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 "Meeting and Humanitarian Project Idea" by Kris - 4/2/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Meeting and Humanitarian Project Idea" by Kris - 4/2/19

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 "Meeting and Humanitarian Project Idea" by Kris - 4/2/19 Empty "Meeting and Humanitarian Project Idea" by Kris - 4/2/19

Post by Ssmith Tue Apr 02, 2019 10:13 am


I believe over about a week or more ago, I had a dream and I met some blue ET's that I seemed to feel comfortable with and maybe knew?? They were blue and about my height and had a blue mist around them. There were several and there were many people being led through rooms or areas on a ship as I do not recall walls or ceilings. There is a lot more to this dream, but I was so excited to get my abilities back fully, including ESP and Telekinesis. I cracked a joke or two and even made them laugh in the next room as well.

My family and some friends need the healing chambers. especially for my son who was born missing an entire portion of his lower brain and suffers from seizures and scoliosis of what we know and my mom. I know there are so many people that need this help as well, so I ask lightly because I do not wish to take the machine away from anyone else that needs it more than we do. I feel my family, and this includes my good ancestors that have been held down for many many years. My family supposedly traces back to King Odin and his father Fruthwald. And my more immediate family traces back to a Mary White and a Joseph Loomis that came over on the Susan and Ellen from Braintree Essex, England. I do not know what importance this is yet, but I do know there were many good souls in my ancestry that were harmed and held back and suppressed greatly.

When does my block get removed? I wish to be back to myself, please. And I wish to have the device(s) removed from me that the Greys had behind my ear and on my back behind the left shoulder please. I do not want to be tracked or followed. I had asked for them to be removed before, so they might be gone since behind my ear doesn't itch like it used to.

I would also like to meet whom I am supposed to meet, and I hope this includes Jesus Christ and the others.

I hope this does not sound demanding, I really am not trying to make it sound that way. I am excited for what is to come and like many, have waited so long for this!

Humanitarian project(s). I have many interests on helping those who would like to be helped, but I feel I will need more guidance on the help that will be needed for this.

1. I want to help the Wild Horses and I found a 200 acre place which I might be able to help several foals on. I would like help bringing them to the East coast of the US and I love horses, but do not have much skill, just book learning and some riding skills.I was hoping that there might be a way to acquire more land, but I am unsure on how to keep them Wild Horses on such little land. I am quite settled on a particular place and acreage if this is possible.

2. I would like to have a large building but have several ideas for the place (the land and building I wish to acquire and have the location of) and I believe it would require the help of some ET's long term.

My ideas were a healing center, education center with a large library, and a place where Veterans can come to and feel welcome at, perhaps even stay for a visit or help work there in support of things. I would also like to help the disabled become healed and re-learn life.

3. My mom and I were thinking about rebuilding the family home on the lake that we used to own and she has some ideas for some Humanitarian projects as well.

4. Possible to get my own home, if I cannot get the acreage and building I am set on? I have another house that needs some work that I really adore as well.

Sorry to write a book, but there you have what I have been wanting to get out for a long while. How can I get started and proceed forward??? I have so many questions and concerns. Can you help us get started??? How do I secure the place and acreage with the funds???

Thank you for all that each of you have done for all these years. God bless and much love to you all!!! Thank you!!!


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 "Meeting and Humanitarian Project Idea" by Kris - 4/2/19 Empty Re: "Meeting and Humanitarian Project Idea" by Kris - 4/2/19

Post by Ssmith Tue Apr 02, 2019 10:14 am

"Re: Meeting and Humanitarian Project Idea" by Bek

Hello Kris

I have been reading this site for several years.

You are the reason for my first post.

I want you to be aware of a technology that has been out for about four or five years.

Several motivated scientific minds from around the world collaborated to achieve this milestone technology.

I have used it successfully with people who have had illnesses from headaches to prostate cancer.

Quantum Entanglement was Einstein's theory which was nicknamed Spooky.

It was named so because he admitted that if it was true, it was downright "spooky".

I submit to you that the new rife technology has stepped up considerably since Royal Rife cured those 16 cancer patients in 1934, shocking the medical world.

We are able to "connect" with people anywhere on the planet to do remote healing programs with quantum entanglement and rife technology. Of course, direct connect mode with tens pads is also available, as well as plasma connect.

My point is, you have available to you, right now, technology that may be able to help your family and it cost less than $700 !!!

I am continually saddened by the talk of the "med beds" and the lack of information or accessibility afforded people.....I have used one for arthritis and after five sessions laying down for approximately 30 minutes, my hands were pain free. If you have $6500, you could own one.

Kris, if you would like to contact me for further information on this topic, please feel free to do so. I have never sold any of the technology. I only share information and help people set it up. From time to time, I help those who find me.....

You can get a "feel" for this at Facebook Rife Force. It is a site I have found that actually offers healing frequencies for various illness !!!!

My kindest regards

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