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 "UN Operational Rates?" - Mon. PM KTFA Thoughts/News 4/1/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"UN Operational Rates?" - Mon. PM KTFA Thoughts/News 4/1/19

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 "UN Operational Rates?" - Mon. PM KTFA Thoughts/News 4/1/19 Empty "UN Operational Rates?" - Mon. PM KTFA Thoughts/News 4/1/19

Post by Ssmith on Tue Apr 02, 2019 10:29 am


Doc.K » April 1st, 2019

Basel IV

​Capital Floors ​

RWA (using internal model approaches) floored by a percentage of RWA as determined through the standardised approaches.

The capital floors will eventually be 72.5% based on the new standardised approach.

Introduction in 2022 via a phase-in over five years:

2022: 50.0% - 2023:​ 55.0% - 2024: 60.0% - 2025: 65.0% - 2026: 70.0% - 2027: 72.5%


Molson88 » April 1st, 2019

Please forgive me if this post is not allowed...and please delete....

Has anyone seen any info on UN Operational Rates???


See the one for Zimbabwe...Is this good news like I think it may be??

JJonesmx » April 1st, 2019

By Friday the RTGS dollar had weakened to RTGS$ 3.0120 against the US dollar, a 20% drop.


DocK » April 1st, 2019


Tucked away in President Donald Trump's 2017 tax cut was a little discussed provision that allows investors to potentially save big on capital gains.

StephenMac63 » April 1st, 2019

Yes, Doc, they can but there are some rules that go along with it.

The Opportunity Zone......what is it? Every state was allowed to designate areas that are suffering from no economic investments, possibly blight and these areas are submitted to be included in the opportunity zones. In the cities, they are usually ghettos, abandoned buildings on properties etc. Part of the formula they used was the disparity of what the average income was in relation to the size of the area so it was natural that many farming communities would be included because of the vastness of land and the minimum number of people working them.

You yourself may be living in an Opportunity Zone and not even know it. Listed below is a link that has an interactive map for you to search for opportunity zones.


Before you think "Oh Goody, I can buy land and in ten years I won't have to pay Cap Gains on it......hold on. The land you get must be developed....that's going to take some bucks. Need to hire people (that's the whole purpose of the opportunity zone act) so the community can be stronger. Basically, you will be buying and building your own job. We need to decide if we want to do that at this stage in our lives.

Also, ask yourself.....what caused these opportunity zones to exist? Was it bad business planning, a great idea too early in time....or was it the local politics. If it was the politics that caused the opportunity zones to be created, wouldn't it still have the same result if the politics haven't changed? We have seen many memes on social media comparing what a city looked like in the 40s and what it looked like in the 90s and the change was politics. Why would we want to do that again after you spend a chunk of your money to invest in the community?

On the opportunity zone map, there are many areas to choose from and you may notice that there are many farming communities. One is Payette, Idaho. The whole town is in the Opportunity Zone. Its a farming community located off of the main freeway. I have connections to Payette and have been told that since the town was designated as an opportunity zone real estate prices have jumped. Not that anyone is buying property there anyway, they just raised the price in case something sells. My sister owns an establishment that Zillow has a market value of 89k for the property, the owner wants 300k....because it's in an opportunity zone. Of course, I informed them it will never be worth 300k in my lifetime or in his grandchildren's lifetime.

Here we see future gouging being present.

So, as we explore the possibility of investing in an opportunity zone, many factors need to be in play. Certainly not a get rich quick scheme and depending on the area invested in, it may be more of a headache that just pay the cap gains tax and move on with life. In the meantime, I would give it a couple of years of others investing in the zones because many real estate agents are not familiar with opportunity zone designations and what they are comprised of.

IMO, of course

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