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 "Here we Go again!" by Gene - 4/6/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Here we Go again!" by Gene - 4/6/19

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 "Here we Go again!" by Gene - 4/6/19 Empty "Here we Go again!" by Gene - 4/6/19

Post by Ssmith Sun Apr 07, 2019 8:27 am

Geez! This 6 zeros removed from the zim crap is starting all over again.

The 2008-2009 zim is a Bearer BOND. It has to be paid at face value! They can choose to pay each dollar at a fraction but if 24 cents is true, that would make a 100T note worth 24T, NOT 24 million. To pay at 24 cents six zeros removed they'd have to pay face value times 0.00000024 cents per zim.

Even if you had a quadrillion zim (1000T), for 6 zeros being removed, that would only be 240 million principle and folks, from a humanitarian perspective, that doesn't do SQUAT, especially considering that you never spend the principle and just the interest where even at 10% interest (for $240 million principle) , that would be a whopping $24 Million a year. Yeah, it makes zero sense. $24 million a year isn't close to enough to do any serious humanitarian work, let alone $240 million, nor a billion or three for that matter!

Just to rebuild the 500+ condemned homes in a coastal NJ town that was hardest hit by the Sandy storm (yeah, 6+ years ago - no one had flood insurance as it was too expensive and they're stuck with properties they can't sell even) is easily going to cost $200 million and there's a LOT more to do in this town than just rebuilding the homes - probably top out closer to $1 Billion by the time I'm done. At $24Million/year I could have enough money to tackle this project in a mere 41.67 YEARS! Just to amass the interest to cover the $200Million for the home rebuilds would take 8.34 YEARS.

If this is what happens, I give up and I'll take the money and run and Earth will stay the way it is because NOBODY will be able to make any serious positive improvements for not having the money to do so and then, post first contact, I'll be heading for the stars and to hell with Earth.

Just to repair Houston storm damage from the hurricane a year or two back was estimated at 3-4 Trillion $$. For our above 1000T redemption example where you're getting $24Million/year interest, saving up the interest, you could easily have enough money to tackle this project in a mere 166,667 YEARS (seriously).

Yeah, something sure doesn't sound right about this 6 zeros removed thing, huh? What a very cabal thing to say about the zim (again). For sure they'd LOVE for this to happen, huh? Makes you wonder who is saying it and their true intent, doesn't it?

IF this comes to pass the alliance has sent a message that they do NOT want Earth fixed and we all know this is most certainly not their desire.

Be VERY careful what you choose to believe. Just because someone says it or posts it does NOT automatically make it true, even if whoever is saying it THINKS they're right. Tell them to prove it! Guess what? They can't because its just their personal opinion where they're most likely wrong and especially for the RV, there is still no data to prove nor disprove anything.

Follow your heart and trust what it tells you and discount all else and you can't fail.

C'mon RV!

Signed: Gene

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