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Post by RamblerNash Wed Apr 10, 2019 10:14 pm

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#

·         Locked in rate.  3 hrs left.

·         Questions: https://tntshowtime.activeboard.com/t65461787/questions-for-rayren-cc-041019/

·         Care: Fr Mon bank mtg, did the bankers decide they would exchange ZIM?  Any word from the mosque?  Ans: No, info on TV.

·         Chaplain: Forex Dinar Rates Climbing and Falling:  You said bank will have 1 rate each day and that rate wouldn’t fluctuate during the day.  It would reset for the bank ea morning even if the Forex rate goes up and down during the day. Correct:  How do I exchange my dinar once if it climbs to $9?  Could I get a WF multi-currency accnt or just carry all my Dinar with me in order to legally double dip?  A way for Wealth Mgr receive a phone call from me to exchange back my Dinar? Ans: Banks set rates every morning for the day.  Few banks adjust a morning and evening rates.  Tier 1 banks have 1 rate all day.  Could go up higher but operating off earlier rate.  Look at bank and Forex rates and get in as fast as you can.

·         Tp40: With everything we see happening in Dinar world, what are the key things that make you feel we will be receiving the RV soon? Ans: Rates have changed in Iraq.  On their cards, and in surrounding countries.  Banks are aware of this.  Preparing for it.  My banking sources are reliable.  Committee giving us info what’s going on.  Contact in Iraq said we should have seen it.  Laws passed, etc.  Just waiting for something to go into the Gazette to make it official.  Banks all think it’s going to be today, 3 hrs. left in the day.  Don’t quit your day job.

·         Daradee: I plan to explore the USA.  Bought bundles of 100 Rupiah 1k notes and bundle of 100 Dong 2k notes to give to people I feel are in need that I meet during my travels.  Will these notes still be able to be exchanged in a year or two, or will the current physical currency of Indonesia and Vietnam no longer be accepted after a certain period of time?  If still accepted do you feel the rupiah will be worth the $1.08 and Vietnam Dong at least 47 cents in a few years? Ans: We’ve been exchanging for years.  Unless their economy collapses.  Great way to give them away.  Don’t have to worry about “gift taxes”.  Hand them a note and say go exchange it!  ? could they go up in value?  With the GCR and growth it could.

·         Elsie: What can we ask for to be sure an investment person is legit?  Is there a web site that lists credentials for investment people? Ans: I don’t know for individuals.  Can look up investment companies.  Check bio.  Ask them to give you references.  Probably only get his best.

·         Dangersmith: I would think that in taking a contract rate that the bank would want to control all of our money. Does that eliminate the defensive position of Diversification. The only option then is to not exchange all in one bank but to exchange at multiple banks (hopefully at the contract rate.) GO RV     Ans: No, the bank doesn’t want to control your money.  You get to decide on interest rates and amount of time they use your money.

·         Godzkid:  I see a need where I would need a million in cash post RV. How does a bank typically handle such requests?   Ans: Typically, they call the FBI to watch you.  $1 million in cash?  Any ridiculous amount of cash.  They’ll ask you what you’re going to do with $1m.  You’re not walking out the bank with that much $ and

Re: the Zim decision:

1. Were the banks arguing among themselves, or with the US Treasury? Wouldn’t the UST make the final decision, regardless of what the banks may want? Ans: trying to decide at what rates it would go.  Treasury can’t make any bank take anything.  They can say the Zim is good, and the bank can say we’re not touching it.  Probably Treasury sets the rate.

2. If not now, what are the chances of our 2008-09 Zim being exchanged in the future?  Ans: I don’t know.  Can’t go that far into the future what’s going to happen.  A person in the Treasury Office said they will be good.  I’m still holding on to mine.  Watch it, and if it happens in a couple of years bring them back out.

3. If the Zim has been disqualified, or might be if no decision has been made, was it to keep us – the undeserving, toothless crackheads – from becoming millionaires?  Ans: Some people look for a fight all the time.  Everything is not about us.  What about the global economy.  They aren’t going to shut down a deal just because of us.  8-30 m hold Dinar.  Not even ½ m holding Zim

• Q1 Who gives the bankers their signals for a possible RV start? Q2 Are the LD’s still being disbursed in Iraq? Q3 Has the LD disbursement rate accelerated from Monday? Q4 Tony, do you still have your Jet on standby to fly you to the bank?

• : Ans: Our US person living in Iraq. Jet will be on standby. Tried to let me go to San Francisco. Will go to TX.

• Beethoven: Have the rates ever been locked in before? Ans: Pretty sure they were.

• Live Callers:

• 865/Knoxville, TN. “CIA Lady”. Locked in rates. T/locked in yesterday at 4pm, expected something to happen today. Didn’t see it in the Gazette, but it’[s not midnight yet. 3 hrs. to go. C/are we looking at any time soon? R/oh yeah. C/does it have to be the print issue or on-line? T/still the Gazette. C/something surfaced today. They changed the names of one of the celebration squares. That celebration started on Monday and lasts for 12 days. 1st to the 12th. Following Quadi? Are you folks telling you anything of Aquito (sp) Celebration? T/no! Know it’s supposed to be a holiday. C/trying to find a cover. 6769 year of Syrian calendar.

• Tony/ was driving down the street and thinking. Wife said all the PayLess Shoe stores closed. I thought what I could do right now without the RV, go into PayLess and buy 10 or 20 pair of shoes for $6 to $10 each. That’s what I’m doing this weekend.

• 805/Oxnard, CA. (AZ guy). On Mon call talked about lady having her deed paid off. Will this RV effect Real Estate? Worth less? T/no, worth more. RE market is already climbing. Another “bubble”. With millionaires and billionaires prices will go up! Auto and real estate will go up as will all other things! C/BMO Harris tier 1 bank? R/Go on line and check it out!

• 610/ Allentown, PA. “Gman from PA” (PLEASE DONATE, SEE LINKS ABOVE). Please include your phone number so Ray and Tony can track where the contribution came from. Help keep this information coming. Help pay for the calls.

• 303/ Denver, CO. Tony/if someone is telling you they are going to bring bankrupt corporations back, won’t happen. C/agree, same with the Zim! T/we’ll see what happens. Agreement with Treasury. We’re going to see if it will or not. We’ll see what happens. C/don’t we have to see a law deleting 3 zeros? T/for years have been educating them. The country will know how to deal with it. It’s going to work out just fine! Can’t beat a dead horse.

• 972/Dallas, TX. Rates locked in. Can you tell us? Tony/nope, they didn’t tell me. C/I get paid on Friday, maybe go buy some more. T/if I told you the rates would be $4 you’d go get more, right? What difference does the rate make. Just get more!

• 423/Chattanooga, TN. Does the Gazette do a special edition? T/could. He feels the rate change needs to be in the Gazette. C/we’re not going for the contract rate. Is waiting a week too long? T/I would think that would be fine. Depends on how fast it goes up and starts coming down. Said they could do $16, could peak at 12. Don’t know how fast it will go up. Only need spouse if going for contract rate.

• 340/ (nope)

• 501/Little Rock, AR. Knows someone in Treasury Dept, who says somebody from the former Obama Admin throws a monkey wrench in this and holding this back. T/ask him why hasn’t Trump fired them? Would make Trump look great. How does he know there are 5 of them? C/everytime we get close, somebody stops this. From where? T/the Treasury! Secretary of Treasury could fire them in minutes. C/when is this vicious circle going to end? T/Could be tonight and hope by Sunday.

• 773/Chicago, IL. People who didn’t know about this are always going to be poor? T/I’m going to be helping perfect strangers, not those I told them about this and they didn’t participate.

• 205/ (nope)

• Xxx/What denoms were printed again in Zim? Read Forbes article. If we’re going to be the Zim, it has to be what we have. Newere Zim doesn’t have 6 zeros to delete. T/I do to. C/Declaring they are going to revalue the Zim.

• 870/ Hope, AR. What do you mean by tier 1 and 2 banks? T/ranking based on their volume, number of customers. C/WF

• 301/Germantown, MD. How do I find Vietnam Dong on Forex www.forex.com Don’t see other currencies. T/go to currency calculator. C/rate on Dong. 47 thru 2.25. Contract rate will be $5 if it comes out at 2.25. C/how do you do the contract rate? T/set your appt, go in, ask what the contract rate is and if you qualify for it based on how much you have. May ask what your plan(s) include. Limited it to $20 m. C/reviewed steps to the point of asking for contract rate. T/I’d like to have the contract. Heard it was $28.50, they may come back and say this is the rate from our bank. C/stipulations? T/just the NDA and don’t know what it is at this time. C/thanks!

• 407/Orlando, FL. (nope).

• 214/Dallas, TX. Let’s say the Zim doesn’t go, but we exchange what we have. Should we purchase the 2016 Zim? T/I don’t think it will go. With the old currency the plan was to have it up to 70 cents within 18 months. C/20 something cents. T/trying to make 50 cents on that dollar, it isn’t worth it to me. I’m trying to make $100 dollars off that dollar. Depends on what type of investment you’re looking for. They wanted to take the Zim up to 72 cents. C/what was the rate on IMS? T/depends on how much you put in. 1 to 10% per week is a lot of money.

• 512/Austin, TX. C/contract rate. Go with wealth mgr to get it? T/there could be wealth managers at the exchange centers. C/if exchange center says we don’t know what you’re talking about? T/call 800 #, say 100m Dinar, they will set you up with highest person right there. If you get to the bank and they don’t know about contract rates, ask for somebody who does. He’s going to make your appt. If you dial the 800 # they will send you to somebody who can handle the amount of money you have!

• 951/SoCalGuy T/the bank texted me and saying it should go this week.

• 281/Houston, TX. on the 1-800 #. Could possibly be automated? T/don’t think it will be automated. First training was for 2 min call with human interaction. Wouldn’t make sense to me.

• Wrap it up! We’re still here, but I don’t think for long. Rates locked in. authorization code good for one month. Waiting to get another phone call back from Iraq. Everybody is still feeling good from today thru Sunday. Has to be in the Gazette.

• Latest Rates; Dinar: $3.51 – $4.43. Dong: $0.47 – $2.23. Zim $0.22 – $0.24 cents


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