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"No Flash" by (Anonymous) - 3/30/19

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Anonymous -  "No Flash" by (Anonymous) - 3/30/19 Empty "No Flash" by (Anonymous) - 3/30/19

Post by Ssmith Sun Mar 31, 2019 9:15 am

It seems the Pleiadians are in a bigger hurry to get this ascension business done than we are. They have been keeping watch over this duality experiment for thousands of years. They want a Flash Event to get this finally over with so they can go home. They want to see the world separated into groups of aliens, clones and humans with separate earths. Our higher selves told them no. We told them that this is going to take as long as it has to to get as many of the 7.7 billion inhabitants of this earth into the 5D new earth as possible no matter what they are. Every being should have the opportunity to go to Heaven on this earth if they want to. The problem is that 7.69999999 billion inhabitants don't know yet that this is even an option. Convincing them to believe in an earth heaven is going to take years without an RV. With an RV, months, as we will have the resources to spread the word much faster.

I really hope that the RV button is finally pushed this weekend. It is good that ascension will take as long as it takes but we have no intention of being wage slaves or worse no wage slaves until ascension to 5D is done. We won't make it and the world and all of it's 7.7 billion inhabitants need us they just don't know it yet.

The sooner we RV, the sooner the Galactics get to go home. Otherwise this everyone goes or no one goes to 5D is going to take a lot longer.

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