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"Question for all" - Tues. PM TNT Thoughts/News 4/9/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Question for all" - Tues. PM TNT Thoughts/News 4/9/19

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"Question for all" - Tues. PM TNT Thoughts/News 4/9/19 Empty "Question for all" - Tues. PM TNT Thoughts/News 4/9/19

Post by RamblerNash Tue Apr 09, 2019 10:17 pm



Question for all.. Of everything that is going on out there, what are some of the things that make you feel confident that this RV is going to happen soon Any one please..

tp40- banks want it, T&R sources, CBI and abadi want it, and all the currencies that are pairing with iqd as we speak...it's a go!

Tp40 When the pressure to release is greater than pressure holding RV it will go, we don't have enough pressure yet.

The only thing I know it is super quiet which I think is good news

All quiet in anticipation for something?

Roses are red, violets are blue. I want an RV for me and for you!

Please, for your own safety and that of your family, after this hits and you plan on being a Good Samaritan, do so carefully. A 41yr old person was passing out $20 at a Waffel House, this weekend, and was shot and killed. If not done properly, you are opening yourself and your family to many kinds of danger.

Global Gold: Iraq retreated one position in the largest reserves of gold for the month of April


announced that the World Gold Council , on Tuesday that Iraq 's retreat center and one of the largest gold reserves for the month of March, noting that Iraq kept his fifth Arab. 

The Council said in a statistic published on its website and viewed by Alsumaria News that "Iraq fell to one position, ranking 38 out of the 100 countries listed in the international financial statistics of the global reserves of gold," noting that "the State of Uzbekistan bought a large amount of gold to rank 16 within The world's largest reserves.

He added that "Iraq maintained its fifth position in the Arab largest reserves of gold for the month of March after Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Algeria and Libya , where these reserves amounted to 96.3 tons, which represents 7% of the rest of the other currencies," adding that "Arab countries did not buy any quantity Of gold so far this year. " 

He continued, "Russia was the most buying countries for gold during the month of April and the rate of tons, followed by China by 21.8," explaining that "the United States is still on the throne occupying the world ranking in terms of these reserves, which amounted to 8.133.5 tons, followed by Germany With 3.369 tonnes. link

Petronas is sending contracts worth $ 1.323 billion to Iraqi companies

Malaysian oil company Petronas announced Monday that it has sent contracts worth $ 1.323 billion to Iraqi companies, saying it seeks to create sustainable value for its customers and partners in Iraq. 

The director of the procurement department in the company, Mohammad Razali ambush, in a statement seen by "economy News", "Petronas oil company has since the beginning of its work in the field of oil Gharraf in the province of Dhi Qar and until the end of 2018 to grant contracts worth more than one billion and 323 million dollars Local Iraqi companies at a time when 368 local Iraqi contractors were registered. "

"Petronas is committed to helping local contractors and ensuring their active participation in bidding activities," Kamin said. "Petronas is seeking an operational excellence in the field of Al Gharraf, working on the welfare and prosperity of the community and creating sustainable value for its customers and partners in Iraq." 

Petronas, won the contract to develop the field of oil Gharraf in the province of Dhi Qar in 2010, to reach the production of 103.3 thousand barrels per day with an export volume of 108.5 with a total of 178 million barrels of cumulative exports to Iraq. link

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