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Cashing In the Chips (4/11/2014) DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Cashing In the Chips (4/11/2014)

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Cashing In the Chips (4/11/2014) Empty Cashing In the Chips (4/11/2014)

Post by Sam I Am Thu Apr 11, 2019 1:18 pm

(Unfortunately the video and the website have since been taken down, but this was a fun article to do.  The guy was spouting off a bunch of nonsense and then he started eating Doritos in an effort to illustrate something that I still don't quite get.  There is no GCR, no tier 1 exchanges for "the elite", or any of that garbage.  I understand why he took all of this down.  Hopefully others will follow his lead.  You can find a copy of the text version here.  http://barrener55.rssing.com/chan-24061307/all_p3.html)


Cashing In the Chips (4/11/2014) Potato+chip

Being the curious bugger that I am, from time to time I browse through the dinar related videos in YouTube to get a sense of what's new in Dinarland.  Here's one I came across the other day.  A guy called RJ from Morning Liberty Radio was talking about the Global Currency Reset, claiming that thousands of elites and politicians have been cashing in their dinar at special contract rates and other such nonsense when he decided to do an illustration with his favorite potato chip which turned out to be Doritos which are actually corn chips in case any of you are wondering.  I thought he was going to eat the whole bag, and I was left pondering what eating chips has to do with anything?  I finally concluded that he just wanted a snack.

In his YouTube video description he says "Okie Oil Man claims that many foreign countries are pushing the IMF for GCR activation. Eagle1 says, every night the IMF will continue to make our RV come out. China has been pushing for our RV by Feb 8th. Many people have bashed the Iraqi Dinar, but the only ones who are RV scamming are those Elite People who are lying to get gain while other people are waiting for their RV dreams. TNT Tony declares that the RV call centers are staffed and Dinar Cash-Out Centers are on high alert across America."  

Major facepalm time here.  Just when you have a glimmer of hope that people are coming to their senses and seeing the RV scam for what it is, somebody like this comes along and reminds you of just what a massive global currency brain fart this has become.  

Cashing In the Chips (4/11/2014) Sam+%25282%2529

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