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Anonymous -  "Goal Posts Move yet Once again!" by (Anonymous) - 3/27/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Goal Posts Move yet Once again!" by (Anonymous) - 3/27/19

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Anonymous -  "Goal Posts Move yet Once again!" by (Anonymous) - 3/27/19 Empty "Goal Posts Move yet Once again!" by (Anonymous) - 3/27/19

Post by Ssmith Thu Mar 28, 2019 9:23 am

Once again the Earth Alliance has moved the goal posts. Now, we must include Brexit? Say what? Why? It is possible that the RV announcement could be delayed until April 12, 2019. By that time the UK could decide on a NO, Deal Brexit or come up with some sort of Deal. It would seem that the UK parliament wants nothing to do with a vote on Brexit UNLESS the new deal to be presented has substantial changes. If it does not, they will not be able to vote on the old arrangement until a later date which would be after April 12, 2019.

The RV or GCR has nothing to do with Brexit. Absolutely nothing. The UK and EU currency is not being revaluated. Is it? Yet for some reason the Earth Alliance has seen fit to drag out the RV announcement once again. Let me explain:-

(Operation Disclosure March 26 2019)

“Xi visited Europe (this week) on behalf of the Alliance to warn the EU of imminent collapse in the event of a no-deal Brexit scenario and give France and Italy briefings on GESARA compliance…”

Who said that Xi is right? Maybe the best exit is no deal. Sure the UK will go through some bumps and grinds while it re-establishes itself. That is to be expected. However, there are countries in the world like the USA, Canada, Australia, and Africa etc. who would be glad to help out the UK. Why not? This assistance would for certain, ease the pain of the bumps and grinds. The UK will be fine in the long term.

Xi and other countries are using the RV and Gesara as a pawn or weapon in the game here. They have done it before and why not now. China is visiting three countries in total: - France, Germany and Italy. All they want to be and/or need to be is Gesara compliant. So out comes the weapon of choice, the RV announcement. Meanwhile, we sit here and listen to those on the inside (maybe), that the announcement is just around the corner, Tiers are being liquidated, people have been called in and so on. So what about us? Totally ignored and delayed, once again.

Let’s hope that we are not being held for ransom here. We are tired of being the pawns. Let’s get this done and move on. The story is getting old.

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