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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   4/3/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

RayRat/Tony Call Notes 4/3/19

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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   4/3/19 Empty RayRat/Tony Call Notes 4/3/19

Post by Ssmith Thu Apr 04, 2019 9:19 am

(Bullet pts by AZhombre) 

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


TNT Ray-Tony Call 2019.04.03 Wed bullet pts by AZhombre

· Flashback Thu (3/28): New US bank rates: Zim $0.22 to $0.24. Dinar $3.51 to $4.43, Dong $0.47 to $2.23. (also posted at end of call notes).

· Flashback Fri (3/28): Stay alert. We’ll send out a blast. Hoping 3 announcements will be made that will change your life!

· Ray: Today is Wed’s hump day! Tues update: something very noticeable taking place Tue evening!

· Tony: Good morning TNT, another day we should be at the bank and not here! Ministers going to be announced. Now say no time table to be announced. All ministers are agreed upon except for the Interior Minister. World bank said Iraq economy would be great in 2019. Everybody is excited. Couple of calls from Iraq. Talked to people in other countries who agree. Some in our gov’t committees said we should have seen Mon or Tues. Everybody agrees it’s all done when it was supposed to be done. When is it going to be open to the “general public”? Some banks continue to do “invitation only” exchanges. Override-release #’s are activated all month. Last 2 weeks we should already be at the bank. What we’re waiting for? Nobody knows! Money at the bank, numbers on screens. They are contacting people they want to work with.


· Jjf: The contacts that say that this is happening this day, wk, mo, etc.do they ever come back after it doesn’t happen and offer any reason that the RV didn’t take place?

· Jessie91: Can you tell what banks will exchange Zim? Ans: 2 people at chase 2 different states, 4 at WF, a guy at HSBC said they’re definitely going to do it. Ray/let us know if you know of others.

· SunStar: (1) Any exchange or revalue news from the contractors in Iraq that you can share? (2) Are we looking for the CBI to release he RV to the public first and then open on Forex or vice versus? (3) To lift our spirits is there a good bank story(s) you can share? Ans: T/nothing from contractors, but yes from country! CBI then Forex. I don’t have one. Ray/was told someone went to the bank and couldn’t buy Dong because they were waiting for a change in value!

· Lady Dee: The announcement in Mon’s mosque that was to be noticeable by Tues can we talk about that today whether it happened or not? Do we have a new window for the RV or this can happen any day now? We want a workshop here in Toronto. Ans: T/good. Can we come to the Caribbean Festival in August? Don’t forget to call me. Ray/11-17 Aug in Detroit for the world’s biggest car show. Then go to Toronto!

· Crileyhome: Who is the true hold up of this happening USA-US Treasury, US Banks not ready, CBI, Iraq or what? What reasons have you been given as this not happening? Ans: we’re almost at 2 million tweets on Twitter! Don’t know. This morning Kurdistan says they’re holding things up on the ministers. 2 wks ago codes were released and signed off again. Treasury is waiting for the go signal.

· Larry1: If you’re traveling out of your region can you exchange, or do you have to wait until you return? Ans: Ray/when the time comes, call and ask!

· 7mmstw: With so many financial institutions involved in this RV why is there not a way to collateralize our artificially devalued currency for loans? Ans: Ray/banks don’t want to take a chance on it. When they know they’ll probably just go on your signature alone! Tony/apply some logic to this. I go into a bank and say, “one day” this $900 worth of Dinar is going to be worth $4m, etc. I want you to loan me $50k in todays value. Or you’re going to give me $900 and, in the future,, 10 yrs later, you want to give me $900 and you want multi-thousands from me? I’m not going to tell all my employees something I’ve hid from them for years. No loan. Who does that make sense to? They are paying out SKR’s to individuals they have a relationship with. Know of a guy who got a brand-new escalade, because the dealership owner owns Dinar also. They would have to treat you like the MOB would! Not the banks responsibility! Not practicable and doesn’t make sense!

· Hungaranwm1: A call or so ago you mentioned the NDA was for 90 days. In the past the bank NDA was for 90 days, but are you saying the NDA for the contract rate is for 90 days or is that still at 10 years? Ans: 90 days contract rate with the banks. At one time it was for 10 yrs. Always told my contract rate was for 10 yrs so I couldn’t tell my story.

· English White Knight: With the end of fiat currency… Ans? Tony: no and no! Still going to do fractional banking. Where would their money come from? And charge interest rate.

Live Callers:

· 865/Knoxville, TN. “CIA Lady”/ anything told by contacts not in Gazette? T/haven’t be looking for anything to be published. Looking for announcement of Ministers and RV rates. Ministers is not a require for the CBI. C/no reason to have a revised version? T/they do have a revised budget. $3.43. A couple of days late came back with the old rate because we weren’t supposed to see it. C/actually just reminded it has been published! Yesterday was a holiday. Tomorrow another holiday. How many provinces will disrupt? T/ask Tish, I don’t know the other provinces. C/smoke & mirrors? Just announced it today. If they were all to have holidays, Shabibbi said 3 days in the past. T/what state are you in? C/ “chaotic”! T/was there a holiday yesterday in NY? There was in CA, employees had the day off. Like in Iraq. One province does, others don’t.

· 360/Vancouver, WA. C/good morning. Was the visitor here from CBI? T/executive secretary, making agreement for US to stay in Iraq. We asked the US to come and stay in Iraq. Can stay but can’t make stupid comments like we’ll use Iraq as a base to start a war with Iran. You’re choking us while hitting Iran. We’re not even going to discuss the expulsion of the US military out of Iran. Going to name their 3 ministers. Was going to do it on the 9th, didn’t do it, and blaming it on Kurdistan! The house speaker! C/said it wouldn’t happen until Maliki was arrested. T/you’re right! Article saying that’s happening!

· 610/ Allentown, PA. “Gman from PA” (PLEASE DONATE, SEE LINKS ABOVE)

· 765/Muncie, Indiana.

· 562/ someone went to Citi Bank and bought Dinar. Personal banker asked when she was going to Iraq. Response, not visiting, buying for investment purposes. Response, good for you, that’s a great idea. C/exchanged some Dong to see how difficult to exchange, then exchanged that at another bank for currency! C/tipped their hat on rates? T/yes. Friend said they are exchanging groups now. Seems like the 4 ministers are the hold-up. T/they are. Everybody wants to know who’ll will control all this money! Maliki’s friend, and friend of Iran? US doesn’t want anyone in favor of Iran. Kurdistan has the power to pick the person, now they ‘refighting. They are keeping info about Maliki in the public, but not going to arrest him until after it RV’s. Then they can show how all the hard time in the past was due to Maliki.

· 423/Chattanooga, TN. Maliki continues to make million of dollars a day until the put a stop to the money auctions. I remember you saying several yrs ago someone who exchanged and received money. T/they are actually exchanging SKR’s right now! C/isn’t that illegal? T/exchanging at lower rates. Collateral to them. Doing it to people they trust. C/that doesn’t encourage me. Happening for some people but not us. T/that’s the way of the world. Privileged, then there is us! C/do you still that after all of that excitement we are “right there”. T/phone call on Sat the LD’s were going. Kurdistan is sometimes a couple of weeks early. Just taking longer than they thought it would take. People beyond the banks, got notification again. Don’t get that close until something is really going on. Asked other people: What is the window now? Ans/from committee member: don’t know why. Have all the approvals, released codes, waiting for Treasury to say go! C/you still feel it’s all done, we’re just waiting for it? T/

· Phone connection problems…..

· 281/ Houston, TX. Today’s the 30th day and has to put it in action. Don’t know if it’s true, but hope it comes to pass! C/what do you see today? T/everybody is ready to go. Iraq continues educate them. Made announcement on Sunday in all the Mosques they are ready to go. Not just on TV, but from their religious leaders. Told it’s supposed to be happening right now! C/after we get the exchange done, purchase some more Dinar and wait it to go up on Forex? T/a way to make more money.

· 574/South Bend, IN. Are we past the point of no return? T/based on what I have they have put too much info out. Rate is out, adjusted in country. People are happy but know this isn’t it. Announcing enough, we have to be on top of it! C/do we need to see anything in particular with Forex? T/that’s what we’re doing. Do they have to have 2 or 4 ministers named? CBI said they are in compliance internationally now. Who’s going to be in control? Could be, until we know who is in charge of all this money, we’re not doing it! C/since we can go, is there any activity internationally? T/don’t know. Could be going on. People got on planes Sunday to go to Reno to exchange.

· 972/Danny in Dallas, TX. Was some chatter about Iranian currency with value. T/the only time it can apply to Iran is when all the sanctions are listed. They’re on the sanction list, and anyone who trades with them are on the sanction also.

· 651/ St. Paul, MN. Thanks for changing my life, it’s going to come. Trust question. If we get a tax favored exchanged, does it create a taxable event? R/if exchange isn’t taxable, it’s not. C/money from trust isn’t a taxable event? R/that’s always a taxable event. If you’re the grantor of an irrevocable trust, you pay taxes! Draw small salary that you’ll be taxed on and have them give you a benefit as an employee. You could be driving a company car you don’t have responsibility to make payments. Small personal salary and fantastic benefits.

· 574/ South Bend, IN. Computer crashed and lost sign-in info. Can you send it to me? R/no way I can send it out to you. I’ll try to remember to call you.

· 214/Dallas, TX. Any new news about Zim. T/nope! On screens. C/feel positive? T/still there. Bank people saying going to exchange 2012 T notes. Zimbabwe saying they’re going to honor it. Looking forward going to the bank. C/opened up budget in Iraq? T/nope. Everything that was supposed to happen on Sat, 3 things, haven’t yet. Budget has to happen.

· 205/Birmingham, AL. Possible for Maliki stirring it up? T/been doing it all the time. They’re stealing money with all the auctions. Now the US & Justice Dept is going to track it. One of the guys was going to make an announcement and 2 days was dead!

· 303/ Denver, CO. Discussed the plan for Iraq’s elections.

· 951/SoCalGuy. Any new info? T/they told me this morning we should be going to the banks. C/info on coins? T/nope! Said we are done all around the world! My guy says we’re supposed to be at the bank right now! C/sounds like Kurdistan guy is on top of it. C/just waiting for budget to be opened up!

· Tony/ everybody saying it’s down. Waiting for lower denoms to come out. Release codes good until the end of the month. Bank screens have rates. Only negative thing is about the ministers. Doesn’t matter, because they are not required. Be ready so you don’t have to get ready. Have a plan then work your plan.

· Ray/if anything happens before Fri, we’ll let you know. If not, we’ll see you Friday!

· Recent Rates, Dinar: $3.51 – $4.43. Dong: $0.47 – $2.23. Zim $0.22 – $0.24 cents

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