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 Fri. PM KTFA News Articles #2    3/29/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Fri. PM KTFA News Articles #2 3/29/19

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 Fri. PM KTFA News Articles #2    3/29/19 Empty Fri. PM KTFA News Articles #2 3/29/19

Post by Ssmith on Sat Mar 30, 2019 9:51 am


Samson » March 29th, 2019

Foreign Ministry: the inclusion of the decision to exempt Iraq's debt by 75% in the work of the Arab summit

2019/3/29 12:27 As mentioned in a previous article

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the success of the inclusion of the decision to exempt Iraq's debt by 75% of its obligations to support funds for a number of Arab countries. "The foreign minister is participating in the meeting of the consultative session with the Arab ministers," foreign ministry spokesman Ahmed al-Sahaf said in a statement received by the Euphrates News Agency.

The official spokesman of the Arab summit, revealed the agenda of the Arab summit, which is scheduled to start at the end of this month items on Iraq. "The items of the summit included an item on a unified Arab position regarding the violation of Iraqi sovereignty by Turkish forces," Ambassador Mahmoud al-Khumairi told a news briefing.

He added that "the addition of an item on internally displaced persons in Arab countries and displaced Iraqis in particular, and included a list of draft resolutions submitted by the Economic and Social Council."

"The agenda also included an item on the extinguishment of 75% of Iraq's debt within the support funds provided to the Arab countries within the framework of the League of Arab States." LINK

Foreign Minister: Iraq's participation in the Arab summit will achieve national gains

29th March, 2019

Iraq's presence at the Arab League summit in Tunisia next week will be "effective," the foreign ministry said Friday, citing national gains during the summit.

"Iraq's presence at the Arab summit is effective and we will make national gains," Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmad al-Sahaf said in a statement read by al-Maaloumah.

"The presence of Iraq in the Arab summit comes within the framework of Iraq strong and balanced." He stressed that "the support and empowerment of displaced Iraqis are a priority for us at the Arab summit."

Foreign Minister Mohamed Ali al-Hakim and his Arab counterparts participated in the consultative meeting held ahead of the Arab Summit in Tunis. The agenda of the meetings was briefly reviewed, which includes regional and international issues of mutual interest to the Arab countries. LINK

The Iraqi border is fully secure and there has been no security breach

28th March, 2019

The commander of operations in Anbar province, Major General Mahmoud al-Falahi, Thursday, that the Iraqi border is fully insured and did not record any security breach, praising the role of all military units in securing areas liberated from the danger of cells "Dahesh."

Al-Falahi said in a statement to Al-Maaloumah that "Iraqi security is fully secured and there has been no security breach due to the large security deployment of all types of security services in conjunction with the adoption of tight security measures in the desert areas to track dormant cells and crack their criminal cells to prevent them from attacking the forces. Security".

He added that "security forces raided the area of ​​Wadi Houran in a move aimed at securing the desert areas of the cells of the criminal organization, as well as the air force bombed their dens and monitor any movement of infiltration of Syrian territory towards the western sector of the province."

Al-Falahi pointed out that "the security forces have tightened their security measures in all border areas within the framework of a plan to secure Iraqi territory from infiltration and attack security forces and citizens." LINK

The arrest of prominent officials in Nineveh with 13 billion dinars

29th March, 2019

Swat forces of the Ministry of the Interior arrested on Friday, 7 employees with contractors in the projects of the Office of Nineveh province, while seized 13 billion Iraqi dinars.

A security source said in an interview with "NAS" today (March 29, 2019) that "the Swat forces and in cooperation with the Integrity Commission in Nineveh seized an amount of 13 billion and 450 million Iraqi dinars," noting that "the forces arrested seven employees, including contractors working in Field of projects within the Office of Nineveh province.

The source, who declined to be named, said that "the seizure was in the form of payments after the arrest of those involved in a restaurant, while found the money in a house in the police district east of Mosul, according to one of the accused," adding that "the forces also seized the wheel Monica armored The Marzie pickup wheel was inside the house. "

The source pointed out that "one of the involved handed himself to integrity with an estimated amount of more than seven billion of these amounts."

Security forces arrested on Thursday (March 28, 2019) seven employees of the Office of Nineveh province to investigate the disappearance of more than 40 billion dinars.

A security source told "NAS" today that "the Integrity Commission and in cooperation with the security forces arrested seven staff from the Office of the province of Nineveh to investigate them for the disappearance of more than 40 billion Iraqi dinars had been earmarked for projects earlier. The source added that "including the director of the project department in the Office of Nineveh province." LINK

Abadi reveals: I was subjected to a political coup attempt .. and tried to assassinate me

28th March, 2019

Former prime minister and leader of the victory coalition, Haider al-Abadi, revealed on Thursday, March 28, 2019, an assassination attempt at the head of the previous government, as well as attempts at a political coup.

Abadi said in an interview that he was "not subjected to a military coup attempt, but there were attempts to a political coup," asserting that he was subjected to "assassination attempts by the hands of the organizers, especially in the battles of Mosul."

Abadi stressed that he followed the "soft power strike" method during his term of office and that he "acted silently and without noise to win the fruits of winning by hand." He returned to a period of government that saw "the restoration of the free state supervising the collapse, and has gathered the threads of the battle and its ramifications and regional international reach, The carpet of victory with awareness and wisdom and determination and without the noise and emotions of my poetry do not secure and do not sing of hunger."

Abadi also pointed out that he was planning to "complete the victory of the state, his project is the state and not others, it is not outside the state but chaos and takeover and destruction." LINK

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