"A Time to Remember" - Cowboy Down Under 4/11/19 Image

I Remember the day almost 8 years ago when I received my first 25k Iraqi Dinar and was told to go home, sit by my phone and wait for the notice to come, because I was 'SOON' to be a rich man. I knew he meant rich compared to what he saw when he gave that note to me, he saw an old happy hippie, traveling with my backpack and guitar in hand, hitchhiking around North America, little did he realize how rich I already felt with the total freedom lifestyle I was living. How could he know that in my mind when the money showed up, I just planned on giving it away. 

I remember way back then finding TNT and Tony on the radio and several times a week being told it was only moments away and I was going to be a very rich man. I remember just about every guru who has come and gone since then, every chat room, every late night call, every person who had a handle I recognized and I remember all of it like it was yesterday. I have a lot of good memories throughout all of this wild and crazy ride, sure I had my frustrations just like most of you but somehow I never lost sight of the memory that I knew was coming. The memory I would have while sitting in my new giving environment on the other side of this RV looking back over all of it. I knew deep inside that memory would be coming, someday, not if, but when! I remember the more I found out about the RV/GCR the more excited I became, not because of how much money I would get but because of how much money I could give away. I have a lot of Zim, Dong, Rial and several other currencies because over the next several years after learning what this was really all about, I spent most of what I earned on Currency. I was set, I was a small fish in a big pond about to swim with the wales, all I needed now was a humanitarian plan and so I found one or should I say God delivered me one, a big one. Why not take the entire graduating class of all the universities in the world, put em on several cruise ship and show them all the ways they could help H.E.A.L. (Heal Earth And Life) and make sure when they got off the boat they had found their passion, their desire, their meaning in life and left with a motivated direction to go. Think of it as a giant recruiting effort for all of your humanitarian projects, existing organizations already helping the planet and all the great new companies that would be coming on line to fix everything we had broken. FDRs New Deal Meets Spring Break Smile Theses are good kids, many just needing to find the right fit and to know they are wanted. 

Every year since I started this dream there has been a graduating class of over 14 million kids world wide. Once out of school most of them have two things in common, a debt they will be paying off the rest of their life and little in the way of feeling like where they are going after graduation is going to change or help the world in anyway. After all, that world was changing so fast most of what they had learned upon graduating is obsolete.

I know so many you have great projects and that your dreams are what our grandchildren's future will be made of. We are the ones and this is our time so keep on dreaming.

I remember thinking how when this RV day came, I would get down on my knees and say a prayer, a prayer for all of you to find, peace, love and happiness in not getting the money but finding many ways to give it away. OK I hear you 'Cowboy, but what about me and all I have gone through, waiting and being kicked down the road, along with the RV can, don't I deserve something for all that suffering?' Yes, you do, you deserve to have a great life, free of debt, free of suffering, free of anger, blame and hate just like every other human being on this planet you deserve a freedom lifestyle, with a good warm roof over your head, a full belly, a purpose in life, a smile on your face and a heart the size of Texas filled with Love Sweet Love. I do believe it is a time to remember why we were put in this place, for this amazing thing to happen to all of us, right NOW! Today I'm Looking out my backdoor and all I see is time gone by and good things coming!

Are You Ready? Can You Feel It Coming? I know It's already Here, How will you Remember this day?

Cowboy & Grace

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"A Time to Remember" - Cowboy Down Under 4/11/19 Empty Re: "A Time to Remember" - Cowboy Down Under 4/11/19

Post by Ponee Thu Apr 18, 2019 10:11 am

OMG!  I remember A Cowboy DownUnder from YEARS AGO ~!


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