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IqdCalls Explains The Numbers Behind The RV! Enjoy The Math Tutorial DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

IqdCalls Explains The Numbers Behind The RV! Enjoy The Math Tutorial

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IqdCalls Explains The Numbers Behind The RV! Enjoy The Math Tutorial Empty IqdCalls Explains The Numbers Behind The RV! Enjoy The Math Tutorial

Post by RamblerNash Tue Apr 09, 2019 9:33 am

Young SC  Dave the devaluation from 1170 to 1166

Dave  had 1967 cougar gte

Young SC  4 pins Dave  ?

Sparky  Young SC lol

Dave  Young SC pips

Young SC  Pips lol yes

Young SC  Lol

Sparky  That was back in Shabbibi daze

Young SC  Sparky lol

Sparky  1170 to 1166, improvement

Young SC  Sam and sandy always bring that up lol

Dave  pip:chiefly British : a feeling of irritation or annoyance

Young SC  A big devaluation in their eyes lol

Sparky  Young SC that's an increase ! Lol

Young SC  Sparky i must have said it wrong lol

Dave  Sparky Ha?

Sparky  Young SC no, that's a fact...1170 to 1166 is a positive increase !

Dave  per usd?

Sparky  Dave yes

Dave  fewer dinar to the dollar

Sparky  Dave yes

Dave  .4 cents fewer.....

Dave  devaluation......

Sparky  Dave 2 dinar per dollar equals 50 cents per dinar

Dave  not that it matters....1170 to 1166......per dollar

Sparky  Dave just the direction we want to see

Dave  we wanna see more dinar per dollar not less

Sparky  Dave wrong !

Dave  Sparky betcha coffee

Dave  50 dinar note?

Sparky  Dave I want it to go to less than 1 :1

Sparky  Dave 50 is gone, back in '14

Dave  going from1170 to 1166 deval

Sparky  Dave no

Dave  yep

Dave  they are getting fewer dinar at1166 per dollar

Dave  1170 is more than 1166

Sparky  Dave if you got I'm at 3000 iqd to 1 usdU and, now its at 1190, you made money

Dave  Enjoy math tutorials

Dave  YoungSc.........help

Sparky  Dave we want to go less dinar per dollar

Dave  yes when they drop the zeros

Dave  not their yet

Dave  there

Sparky  Dave always

Sparky  Dave anytime the dinar : USD is less than,bthats an increase in value

Dave  i would prefer 1170/1usd over 1166/1usd all day

Sparky  Dave glad you weren't my math teacher

Dave  I iknow 5/4 people cant do the math

Sparky  Dave use a calculator

Dave  toes work finr for me

Dave  fine

Sparky  I must be using the new math

Dave  smack

Dave  like old fords

Dave  old old

Sparky  Dave less dinar per dollar bro... That's what I need... I agree to disagree

Dave  luv to get 10000iqd per usd now

Sparky  Dave 5 dinar per dollar equals 50 cents; .1 dinar per dollar equals 1 dollar usd

Sparky  Dave I can't break it down any easier than that

Sparky  Sorry, 20 cents

Dave  one tenth of cent now........5 dinar half a cent dude ...sorry

Sparky  5 dinar per dollar equals 20 cents

Sparky  100 cents divided by 5, equals 20 cents

Sparky  At least where I went to school

Sparky  Less dinar, more usd ratio

Dave  .1 dinar .00086usd correct?

Sparky  Dave yes

Dave  which would equal about .1 of a centish......09.or .086

Sparky  Dave sorry , 1 USD equals .00089

Dave  rounded up a PIP....lol

Dave  1/10 of a cent to 1 dinar

Sparky  Dave watching game, hard to type

Dave  Stick with me I wll teach you......:p;

Sparky  Dave agree

Dave  so 5 dinar equals half a cent .5

Sparky  Dave .05

Dave  ok one dinar is worth one tenth of a cent......5 dinar equals .5 of a cent

Dave  .1 times 5 equals??????

Sparky  .5

Dave  perfect!

Dave  scroll up.......now

Sparky  Dave lol, I want to see a less dinar per usd ratio in my investment

Dave  calling 1170 /1usd to 1166/1usd........devalue.....!

Sparky  Dave that's an increase in value

Sparky  Dave 1170 to 1190 is a de value

Sparky  Increase in iqd value

JoeSchmoe  I'm just so sick of all this sh!t already!!!!!!!

Sparky  ...is when the iqd : usd number is reduced, less Iqd / usd is an Iqd increase in value

Sparky  JoeSchmoe watch the game

Sparky  *watching

JoeSchmoe  Sparky game is done, i'm talking about sick of all this dinar sh!t

Jimmy Lee  lets say 1000 dinar/ dollar...no lets say 500 dinar/ dollar... no lets say 250 dinar/ dollar no lets say 10 dinar/ dollar no lets say 1 dinar/dollar BINGO

Sparky  Jimmy Lee yes sir

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