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 "Meaning of Acronyms" by Bill & Fedie Gallant - 3/24/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Meaning of Acronyms" by Bill & Fedie Gallant - 3/24/19

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 "Meaning of Acronyms" by Bill & Fedie Gallant - 3/24/19 Empty "Meaning of Acronyms" by Bill & Fedie Gallant - 3/24/19

Post by Ssmith Mon Mar 25, 2019 8:06 am

Has anyone heard or know where the Omega Prosperity Packages are in this whole release of blessings our Lord has prepared for us?! Also, I am trying to understand your wonderful messages of hope. Can someone give me the meaning of the following acronyms?: SKR's, F&P's, CMKX PAYOUTS, CBI, LARP, Tier 1-4 What is in these tiers? So many people are asking me what these terms mean. Thank you! Bless you!

I have been a member of Omega since 1995. I became familiar with the currency exchanges when Gordon Emmert and Zap and Susan added this to the Omega Yahoo Group. I have no idea how a paper currency like the Zim. can collapse with such a huge devaluation and then years later to be worth a fortune! These "tranches of infinite $quadrillions" in Reno seem so preposterous and impossible! Can anyone explain or send me where I can learn and understand a plausible answer?

I have two personal friends who lost huge sums of money buying currencies! I tried to warn them
but there is that "fear of loss" that is very motivating.

I have been waiting 25 years for Omega Prosperity Packages along with many much older friends, many who have passed on with the Lord. We met with Clyde Hood back in early 1995 in a hotel and then informally in our homes in Agora Hills, Ca and Canoga Park, California. In (I think) 1998, Bro. Clyde was arrested and I was visited twice by an FBI agent trying to convince me to witness against Clyde in an affidavit and in court. My brother had visited Clyde in Illinois and we are convinced that he was honest, legitimate and we prayed with him and felt that this was something we needed to participate in. So, we stepped out by faith and my Dad and brother and I loaned a very large sum, for us in those days. After the FBI tried to convince us that Clyde embezzled all the money (we saw fellow Christians we knew invest $millions in one month!), we thought that the Fed seized all that money and we would not receive any ROI. In fact, I had invested in "Independence" and "Freedom" two other platforms and they fizzled with people in the lead fighting and running off with large sums of money. My family and friends think I was crazy...but I gave that money for a good cause and in the name of my Lord by faith. Not one day has gone by that I do not commit that investment to the Lord. But, I hurt and pray more for my dear Christian friends who like in Hebrews 11:13 "Who all died in faith, not having received the promises" although they went to be with the Lord which is far better.

But in 2000 we got news that Omega was still active and we met with several hundred Omegans, many who had followed our lead and we just prayed and talked and revived our faith! Then we met Poof and Susan online and then you folks! I have been up 3am every morning since then praying for Omega and now for the RV and exchanges, and then for our POTUS and the VP Prophet Mike Pence (Like Daniel to Neb).

I am 70 yo and since I was 17yo I have been ministering, preaching, evangelizing, Bible studies and church planting while supporting my wife and family building hand crafted Log Homes in Quebec, New England and now in the Philippines.We are now forming a humanitarian project in the Philippines and developing a cure for the healing of my wife and two of our children who have stage 4 Dengue Fever Virus and for 400million other victims around the equator! It is an epidemic of end times proportion! More than 50,000 children in the Philippines died in 2016 and many adults also! We have developed a protocol natural formula compound and the Lord is enabling us to do a double blind test with our own people to prove this cure! But it takes time and money! We believe that the Prosperity Packages is the perfect timing of our Lord and He is taking from the "wealth of the wicked to give to the righteous poor!" Proverbs 13:2

With our project we are purchasing land with hot springs and will utilize our skills in building and renewable energy (wind, solar, hydro, and thermal energy) to be off the grid and self supporting in this period of the the New World Order coming upon us and Jesus warned, we need to be self contained raising our own food and herbs, (the Pinoy are very gifted with herbs and I have been healing with natural means for many years!

More than 50 million Fililpinos earn less than $2/day! Below the International Poverty Level! But, they are well educated and speak good English and are very intelligent, talented, humble, hard working people! We will teach them trades and how to be self sustaining on this community owned land. We want to train them online and Virtual Assistants creating revenue streams which we can provide for many of our retired American brothers and sisters who are on fixed incomes which are insufficient. Social Security is now running short!! I and many of my American comrades have been cut back severely in our SS. Mine was cut back from $1950/mon to $450 and a Homeland Security agent I know told me that Homeland Security had been ordered by the Obama Admin. to cut back those who take their SS abroad! I am still a citizen! We are fighting as a group but it takes time.

If a retiree in the states give ou VA's project $1 we can create $4 ROI thereby creating incomes for our dear Filipinos and also creating income for our needy American people! We will, God willing, be developing many of these totally self sustaining models in the Philippine Islands and other poor regions of the world. On the property we will provide a chapel for the spiritual healing and a clinic for the physical healing of any who come to live with us. Many will come from around the world fleeing the Anti Christ spirit and abuse as Jesus Christ warned about.

In Mat 24:15-16 "When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, (whoso readeth, let him understand:) 16 Then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains" Our project is in the Highlands in Northern Luson. Philippines is 87% Roman Catholic, the Filipino is God fearing, believes in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and they respond to our preaching of the soon coming Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ for 1000 years which they are not taught! The teachers of our schools teach the scriptures, prayer and Biblical songs to my children every day. I have met Senators like Manny Pacquiao who come to the schools to share their faith in Jesus Christ! Believers escaping persecution may be safer there than many parts of the world.

If anyone is interested in hearing more of what we are doing my email is aepbill@yahoo.com. "AEP" is acronym for Alternative Energy Project which is what we will be teaching along with our Log Home Franchise and teaching and apprenticing log smiths in the Scandinavian scribe fitting techniques. We can build you a log home and ship it to you! Sorry for this long message but I read them longer than this from you good people every week! Thank You!!

Blessings upon you

Bill & Fedie Gallant

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