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 "Heard a Rumor" - MarkZ Q&A Update 3/22/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Heard a Rumor" - MarkZ Q&A Update 3/22/19

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 "Heard a Rumor" - MarkZ Q&A Update 3/22/19 Empty "Heard a Rumor" - MarkZ Q&A Update 3/22/19

Post by Ssmith Sun Mar 24, 2019 11:40 am

MarkZ Friday morning update: Highlights by PDK-Not verbatum

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context. Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

Member: Mark- I get the impression that you know more than you are saying

MZ: I am feeling really good about this weekend guys. They are still working hard on SKR’s .Paymasters in Reno are still renegotiating rates…they were working hard overnight……A number of people I know have their rate renegotiations finished.

We have heard a rumor that the Indian Nations has all been paid...sent out msgs to confirm that ..have not rec'd confirms back yet today……

The rumors are that the RV will start late tonight….If everything starts we should get 800 numbers on Sunday…That makes the most sense to me.

I am looking for possibly the trigger is pulled overnight on Saturday and then 800 numbers on Sunday. This makes logistical sense to me…..Package deliveries would then be happening on Saturday. They are positive they could get most if not all deliveries done over a weekend.

My source in Iraq is expecting a rate change tomorrow….he says there is so much excitement in Iraq right now. So try to stay positive today if you can.

Its not a question of "if" It's a question of "When"

Mr. C has not been paid yet.

Member: You know this quietness reminds me of of every time it's like this,then boom.....things happen

MZ: I will be glued to the phone this weekend.

Q: Did your friend get to exchange on wed.

MZ: they moved his apt to 1:30 today… and it is a currency exchange apt.

Member: So with that Contact's BANK APPOINTMENT TODAY......this could very well be the START FOR EVERYTHING??

Q: What happens if it doesn’t happen

MZ: If it doesnt happen today...they will try for tomorrow.....They can no longer keep kicking the can….they cant hide this anymore….so many leaks in the dam…if it doesn’t happen by tomorrow we are still at an anytime basis..I still think the back wall is April 1st…..but I think it will be already done. We are up to the line in the sand, or the concrete barrier….

Q: Sources in both the US and Iraq reported that the RV should begin by Fri. March 22.

MZ: I am hearing close to the same thing

Member: Unknown Source: I have heard from more than four different groups who have been told to be on standby to fly to Reno to exchange. These are people all over the world. My understanding is that they received their information from their buyers. I understand that Tier 3 is finishing up, and Tier 4a is ready to start. 800 numbers are ready to go at any time, expected thru Monday. CMKX packages seem to be about 2/3 delivered. Farmers' Claims have been started. Banks want to to start Tier 4b individuals

MZ: I need to say that someone else is using my name is conjunction with Shelton…..Its a bald faced lie…Do not let your currency out of your site….Do not give your currency to anyone. There are a lot of shiesters (sp?) out there…I am not endorsing anyone or any group.....…Remember DON”T LET YOUR CURRENCY OUT OF YOUR SIGHT!!!!

Member: My response was, "there's a lot of peeps throwing mud in the water lately. Must be a reason..."

Q: I will make the following Patented statement: "Treat as Rumor until fully confirmed but still treat as Rumor". Zim Bonds Must be Redeemed by April 12th at Midnight. What say ye????


MZ: With things like this in the MSM……the cat is defiantly out of the bag.

MZ: I am also hearing April 12th for Zim to be redeemed….but since they cannot give me a reason- I say treat it as rumor ….I have not seen any proof of this as of yet.

Q: Could the RV happen before packages go out?

MZ: If they have somehow changed the protocols and we don’t know about it. Anything is possible…but I highly doubt they have figured out a way to fund the dollar that is not in the previous plans.

Member: A lot of the information can not come out because of the behind scenes activities that are going on at the moment. Like there were problems with CMKX packages and they were stopped for a few days before they started back up.

Q: Possible delays in Brexit till Min April, now news that China trade deal may be pushed to June. In your opinion do these have impact on our release and going to the bank? Thoughts?

MZ: IMO RV does not require BREXIT….IMO ..I can see logistical issues with the roll out…..but IMO it will not hold it up or stop it. …

My theory is Trump is holding the RV as a bargaining chip while he negotiates the trade deals with China. China needs this reset desperately. More than the US does……It is the ultimate bargaining chip. I do not think they could push it to June….there is just to much saying we will see this reset before April 1st.

Member: Trump this am SAID "China needs this worst than we do, everybody is waiting for that deal"

Member: My sense is Brexit and China are done... what we are seeing is just theatre... of course I'm just a conspiracy theorist

Q: So when you say iraq may float the currency. Do you mean from the 1190 or from a RV/RI status?

MZ: It makes sense to me to a lower RI (reinstate) their currency and then float up to where it needs to be….this will not affect any of us as we are covered under contract rates. We get paid out via oil for gas credits . We don’t get paid out by the CBI- we get paid out through China or the treasury… Ours is really not redeemed the same way.

Q: It is just my THOUGHT......that with that Person's Appointment being moved to TODAY.....Could Possibly mean EVERYTHING Starts Today!! YOUR FEELINGS on that Brother??

MZ: they moved him twice this week…he is a really big fish. The bank redemption center has moved him according to their expectations of being able to exchange him …These are the people being paid to do our exchanges…Banks believe it is happening and have been expecting it all week.

Q: If he signs an NDA – he cant tell you anything?

MZ: I am hoping he at least tells me he went in and it happened…I do not expect any details, no rates, nothing like that…..just that he finally got to go in

Q: How are you feeling about us being at the banks on Monday?

MZ: I feel very good that me may have been able to make an appointment by then....…I feel it won’t be on a Monday because of the way banking works…Monday has always been a settlement day….….i think it’s more likely to start appointments on Tuesday

Member: Unknown Source: I have heard from more than four different groups who have been told to be on standby to fly to Reno to exchange. These are people all over the world. My understanding is that they received their information from their buyers. I understand that Tier 3 is finishing up, and Tier 4a is ready to start. 800 numbers are ready to go at any time, expected thru Monday. CMKX packages seem to be about 2/3 delivered. Farmers' Claims have been started. Banks want to to start Tier 4b individuals

MZ: I keep hearing a lot of CMKX have been delivered…half done….almost all done….but I have to say I cannot get any confirmations of any new deleiveries….and I have a lot of friends and family members who havn’t been delivered to yet. Of course with me being a public figure now……I may have moved myself to the back of the line….the bottom of the list because they are trying to keep things quiet…and I would tell everyone….

Member: I have not heard of one person that has rec'd. So either that's a bunch of malerky that packages have gone out...or they've signed NDA...even still someone will leak it somehow.

Q: Are you hearing anything out of Reno?

MZ: Yes…I hear many SKR holders have had their rates renegotiated for updated rates….…paymasters have been working hard…....so that has happened this week.

Member: Still trying to figure out how they can renegotiate their SKR ????

Q: Have u gotten info on Indian nation's? I heard they have all been paid out?

MZ: I have heard that rumor as well….I sent out lots of messages at 6:30 AM ….No Indian Nation payments update as of yet today…... I’m still waiting for confirmations to come back.

Member: they probably signed an NDA.

Member: Bruce said last night it's quiet out there for a reason

Member: Judy Note: Sources in both the US and Iraq reported that the RV should begin by Fri. March 22. With a possible Mueller Report release, plus 9/11 and FISA Warrant Tribunals ongoing at GITMO, watch for Breaking News and disclosures that would act as a cover for the RV. Farm Claims, F&Ps and CMKX Packages were still being delivered. Notification for exchange/ redemption appointments was expected at any moment

Q: Mark will you share the 800 number?

MZ: If I am allowed to I most definently will share…but I hear that every bank will have their own 800 numbers…..so I will be sharing multiple 800 numbers.

Q: We have been talking some about Fiat going Gold/Asset backed. What do you think about the concept of a Digital Gold Backed Cryptocurrency... China and Russia grabbing gold as fast as they can and could possibly be a play on replacing the Dollar as the Reserve Currency .... with a Gold Backed Crypto.

MZ: This is exactly what Iraq has just done. They are a gold backed digital…This is also what China and Russia has done….so their printed currency is just a representation of their gold backed digital currency. So we have to change how we think of currency.

Member: QUANTUM everything...based on the blockchain method...FINANCIAL system...VOTING system...TRADING system...

MZ: We are supposed to be blockchaining everything so we can secure it…..this is really cool

Q: Brother........ARE YOU SURE......That this Isn't just a Matter of Someone STOPPING POTUS HIMSELF......from getting this DONE??

MZ: Im not 100% sure…I can see him using the RV as a bargaining chip with China…but that’s just a rumor that makes sense to me.

Q: Trump is pushing intellectual property rights in China for the companies that they've stolen tech from

MZ: This is big…..big area of concern…If I were trump…..I would hold the RV over their head to resolve this….we are exceptionally good at technology and other countries keep stealing our intellectual property.

Member: So do you think from farm claims, CMKX, Indian, RV will all go within few days or maybe drag out for months as they make all of these liquid? With that said wouldn't thye have to have it all go liquid at the same time to mitigate "double dipping" Any of these people in sooner groups that knows the RV is coming would use the imminent release as a way to double dip and become extremely wealthy

MZ: I think payments of F&P’s will happen quickly, around or at bout the same time to avoid double dipping. AL Hodges said a long time ago...In the end the RV and CMKX payoff will come so close together it will be difficult to tell which came first

Member: : I have been told by Trust & Group Leaders that that the ZIM Bond and all currencies will go at the same time.

Q: I'm hearing that the Iranian currency will also go. that does not make sense to me realizing the sanctions. I have some. what is your opinion

MZ: I am told it will be in the basket…I found it hard to believe as well because of US sanctions.…….maybe its in the basket because of the shared oil fields with other countries…they are wanting a parity with currencies in that region….if you don’t revalue them now it’s a opportunity for them to double dip…..….maybe the sanctions will only apply to trade? If they do not put Iran in the basket…I will for sure be buying a lot of it .

Member: The sanctions will possibly be lifted quietly.

Member: Illuminati article about JFK…

te: Member: DOW …. -307

MZ: I have been looking for this…I have been looking at the Dow as a marker…to me Dow activity is a big indicator……I have been watching the trends over the last 10 trading days….To me it looks like we have unhitched from Wallstreet.

Wallstreet and Main street seem to no longer be trending hand and hand….We should see it totally disconnect so that when Wallstreet crashes and burns , those of us on the main street will be still be fine…..I think we are about 2 weeks already into the disconnect….into the unhitching and systematic change. I have been watching this closely.

When you have a asset backed currency versus a fiat currency… What drives the dow now is the financial industry. Past presidents really messed up the banking. They took the reigns off the banking system which has been fed on quanitative easing….I have been looking for a disconnect. I am seeing it right now.


MZ: Exactly….we need to move back to a market that doesn’t affect what the leaches, ticks, parasites do …which is the financial market…they created their own industry like derivatives….

Member: Bloomberg is showing everything red Dow S&) ajd Nasdaq Rus FTSE CAC-40 OMZ wtz

Member: Early dow readings don’t mean as much as the last 30 minutes.

MZ: You are so right. Will be watching close to closing today.

Member: Wall Street can buy and sell out stocks before our transaction get processed. They make money before our money gets places. It's a rigged system. It's made for them to get richer by using our Money. They are not your Buddy.

Member: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-03-22/global-green-shoots-are-dying-trader-warns-stocks-soar-mood-worsens-0

Member: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-03-22/global-markets-slide-yields-collapse-european-recession-deepens

Member: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-03-22/turkish-lira-crashes-after-central-bank-unexpectedly-tightens-policy


MZ: If I get big news- I will tweet it and maybe have another stream…if not I will update you all in the morning at 11:00 EST.

Note: It is best to listen to the replay. questions coming in from hundreds of people and MarkZ talks really fast. These highlights can not capture everything.

Fridays Replay is https://www.pscp.tv/w/1jMJgOmeXkPJL

Or https://www.twitch.tv/videos/399349835##

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