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DJ - Did You Know? 3/24/19

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DJ - Did You Know?  3/24/19 Empty DJ - Did You Know? 3/24/19

Post by Ssmith Mon Mar 25, 2019 8:14 am


Come March 31, 2019 the Global Elite plan to implement a major change to the Plumbing of Our Financial System. It’s a brand new worldwide banking system called Distributed Ledger Technology or DLT. Most of those watching see it as the Quantum Financial System or QFS. When in reality the QFS is a component of Distributed Ledger Technology. DLT is a new financial technology to clear and settle international financial transactions.

With this distributed system, America will no longer have a stranglehold over the world’s international finance system. It will allow foreign banks and other institutions to conduct transactions in SDRs (Special Drawing Rights) instead of dollars and transfer funds across international borders without using America’s payment system. (The C.I.P.S is a DLT tech.) An SDR is essentially an artificial currency instrument used by the IMF, and is built from a basket of important national currencies. Currently the five basket currencies are the U.S. dollar, the euro, the Japanese yen, the British pound sterling and as of Oct 1st 2016, the Chinese renminbi. Special drawing rights (SDR) refer to an international type of monetary reserve currency created by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in 1969 that operates as a supplement to the existing money reserves of member countries.

Created in response to concerns about the limitations of gold and dollars as the sole means of settling international accounts, SDRs augment international liquidity by supplementing the standard reserve currencies. The SDR is not regarded as a currency or a claim against the IMF assets. Instead, it is a prospective claim against the freely usable currencies that belong to the IMF member states. A freely usable currency is defined as one that is widely used in international transactions and is frequently traded in foreign exchange markets.
For years the IMF has been planning to replace the U.S. dollar with SDRs but they didn’t have the infrastructure necessary to make it happen. They didn’t have a decentralized payment system that could facilitate wide adoption of SDRs. Now they do!

The IMF has admitted they wanted to make the “Special Drawing Right” the principal reserve asset in the International Monetary System. Did you know about the “Exchange Stabilization Fund” (ESF)? The Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) is a U.S. Department of Treasury emergency reserve fund which includes holding of U.S. dollar (USD), other foreign currencies, and special drawing rights (SDR) funds. These funds allow the Treasury to intervene in the foreign exchange (FX) marketplace to promote stability in both foreign and domestic currencies. Most countries have their equivalent of an Exchange Stabilization Fund (i.e.: B.R.I.C.S.) Usually, only the central bank of a nation will take such actions to control the exchange rate of their currency due to the interconnection of currencies in the FX market.

Volatility in one currency can spread to affect others. These funds may be added to existing foreign currencies to impact the exchange rates in the forex. It is important to pay attention to this Distributed Ledger Technology and the impact it will have on the functionality of the global monetary systems. While there is much to know about how the GCR has been developed, such as from where the assets to back the currencies will come and how those assets will be leveraged against the currencies. Yet at the end of the day, it matters very little if the funds cannot be delivered through the international banking and financial plumbing.

In addition, the IMF and other sovereign Exchange Stabilization Funds manipulate currency values throughout the world which in turn affects global trade, Balance of Payment, deficits, Economic Development practices, Foreign Asset accumulations, Commodity prices and most all national and international commercial behavior. When we buy things from other nations, like textiles, electronics, etc., we pay them in U.S. dollars.

What do they do with that money? They can’t use it in their own economies so most of them invest in Treasury bonds and that’s exactly how our government finances their own operations by issuing treasury bonds to other nations. Once Distributed Ledgers go live, other nations will no longer need to buy Treasury bonds and will be able to dump the U.S. dollar in favor of SDRs. All the commentary from blog and information streams continually focus on possible scenarios and timing of the GCR release and the mechanisms being developed to accommodate the release (I.E, 800 #s, Gold/Asset backing currencies, security, etc.)

The Distributed Ledger Technology is probably the most significant of necessary mechanisms needed. It is the nails that build the house. The vast scenarios of how the GCR has come about and will deploy is mostly speculation.
The entire plan has already been mapped out and constructed. (2015 Parris Accords). Now it is just a sequence of events that are taking place to enact the plan. All the essential components of the plan are either functional or conceived and only the geo-political atmosphere stands in the way. Those benefactors who are supplying the backing for the Currency Exchanges are ready to go but must have assurances the Cabal bad guys will not get their hands on these funds once generated. Otherwise, it would only feed the monster it has taken decades to destroy and perpetuate the existing dynamic of global financial destruction.
The U.S. being the biggest player in the game, it was necessary for Mueller to finish his findings before allowing U.S. participation. That is done. Now Trump and other country leaders must drain their own swamps of Cabal parasites to give those “must needed” assurances to our benefactors.

From inception, the Prosperity Programs are to be paid first. Starting with the adjudicated accounts and Fees and Penalties. Adjudicated accounts are those that have been ruled on and verdicts passed for reparations. Word is now out that preliminary test payouts have been made on certain Prosperity Programs and the F&Ps to be followed by a more aggressive payout schedule for the remaining PPs as each test is confirmed satisfactory in its delivery.

This is good news but be mindful it does not necessarily signify an immediate release to the public as whole but does signify it has started. For a better understanding of SDRs and Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) Send your request subject line “SDR and ESF” to replytodjpost@gmail.com DJ

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