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 "Quick Thought" by PNW - 4/7/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Quick Thought" by PNW - 4/7/19

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 "Quick Thought" by PNW - 4/7/19 Empty "Quick Thought" by PNW - 4/7/19

Post by Ssmith Sun Apr 07, 2019 8:20 am

I find it incredible we have in the same forum, gurus who are highly connected and in the know from many sources -this late in the game- still claiming antithetical views: there will never be an RV (Kaperoni), and the RV is already rolling out, and we are just waiting for our 800#'s (MarkZ). It reminds me of US congress...one senator is perfectly ok with infanticide, another convinced abortion is never ok. Welcome to Rome. We have an even more corrupt Senate than then! If they don't make the corrupt pay this time, they will do it again long after we are gone and this is long forgotten.

I've become numb to any news now. A year ago I was still frustrated with bad news and happy with good news. Now? Non reactive. Neither here or there. More just gawking at the dichotomies in play than the daily news.

Oh and that line in the LOTR when Gandolf claims "A wizard is never late"...Well I now know that's a bs line. Because this thing is WAAAAY past ripe. I mean how long has Bruce said it's in the coming days? Now MarkZ claiming similar. I wonder what Kaperoni must think as week after week he sees this.

I'm certainly thankful for the hard lessons, and I am looking forward to exchanging, but I see life differently now, and this RV episode has played no small part.

Thanks Patrick for your faithful commitment, and peace everybody.


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