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"RSS* Solves Many RV Challenges" by Ron Giles 4/10/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"RSS* Solves Many RV Challenges" by Ron Giles 4/10/19

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"RSS* Solves Many RV Challenges" by Ron Giles 4/10/19 Empty "RSS* Solves Many RV Challenges" by Ron Giles 4/10/19

Post by RamblerNash Wed Apr 10, 2019 10:37 pm

"RSS* Solves Many RV Challenges" by Ron Giles 4/10/19 RSS%2Bworld

How Zim Holders “Share” their wealth appropriately with others can be a real problem. 

- How do we give money without creating dependency?
- How do we put money in the hands of the masses without causing chaos?
- How do we maintain personal dignity and still accomplish financial independence for those we want to help? 

These questions and perhaps hundreds of others must be taken into consideration when planning humanitarian projects on a large scale.

Love Won Society is a group of like-minded philanthropic Zim Holders who have addressed these issues and have come up with what we believe is an ANSWER. 

We call it *Revenue Sharing Solutions (RSS). I would like to share our findings and our solution with those who might be interested in it. 

The RSS program was designed for our specific uses, but we realize it can be shared and utilized by others in support of the many humanitarian projects that other Zim Benefactors will undertake.

As a group of Zim Holders, all doing their own redemptions, we have collaborated to create the RSS program as well as a number of other projects that will expand the use of the RSS Shares for worldwide application. If for no other reason, the sharing of our plans may give others some similar thoughts to fill in gaps that may be in their present humanitarian plans. 

Snippets of our documents are given below with the offer to send the full documents if requested through Patrick.

RSS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Love Won Society and falls under that umbrella of protection as a non-profit Corporation Sole, registered and established under Ecclesiastical law in the State of Nevada, Dec 2008. 

Revenue Sharing Solutions (RSS) is a proposed Internet-based-platform, to be used to share revenue from nine Billionaire Benefactors. Sharing wealth can be a difficult process. It must be done in a way that retains personal dignity while avoiding chaos. The RSS platform is the result of their efforts. This platform is not MLM or Network Marketing and, there are no products involved. It is purely a solution to the revenue sharing problem with no hidden agendas and no profit-incentive involved. The RSS platform is designed to put money into the hands of people who register with RSS; it is that simple.

The RSS experience starts with the purchase of a, “Revenue Share,” orShare for $10. One must register to purchase the Share that establishes an account with RSS. When registered, that entity - whether a person, a legal non-profit, or a Trust, is called a, “Shareholder.” We use this descriptive term, Shareholder, as an owner of a Share of the available revenue donated to RSS; there are NO, “Shareholders,” involved in the ownership of Revenue Sharing Solutions, which is a private, non-public, non-profit organization. Through the Internet Platform, revenue is downloaded to the Shareholder’s account for their own personal use. Once the Share has begun, it continues to flow to the Shareholder as a continuous revenue stream. The minimum age is 18 years of age, but a legal Trust can be registered with an RSS account and an RSS Share, managed by a responsible parent or guardian as the Trustee for the benefit of a minor or the mentally challenged. However, RSS requires the transfer of revenue to a Bank Account in the name of the RSS account holder for taxing purposes. Registered Trusts for a named minor beneficiary are not only acceptable but encouraged. (Six available per Shareholder)

Revenue Share receives a download of 25 cents per minute into their account on a continuous basis, 24hours per day.

· 25 cents per minute = $15 per hour
· $15 per 24-hour day = $360
· $360 per day = $2,520 per week
· $360 per day = $11, 400 per 31-day month
· $360 per day = $131,400 per year

A Shareholder receives the Share at the time of registration but may receive more revenue by registering other individuals through the Bonus programs.

The Revenue Sharing Solutions program was designed as a way to take advantage of the benevolence of individuals who want to give back to those who have been financially depressed by society. The great value of this RSS program is found in the communities that will benefit from the infusion of funds within a community setting that affects the Family Unit. The RSS program is designed to help alleviate financial stress and thus give families a better chance to raise children to be responsible adults. RSS understands the innate desire to help others and so the internet platform was designed to give a small incentive to share with others and help them find financial relief as well. Our Bonus program will assist in accomplishing our goal of getting money into the hands of those that need more money in their lives. We welcome your participation and hope you find joy in serving one another.

This is the first in a series of 5 emails outlining Love Won Society's Humanitarian Programs, designed to aid society's transition into a new way of abundant thinking.

The RSS stands as the basic foundational tool with many different applications or uses. Each of the next 4 posts will show a different way the RSS Shares can be used.

The next post, #2, will be on the use of RSS's Employment Contract Shares;"Stablizing the Workforce & the Economy Simultaneously", by Ron Giles.

Love and Light

Ron Giles

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"RSS* Solves Many RV Challenges" by Ron Giles 4/10/19 Empty Re: "RSS* Solves Many RV Challenges" by Ron Giles 4/10/19

Post by eckber4305 Sun Apr 14, 2019 7:30 pm

Dear Mr. Giles,
many thanks for the many comments on the new QFS.
They are very informative informations and lead us into a new financial world.
as well as Revenuue Sharing Solutions (RSS).
It's a great idea, thanks to the ZIM billionaires!
Please send me for this platform to register the
corresponding link to do good for many people.
Love and light
Bernd Eckhardt

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