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 "Humanitarian Projects" by Int'l Law 1  - 3/30/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Humanitarian Projects" by Int'l Law 1 - 3/30/19

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 "Humanitarian Projects" by Int'l Law 1  - 3/30/19 Empty "Humanitarian Projects" by Int'l Law 1 - 3/30/19

Post by Ssmith Sun Mar 31, 2019 9:12 am

Many attorneys are questioning the legal veracity of dictating how the proceeds of one's own investments must be spent as such a concept applied to citizens of every country worldwide, violates the precepts of every economic law and freedom currently in effect in every country that is not communist or totalitarian, especially without the investor being given any time or money to perform due diligence and cost analysis of any humanitarian projects. However, the "powers that be" who are making these dictates seem to have had plenty of time and money as they have a list of pre-approved projects in which one can invest.

Of equal concern is the elimination of economic development projects in favor of "only humanitarian projects" which gives the appearance of converting 100% of an investor's proceeds into a worldwide welfare program of Biblical proportions instead of allowing projects that will teach a man to fish, rather than only projects that give away fish.

Who are these unelected dictators mandating the use of any investor's proceeds? Where is the governing body? Who has the authority to approve or disapprove a project and what laws grant such authority? What is the appeals process?

Currency exchanges are tax exempt under current law, but under these announced guidelines, investors will never benefit from tax exemptions, only the projects benefit. Such bifurcation of rights and responsibilities is unheard of in any time, let alone our current time.

What of the fate of intermediaries? While they are most definitely a party to a contract, they apparently have no say in the negotiation away of their rights and income. Never before has such a troubling proposal been proffered and is fraught with so many disconcerting legal propositions as to raise alarm especially if the original intent is to benefit humanity and free the world rather than establish a global welfare oligarchy that is designed to benefit the social engineering goals of those possessing certain political persuasions that are not universally embraced by the entire world.

Depriving investors from exchanging unless they agree to such preposterous terms and conditions would be no less discriminatory than declaring that only those who believe in a certain religion and agree to support it may exchange. This argument is even more seminal when recognizing that the line between religious dogma and government ideology is often rarely blurred – as was just demonstrated in Brunei this past week.

The delay has been long, but the rush to exchange should be tempered with caution to ensure we are not funding the re-birth of the evil that we have been led to believe we have just conquered.

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 "Humanitarian Projects" by Int'l Law 1  - 3/30/19 Empty Re: "Humanitarian Projects" by Int'l Law 1 - 3/30/19

Post by Ssmith Sun Mar 31, 2019 9:14 am

 "Humanitarian Projects" by Int'l Law 1  - 3/30/19 Throwing_fish_net_fail

"Doesn't Hold Water" by TM

Int'l Law...
" many attorneys. are questioning the legal veracity ...

I'm sure to others that your opinion has merit...
I on the other hand feel that it simply doesn't hold water ...
Why don't you go to your exchange / redemption dictating your terms and conditions and then get back to us as to how things worked out for you.

I , on the other hand will go to this Jubilee with the attitude that I am willing to work with them, and be open to understand what plans they have in place for Humanity on this Our planet.

I do believe that to some I may sound naive in my approach, yet, if This Blessing ( $$$ ) Is so generously offered to me for simply "Believing It To Be So"
Then I will simply Go With The Flow And see where it takes me.

I have no business plans to offer
Just ideas to be funded
It's not on paper... It's in my head and in my heart. So wether I am given 15 min or 2 hrs to express said thoughts/ ideas / plans , I am prepared to listen as well as express it...
With Gratitude.
My ideas may coincide with others throughout this planet, therefore, we may just be signing off our approval on each of these projects that we will be working in conjunction with. From small to large from towns to cities to countries.

For those who choose to become stewards for the wealth that is endowed to us...
Perhaps the best "Attitude" when going into this Jubilee is one of Gratitude and a willingness to participate ...

Thank you for your 3D input
It just doesn't hold water as far as I am concerned and those who follow your path may end up tangled and falling in the drink.

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